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Do you show your online status via the toggle-option on your privacy page?

  1. I show my online status & which page I'm viewing.

  2. I show my online status, but not which page I'm viewing.

  3. I don't show my online status.

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    Do you show your online status, or not? Why or why not?

    If you do show your online status, do you also show which pages you're viewing at any given time?
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  2. I show my online status but not what I'm reading. I like some sort of privacy ^_^


    Plus I'd rather not be seen as a creepy stalker.
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  3. I don’t remember what I set mine to. I don’t really care what people see me viewing. I leave the webpage open on my laptop all day, so even when I’m “online” I’m not really online.

    Plus I have a schedule of when I reply to RP’s and messages about RP’s. So even if I am online, I won’t respond to someones RP until the usual time. Evening and night is when I respond to RP. Daytime is for Chat RP, Gen chat, Cbox, and just talking.

    Very rarely am I in the mood to respond to things during the day. I don’t care if people see what I am viewing though.
  4. Complete privacy for me. Not that anyone would care what I'm doing, but it feels more secure.
  5. I flip back and froth from showing when I'm actually online to when I'm not. It honestly depends on how social I'm feeling that day. Though I believe I have my settings set so people can't see what I'm viewing.
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  6. I show when I'm online and what I'm viewing.

    Why? I just don't really care about privacy.
  7. well now it's off I guess
    it wasn't a setting I ever messed with until now
  8. I have it off. It makes me feel secure. I've had the unfortunate experience of being hounded on a different roleplay site.
  9. I always hide on invisible. o___o People bother mess less when they're not 100% sure if I'm still there. 8D
  10. Say the mods can see where members go right? I remember when I was a mod elsewhere on a vBulletin forum that I could.
  11. Mines set to both (I'm pretty sure) I like it for convenience purposes. It's so I can tell if someone's replying/going to bed/doing other things. That way I'm not just waiting an hour for nothing when I could be sleeping/whatever.
  12. I used to show when I'm online, but never what page I'm viewing. Now I don't because I pop in when I want to and members can just tell when I'm there by that. ^^;
  13. I used to keep myself completely invisible on other sites so that no one knew how much of a life I don't have. >.> Now I don't care as much. ^_^
  14. I show mine, most of the time. Usually if I go invisible it's because I'm in a mood and I don't feel like dealing with anyone.
  15. Only some mods can.

    I show that I'm online all the time, but not what I'm doing. It's just kind of awkward, I used to show what I was doing and it was just too much stalker bait > >
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  16. I show I'm online but not what I'm viewing. Seems to be better that way. *nods*
  17. I forgot there was even an option to choose not to show what you're currently viewing. Apparently mine is set to show online but not current activity, which is what I would have set it to upon checking the settings if it had not already been done by past Jorick. GJ past Jorick.

    I used to go fully invisible, but now I show online status so people with questions and whatnot can see I'm online if they need help. I hide the current activity because nobody needs to see who I'm currently stalking, whether it be for my own amusement or for security purposes.
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