Showcase Presents: The Firebrand Phantom

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  1. Once upon a time there was a great alchemist who had married a powerful witch. the alchemist was friends with a regular dude in modern day.

    By a stroke of luck that regular dude died. The alchemist uses a magic form of clay to give him a whole new body. his witch bitch wife however being evil and shit, places a secret curse on the artificial body to be encased in an undying flame.

    And since then, he has been traveling the world, his flame incapable of being put out. At some point, he caught fire at random. Eventually he could will the flames.

    But through it all, it hurt like hell. Literally.

    Think the Human Torch Meets The Hulk. Actually, I based this character off the 'Golden Age' Human Torch from the 1930's/40's, being one of Marvel comics' first characters.

    Only that character was an android that could control itself. this is a tortured soul trapped in a false body and a fate he does not deserve, having actually been a charitable courageous fellow before his death...

    But, he enjoys being a sort of superhero.

    Here's a golden age human torch image that I hope will sum him up: a tortured spirit who ballistically attacks evildoers while wailing in terrible pain from the burning feeling that engulfs him.



    Tis all I have for now.