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    Showcasing your work means you are ready to share your skills and talents in the open public. Galleries and Showcases are public showings and explanations of your work. Writing can usually have footnoting and Art will have captions for a brief description so that viewers get a glimpse of your work through your eyes. Keep in mind that in Galleries and Showcases you are subjecting your work to the open. Criticisms and evaluations may occur and lucky for us we have pleasantly respectful individuals in the W.A.M. Society so. Few quick tips to remember when using and/or browsing Iwaku's Showcases.

    - Only Commenting on pieces is preferred here, If you need more than just sharing your work and are looking for detailed and in-depth dissecting of your work to improve your skills, please link us your Showcased post in our Feedback & Help sub-forum.

    - Only showcase work that you want to share.

    - Expect comments, it is preferred but not enforced, that you directly state upon the creation of your showcasing threads, whether you would like comments or not.

    - Please have respect for others and yourself, you never know who is watching.
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