Shows you're obsessed with atm

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  1. I can get into whatever show, and tolerate most, but my faves at the moment would be Steven Universe, Empire, and Arrow(Waiting for that 3rd season to come on Netflix -3-)
  2. Hi my name's Kaga and I see you haven't met me recently so now let me tell you all about my precious gay space rocks.

    ...I don't have a nice-looking Steven Universe gif set conveniently on-hand like with the other thread so uh let's just pretend that I did.
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  3. Haha nice to meet you, Kaga ^^
    I already knew your fave show *-*
  4. Walking Dead. I was (still am) a fan of the comics, and the show is equally excellent. Unfortunately, as I have no cable tv, I must wait for it to get on Netflix before I can watch the rest of season 5 and onward.
  5. The Strain. Cool play on the Zombie Apocalypse by having it be Vampires that look like something from the Alien Franchise. It's a pretty good show. Haven't read the Graphic Novels, but I probably will.
  6. I am a newly anointed Steven Universe fan. 8D

    Lately I have been watching Friends again. o__o I haven't watched it since the 90s/Early 00s, so it's been fun getting reacquainted with all the reasons I loved and hated the show.
  7. Found X-Files on Netflix. Started binge watching X-Files.

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  8. I've been binge-watching House: M.D. on Netflix

    cause Hugh Laurie is a boss xD
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  9. @Hana and I lost our souls to hot samurai men.
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  10. Sense8 and Lie To Me.

    Sense8 is fabulous, it has LGBT presentation, flawed characters and a really interesting concept. Plus, it has some hilarious moments. And Freema Agyeman. And handsome men.

    Lie To Me is pretty eh, but Cal Lightman is hilarious, so it makes up for it.
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  11. Wife has been watching the Community and Castle to catch up. By extension what she watches I watch from behind on my PC playing something.

    Don't sit down and watch much unless I'm home alone. Then it's usually a documentary or five while completely stoned and eating pretzels with fruit punch.
  12. SENSE8. The Wakowski's have outdone themselves. It's sooooo good.
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  13. Absolutely. I've been hooked on the show since episode 1. Binge-watched it over a weekend. :D It's a brilliant series!
  14. RILEY <3 She is my favourite. Second best for me is the Mexican Actor or the Cop. Everyone's pretty solid as actors and actresses go :D
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  15. I've been rewatching old shows on Netflix too.
    I rewatched all of House MD. and now I'm rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
    Oh and I found Gargoyles (the cartoon) online and have been obsessed with it to. I don't know why they never made it into a movie. It would make a great movie!
  16. No-one's mentioned Hannibal yet?

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  17. Bojack Horsemaaaaaan!

    That I'm more Horse then a man~

    Or I'm more man then a horse~
  18. Been obsessing over Sons of Anarchy, Orphan Black and Hannibal lately. Just finished Babylon 5's first season and man, I'm hooked, even got my lady to watch it with me, so I don't have to suffer through Sex and The City anymore ._.

    In terms of animated stuff? Blood Blockade Battlefront, that show has one of the best OSTs this year, and the show itself is fantastic too, gr8 blend of humour and action. Blood Lad to a lesser extent, surprisingly not as bad as I thought at first.
  19. Just Game of Thrones & Doctor Who atm.
    The only three shows I watch still airing is those and Walking Dead, and the walking dead is a guilty pleasure.

    Everything else has already finished.
  20. Doctor Who. Always.
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