Shower or bath?

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Which do you like better?

  1. Bath

    10 vote(s)
  2. Shower

    32 vote(s)
  3. Fire hose

    7 vote(s)
  1. -assuming there's all the time in the world, which do you prefer? Bath or shower? I gots to know!
  2. Shower...

    baths are nice but it takes a lot of effort!
  3. Oh god. You know what, add a both option. Because seriously. It depends on the situation. They both can be wonderful. I mean really sore and tense and need to just relax? Nice hot soak in the tub will do a world of good. But sometimes there's nothing like washing the troubles of the day away in the shower, its just like a nice rainstorm (without the smell </3) on demand of whatever temperature you need it to be, however gentle or rough you need it to be, depending on how good your showerhead is. And really, admit it, sharing a shower with that certain someone, unf~ The tub just doesn't have -quiiiite- the same allure
  4. Showers are fast, efficient, and comfortable. A bath turns me into a living prune.
  5. Yes, but you can't take a relaxing nap in a shower without hurting yourself when you fall over. v.v
  6. It's dangerous to fall asleep in the tub though; it only takes an inch and a half of water to drown.

    Also I can't add poll options after it's been posted or I would >.< maybe just vote for whichever you'd like more right now?
  7. I voted for shower. They're much quicker and more convenient. I just love the idea of having hot water fall on me as I sing at the top of my voice.
  8. I always always always always take showers.

    But, if I could, I'd do it like the Greeks and take nothin' but baths. Essential oils, hotter than fuck hot tubs, massages, the works!

    Ah~ the life...
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  9. You can never go wrong with the fire hose, especially at full blast. Ain't nothin' like having your skin violently sprayed off bit by bit.

    Seriously, though, bathes are the best way to relax, it's good after a rough night's sleep when I'm too tired to stand up.
    But if I actually wanted to get properly cleaned? Showers are the way to go.
  10. Bath. I like showers when I I'm pressured on time or am just too lazy to make an effort for baths, but baths are nice. You could add essential oils, bubbles and the works. Maybe even a bath bomb! Bath bombs are wasteful of money, though.
  11. All I have is a shower..... TT_TT
  12. Showers are for when I need to wake up and function. Baths are for when I have time to relax and want help falling asleep. I'm a water bug, so either one is fine with me as long as I'm in the water. :D
  13. I like baths, but I'm a lazy Lawk, so showers are what I go for 10 times out of 10. Unless I'm at a hotel with a nice tub and I have Clorox wipes to clean the tub myself. I'm a bit of a clean freak so yeah, I ain't even gonna shower in that unless I clean it myself.
  14. shower. with my wife.

    ideally with my wife and my wife's hot female friend.

    but life is rarely so kind to me.

    sour about that.
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  15. Shower. I've never really cared for the idea of baths. For pure utility purposes of getting clean it's far more efficient to shower, less time and effort needed. For relaxation purposes there are many things I'd rather do than sit around in a bath, like sit at my computer and watch things or play video games. Showers all the way.
  16. all this and not a single thing about dicks

    proud of you, man, proud of you

  17. What I used to do was have a shower with the tub plugged so that when I was done, I could take a bath.
  18. I used to love being in the bathtub, up to 2 hours, I hated showering...nowadays? I pretty much shower every morning, don't have a bathtub :<
  19. with 2 hrs in the water, wouldnt you shrivel up and stuff??????
  20. I only bathe under a waterfall.