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  1. Stop. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Take a breath, relax, and open your eyes. Luke looked around backstage and saw people everywhere, but someone still managed to not find his best friend. Of course she was very difficult sometimes, but right now he had five minutes before show time and he wanted to see her. In a weird way, she was like his good luck charm. When he needed to calm down, he went to her, or she came to him. When he needed someone to talk to, she was always a phone call away. When he got nervous, about to go on stage, she calmed him down.

    You'd think that Luke would be use to this kind of thing... He had been doing it for about the past year with his boyband, but he never really got use to it. No matter how many times they practiced over the songs and perfected each note, all he had to do was look out there and see the millions of people watching. It made him nervous everytime. Not because he was shy, because anyone that knew Luke, knew he was far from shy. It's just that he had this fear of disappointing people. What if he went out there and messed up? What if he missed a verse? He didn't want to disappoint anyone.

    As the blonde looked around once more, he heard a familiar voice calling him towards the stage, telling him to get ready to start the show. Luke slowly walked towards his spot with his fellow band members and swiped a hand through his messy hair as he greeted everyone with a small smile. He bit his lip as he counted down the last three minutes before he had to go onto the stage. He taped his toes nervously and continued to look for her, not wasting a single second of his time.
  2. Lexie wasn't someone who loved the attention, in fact she almost hated it. Almost. Because attention, brought up people's ... defaults. And Lexie knew, she had lots of those. Or maybe she just thought so, not particularly knowing it officially. Also, spotlights only made people want to think of you highly, one messy step, and you're falling down the society scale like none before. She hated attention and spotlight, which was why, when she came to see Luke before his show but saw so many reporters, cameramen and in general, many paparazzi, she backed away.

    I could talk to him later.. I'll find him.

    But boy was Lexie wrong. In five minutes of wandering backstage she was completely lost. She thought it wouldn't hurt to wonder and look around, how big could this place be right? Well the answer was Huge. Even the backstage ares was huge and Lexie was lost. She could hear the commotion though, the fans screaming, the manager's assistant yelling that the show starts in three minutes.

    Shit. Three minutes!

    Lexie looked around frantically before deciding to follow the voice, even though it Echoed. But somehow she did, and she ran, like no tomorrow. She made it to the crowded area in two minutes and sighed in relief. It was still very crowded, but she couldn't think about that, not right now. She had to get over her over-thinking negative thoughts about the spotlight and find Luke. And she did, he was up behind the screen -which could slide up in any second and reveal the guys to the screaming fans- and she saw him run his hand through his messy blond hair. She jogged up until the security told her she couldn't go closer, but that's alright she was barely three feet away. She looked at her nervous best-friend who would never admit he was never though, and did what she never thought she would, she yelled.

    "Lou! Damn it Luke!" Her voice echoed backstage and hoped to God the paparazzi weren't focused on her idiocy "Lou!" When her blue eyed bestfriend looked over at her, she grinned, the screen was already sliding up but she managed to throw in some supporting words "You got them handsome! You know you've got this! I'll be right here when you come back down!" And then, the screaming fans' loud voices cut her off from saying anything else, so she grinned at Luke and wrapped his grey jacket around her slim figure tightly, crossing her arms as she did and watching her bestfriend start an amazing show.
  3. Just the small voice itself calmed Luke right down. Of course the smile that appeared on his face when he heard that familiar nickname stayed throughout the entire show. By the time the show ended, Luke and his friends walked backstage and towards their changing rooms. He quickly changed into a pair of his black, ripped skinny jeans and a white shirt with the printed out letters of 'Five Seconds of Summer' on it. Along with the four other boys, Luke managed to make it past the cameras and microphones and into the small waiting room where their family and close friends waited.

    Luke walked in and was attacked by his mother who kissed his cheek and told him what an amazing job he did. Luke chuckled and smiled as he waved at his dad and two older brother who came to support him. Then he let his eyes look around the room and of course saw the one girl he couldn't wait to see.

    Luke smiled as he walked up to Lexie and wrapped his rather larger arms around her small body, scooping her up into his arms as he spun her around."I thought you weren't gonna make it you loser,"he said sitting her down."You look as beautiful as ever,"he winked as he pulled her into another side hug. He looked around again before plopping down in the couch on the other side of Lex and waiting.

    Soon enough the boys producer walked in and had everyone calm down and quiet down so he could tell them about the new upcoming tour. "Since this week is the last week for school, next week we will be leaving for the tour. We'll be gone all summer, like we explained last month,"Mark said looking between the four boys."Of course we will come back here every three weeks to check in, but most of the time you will be busy and often will need to focus on your music. We will take the bus, and Luke, you can take molly. The new bus driver isn't alergic yo dogs,"he said, looking at the dog at Luke's feet.

    Luke chuckled and nodded. After everything was answered and the boys parents told them goodbye, the boys loaded themselves on the bus while Luke decided to drive himself home after he dropped Lexie off. He walked down the sidewalk with his hood up and his hand in his jeans pockets as they walked in silence. When they got to Luke's car, he opened the door and allowed Lexie to get in before he got in the drivers side.
  4. Lexie was ushered back to the waiting room when the show started and she, along the boys' families, watched the show on the flat screen tv the production team had provided them. Lexie wrapped herself in Luke's jacket, his perfume and his scent made her relax in her seat as she brought her legs up to her chest and watched the show with a proud grin in her face. His smile was always cute and contagious and whenever he smiled, she couldn't help but smile as well. When the show was over, she couldn't wait to see Luke.

    They waited ten more minutes before the door opened and Luke immersed but Lexie knew not to come up to him as his mother would. And she was right, as always. His mother, with happy tears in her eyes hugged her son and kissed his cheek proudly and Lexie couldn't but smile at that as she stood up when he greeted his father and older brothers. When their gazes met, Lexie's grin was the widest grin ever. She laughed happily when he wrapped his arms around her and picked her up and twirled her while she wrapped her arms around his neck and tightened her grip and wrapped her legs around him as well to steady herself "I'd never miss a show you idiot! Never forget that" Her voice came out muffled as her face was snuggled in his neck as they hugged "You were amazing tonight."

    Once the two pulled back and Lexie was back on the ground, Luke wrapped his arm around her and brought her to his side, side-hugging her and she smiled, her arm around his waist "You don't look so.. Shabby yourself." She teased playfully as they sat down on the couch.

    When the producer walked i and began to inform everyone, Lexie couldn't help but frown. Her birthday was in two weeks. Which meant on the first week Luke would be gone, which meant he wasn't going to be there.

    My eighteenth birthday, and my best friend was going to miss it. Great.

    She looked over at her blond bestfriend but he was grinning while he listened to the producer speak as he allowed him to bring his dog. So Lexie didn't bother him with it, it was silly of her to get upset over something as small as her birthday when the boys were discussing their jobs, their future.

    When everything was said and done, she walked out with Luke to his car in silence. It wasn't awkward but rather just peaceful. When he opened the door for her she smiled at him before climbing in and waiting for him to get in. As he began to drive, Lexie played with his jacket, her fingers fiddling with the zipper as she spoke up "You're coming to school this week?" She asked gently yet curiously. The guys had been skipping because of their rehearsals and their preparations for the big tour and she wondered if the last week of school in their whole lives, was going to be about her finishing up her projects and Luke skipping for his career.
  5. "Of course. It's my last week of high school. I want to spend it with you and the rest of my other friends silly. I wouldn't miss it for the world,"Luke said as he sang softly to himself, looking out the window. As he continued the familiar drive to his best friends house, he bit his bottom lip and fumbled with the steering wheel as he nervously thought deeply about the next couple weeks.

    He of course knew that Lexie's birthday was in two weeks, the same week he was leaving for tour, but he knew he couldn't miss it. There was no way he wasn't going to be there for his best friends 18th birthday. He had made a promise long before to never miss a birthday, and he hadn't and he never planned on it. Luke smiled as he glanced over at Lexie and noticed her playing with his jacket."You like that jacket do you?"he asked teasingly.

    "That's okay, it looks better on you than it did me anyway,"he winked as he pulled into her driveway. Jumped out of his car, he walked to the passage side and opened up Lexie's door. He helped her out and walked her to the front door, smiling as he gave her a long hug and kissed her forehead as he pulled back."Goodnight. I'll see you tomorrow right? We're all going to Calum's house to hang out. It'll be loads of fun, we can even swim in his pool,"Luke said chuckling.

    Luke made sure that Lexie was in her house before he hopped back in his car and driving to his own house. He flopped down on his bed after he slipped down to his boxers, and plugged his phone in. He was, of course, exhausted. He was happy that the concert was of course a success, but he still had no idea what to do about Lexie's birthday. He couldn't skip the first week of the tour, and he defiantly couldn't skip his best friends birthday. He had to do something big, something crazy that she would remember forever. Although he knew she hated a bunch of attention, he had to go all out on this one.. maybe nothing too big.. but something special or sure.
  6. Lexie smiled when Luke said he wouldn't miss the last week for the world. She looked over at him, staring at him for a moment as he sang softly, something he always did when they were in his car driving someplace. She watched as her own bestfriend bit his bottom lip and fumbled with the steering wheel, which only meant he was nervous about something. But she knew better than to ask. If he had kept it for this long, no way in hell was he going to tel her now. And if she told him she thought he was nervous, he'd deny no matter what, because of course, Luke Hemmings does not get nervous.

    When asked about his jacket, Lexie looked down on it and smiled, looking back up at her dork of a blond and shook her head playfully "Of course it does babe, everything looks good on me." She winked jokingly. Lexie was far from being the confident flirtatious type by nature. She was an overthinker, and she never thought that good of herself. But when she wanted to, when she felt comfortable enough, she could charm her way past anything, even Luke. And he knew it.

    When Lou parked the car, Lexie looked out the window and stared at her white two-story house before Luke blocked the view and opened the door for her. She stepped out with his help as he gave her his hand and walked her to the front door. She looked down, and noticed him holding her hand gently. His fingers wrapping around her soft ones delicately. It wasn't the first time, and she bet it wouldn't be the last as they always did that. The two even cuddled when they spent nights together, they were just that close, Lexie even sat on his lap at their hang outs with the others if it was too crowded and seats were not that optional. They were simply that comfortable with each other.

    Lexie smiled as Lou hugged her and she hugged back tightly. If there was one thing she would cherish in her friendship with Lou, it was his long tight hugs. She loved them, they made her feel safe, cuddly and even loved. Pathetic right? But that was the bestfriend's job, making other feel.. Right.

    Right? .. Of course.

    She closed her eyes when Luke kissed her forehead and reminded her of tomorrow and she nodded "I know, directly after school, I remember." Multiple times had Lexie forgot about a party or a simple hang out with a large group of friends. Luke always reminded her and when he's on tour, she'd honestly be a mess. She had no idea how she was going to spend the next three month with him gone. He was a big part of her life, and she was a big part of his, and those three months were going to suck. Big time.

    "Goodnight Lou." She mumbled. When Luke turned to leave, she turned to her front door and unlocked it, her parents having fallen asleep long before her late arrival. She glanced back and smiled at Luke before she stepped in the house. Usually, her mother would stay away until she was home safely, but not when she was at any of Luke's concerts, or with Luke in general. She trusted the guy more than Lexie would like to believe her mother trusted her. And she couldn't blame her. Her stupid softy of a bestfriend was indeed overprotective, and would always take care of Lexie. And she always took care of him. Normally, her protective job would consist on driving the guy home safely when he's drunk at a party, or supporting at his concerts and even helping out if he needed a girl. For a night, a week, or three days. Although she never liked that last thing, but she would do it for him and help out, God knows her had helped her a lot more in her life than just boys. In fact, he never helped out with boys, he never liked the boys she went out with.

    Lexie went directly to her room and changed in her short black pj shorts and grey loose tank top before climbing in bed and staring up at the ceiling. She couldn't help but think of her birthday, which Luke was definitely going to miss.

    Your bestfriend's a famous guy Lex, stop whining over small things.

    Lexie kept scolding herself until Luke was out of her mind and she fell asleep.


    The next morning she woke up for school early and took a quick shower before picker her clothes; blue jeans shorts and a black t-shirt with a white light sweater which was light enough to be worn in summer. She pulled on her black converse, straightened her hair and stayed make-up free -she probably was the only senior girl to do that, but she was too much of not a morning person to care enough about her make up- before walking downstairs and greeted her family over breakfast, which consisted of her mother and her older sister. Her father walked out on his family when she was five. And never saw him since then.

    After breakfast, Lexie bid her family goodbye and got into her car and drove to school. Normally Luke would have picked her up, but since the concerts and preparations for the tour, she had to drive herself in case Luke was pulled out of school in the middle of the day so she wouldn't end up with no drive home.

    Once at her school, she went straight to her locker, humming a song quietly to herself as she opened her locker and took out the books she needed.
  7. tumblr_inline_myraq4qtCB1r4ba2e_zps5e109e8d.jpg The next morning Luke woke up ten minutes before he was suppose to leave for school. He groaned in frustration, jumping up and quickly changing into his usual wear. Black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, and a red and white plaid rolled up long sleeve with matching black converse. After he changed and fixed his hair the way he liked it, he grabbed his bag and walked down the stairs, saying goodbye to his family, which consisted of his parents since his brother's already moved out, and hopped into his car.

    Luke quickly drove to school and arrived just in time to make it to his first period class, which happened to be homeroom with Lexie. Seeing her awkwardly sitting at a desk, Luke chuckled and walked over to her and peeked over her shoulder."What're you doing stranger?"he whispered quietly, hopeful to make her jump st the surprise of his deep voice. Pulling a loose chair up next to hers, he tossed his arm over the back of her chair and looked as Ashton, Mikey, and Calum all pulled their chairs up around the table also.

    As the boys started to talk about the hang out after school today, Luke turned his head out the window and stayed quiet to himself as he tapped his fingers on the table in a soft beat. When he turned his head back to the table, he noticed all the boys staring at him. Suddenly his eyebrow raised confused and he asked what was going on.

    "What's been up with you lately?"Calum asked with a chuckle."It seems like everytime we look at you, you have your mind on something else. Are you alright, bud?"he asked raising hsi own eyebrow. Luke simply laughed a little and nodded."Yeah just a lot on my mind about this tour and graduation in three days, and everything else. A lot to think about. I don't want to forget something,"Luke replied with a small laugh.

    After school was over for the day, and everyone had their cap and gown ready for graduation, Luke began driving over to Calum's house. He would have driven Lexie, but he knew she brought her own car to school since he mightve had to leave in the middle of the day. He dialed Lexie's familiar phone number after he walked in and plopped on the couch, listening to the rings before the familiar voice said hello. "You're still coming to Calum's right?"Luke asked with a smirk, sure she had forgotten. He chuckled slightly,"I'm already here. I'll see you in a few,"he said before hanging up.
  8. Lexie sat in homeroom and opened her notebook and began drawing random things until she felt someone behind her and the deep voice made her jump up slightly, startled by the sudden appearance. She snapped her eyes to the side to see Luke chuckling and pulling the chair beside her and draping an arm over her chair and she narrowed her eyes at him and hit his chest playfully "You scared me you dork!" She chuckled and looked around only to see the rest of the guys pull chairs around the table as well.

    Lexie was distracted with her drawing, she focused on it instead of her own thoughts, which all revolved around Luke leaving for the whole summer. Sure, she had her friends but he was way more important than any of them and everyone knew it. She glanced up when Calum asked Luke if something was up and she looked at Luke a bit concerned now. Calum was right, he was being awfully quiet and calm these days. But she had no chance to ask as the teacher walked in and spoke up and soon they all dispersed to their classes.
    But Lexie wasn't going to drop it, she was going to ask. Later.

    When she went out to swap her books with different ones she met Amy and Kate, her two closest girls who grinned widely "We heard Luke and the band were back." Kate winks and Amy continues "and let me tell you, we heard that from many, many different girls. And fans." Kate chuckled at Amy's words "Freshmen and Sophomores are always starstruck. They saw Luke and Calum pass in the hallway and when they went into a corner, the girls squealed. Such rookies." The two laughed and Lexie rose her eyebrow at her friends "When you met Luke, Kate fainted and Amy squealed like a freaking cat." They both sobered up at that "Touché." Kate mumbled and Lexie grinned "Let's just get to class idiots."

    When school was over, Lexie made her way to her car and wondered why Luke wasn't there where he'd usually be before they went home in their cars. But she shrugged it off thinking maybe he got pulled to the studio. She climbed in her car and began to drive to her house when her phone rang. Putting it in speaker and on the seat beside her, she answered and Luke's voice and words made her curse "Shit!" She bit her lip as she had completely forgot, again. She detoured and drove to Calum "Don't miss me too much! I'm on my way." She said teasingly over the phone before hanging up.

    When she arrived she was greeted by Calum himself who grinned at her and welcomed her before pointing to the living room mentioning that that was were Luke was. Smiling gratefully, she walked in the living room and when her eyes landed on her blond friend, she smiled widely and walked up to him and sat down beside him, their shoulders pressing as they sat close to each other. She looked over at him "I totally didn't forget." She tried to cover up and bit the inside of her cheek to stop from laughing. She waved her hand off when Luke laughed and contradicted her words and ignored his words like a child but asked instead "How was school? More importantly, what's wrong?" She tried to go around it gently, but she wasn't one who'd do that. She wanted to ask about his sudden quietness and so she did, straight to the point.
  9. Luke laughed at his naive little friend and rolled his eyes as their shoulders pressed together. "Come on babe. No need to lie. You know we all love you and your forgetfulness,"he said poking her soft cheek with his finger. He dodged the question completely as he began to talk about school and the boys joined in, laughing at how many girls swooned over them.

    "There was this one freshman girl who attacked me and pulled my necklace off. I'm not even sure if she goes to our school, but I haven't seen her since she ran around the corner,"Ashton said with a laugh. Everyone began laughing and before they knew it, it was late again. Luke let out a small yawn as he glanced st the time. Almost eleven o'clock. Although that wasn't very late, they had school tomorrow and then graduation after school. Then next week, they were leaving for tour.

    As the thought of tour popped into his mind, he groaned inwardly and still had to figure out what to do for his best friends birthday. He looked over at the girl beside him who had her head on his chest. He smiled a little and pulled her into his lap as he rubbed her back smoothly."Are you tired?"he whispered, watching her with his own tiredness overtaking him. He yawned again, and then knew he should get himself and Lexie home.

    "Alright guys, it's time for me to get home. It's starting to get late. I'll see you tomorrow. Text me about the prom and graduation, Ashton,"Luke said standing up with Lexie."Are you ready to go?"he asks raising an eyebrow. He grabbed his keys and walked out the front door, walking Lexie yo her own car and letting her in. He leaned down and told her goodbye, smiling with his small dimple proud to show.

    "Goodnight. Call me when you get home so I know you made it home okay,"he said sternly and seriously. He got in his own car and drove home, changing into a pair of black shorts and a red shirt, plopping down on his bed as he waited for a text or call from Lexie.
  10. Lexie rolled her eyes at Luke and swatted his hand away when he poked her cheek. She stuck her tongue out at him but couldn't help but smile when he smiled. Damn, that contagious smile. She raised an eyebrow as he dodged her question and was about to ask him again when the guys all sat down and they all started a conversation, including Luke and Lexie in it. She narrowed her eyes at her friend while he laughed at something Ashton but eventually let it go, for now.

    They spent the afternoon gathered around, laughing and joking and sharing stories about the starstruck girls. She couldn't help but laugh as well at many of the stories and somewhere along the conversation, she laid her head down on Luke's chest and drew small circles on his chest as well as she still listened to thw stories "How come none of the girls show that much craziness when I'n around? " she pouted and Michael chuckled "That's because you're considered one of us at school. They wouldn't let you see just how crazy they are so you wouldn't come and tell us like we're doing now." They all laughed and she couldn't help but think he was right. She was always around the guys even at school, so she was bound to be off limits. But thankfully, she was able to dodge every paparazzi's attention for now, they didn't even know her name, not yet anyway.

    At eleven in the evening, she was half asleep in Luke's arms as he somehow managed to get her on his lap and not next to him but that only made her smile and nuzzle into him even more as they kept a light conversation with the guys until Luke's whisper got her nodding. When Luke excused himself and Lexie, she got off of him and they walked out. When they got to the cars, Luke opened hers and she looked over at him and thanked him softly before climbing in and he closed the door and leaned down into the window. Lexie rolled her eyes playfully "Yes mother, I'll call you when I'm in my room safe and sound." She teased before kissing his cheek and starting the car "Goodnight Lou." She said and sent him a small lazy smile before backing out and unto the road. She thought how he dodged her question earlier and decided to act mad. Show her disapproval of his ways and maybe then he'd tell her? She had nothing to loose so she would try tomorrow and hopefully he wouldn't break her. Because normally, he could.

    When she got home, everyone was asleep and she made her way up to her room. She changed in her grey pj short shorts and white t-shirt before climbing in bed. She propped herself up and called Luke. When he answered, three rings later she beat him and spoke up "Only so you wouldn't call the cops and send a search party for me when I'm just about to go to sleep, I called you." She said and continued but she couldn't but smile. She was trying to be mad at him for dodging her answer but she couldn't but smile "And for your informations, tomorrow, I'm mad at you buddy. So no talking with you late at night and no goodnight for you. Shit I just said goodnight.." She shook her head "Whatever, I'm mad at you." she hung up and went to sleep, knowing he wouldn't let this go but whatever he does tomorrow she had to keep a straight face, and that was hard when it came to Luke and her.
  11. Luke answered the call he was getting from Lexie, but before he could say anything she was already talking and had hung up. Shocked, Luke tried to call her back, but when it was declined, he sighed and laid back on his bed, putting his hands behind his bed as he stared at his ceiling and tried to think why she was going to be mad at him.

    He sighed, obviously not able to get sleep, and instead plugged his headphones into his ear and began singing along to the lyrics as he tried to get his mind off of his best friend. The next morning Luke got up from his bed, still wide awake from the night before as Lexie rolled through his mind. He changed into a pair of jeans and a white cut out shirt with his matching converse. As he walked downstairs and to the kitchen, he grabbed an apple and ate it as he walked outside, deciding to walk himself to school.

    He made it to the school in about five minutes with his long legs and the school only being down the road. He walked through the door and made it to his homeroom, waiting for the boys and especially Lexie to show up. He wanted to talk to her and figure out why she was mad at him, and hopefully get her to get over it so he could spend that night with her. They were graduating and he wanted nothing more than to spend all the time he could with her before he had to leave for the tour.
  12. [​IMG]

    Lexie woke up the next day with her mind dead on set to keep a straight face when she meets Luke. She took a quick shower and curled her hair in a beach wavy kind of way before getting dressed in ripped skinny jeans and black top and her black converse. She grabbed her back and made it out of her room down to the kitchen where she sat and ate with her mother who just came back from her shift at the hospital since she was a nurse.

    Before she knew it, Lexie was in front of her locker pushing her bag in it and taking a simple book she needed for the class after homeroom which was Chemistry. Today was the last day and yet, nobody acted like it because nobody could really believe it. It was weird, walking out of the school and never coming back again.

    When Lexie got to homeroom, she immediately spotted Luke who was already there with the guys, and that was a strange matter. She raised an eyebrow but stayed quiet as she walked over and sat beside him. She greeted everyone but ignored him, not looking at him once. It wasn't the first time she attempted to be mad but Luke was always able to get her to either smile or laugh and crack under her own silent treatment. She remembered once he even ran after her in the whole school when she tried to escape his tickling hands. Or the time he picked her up and forced her to get in his car when she stubbornly refused. He was always dead on getting her back to smile and be okay with him in general.

    When the guys saw Lexie's actions as she tried her best to ignore her blond friend, Calum grinned "Oh this is gonna be fun."
  13. "Shut up guys,"Luke groaned as he noticed Lexie ignoring him and the boys snickering. Luke pulled her chair to face him but when she still refused to look at him, he growled and picked her up, tossing her over his shoulder, and walked straight out of the room. He sat her back down on her feet but blocked her from leaving by putting both of his hands on both sides of the lockers behind her.

    "Okay, what did I do this time?"he asked sighing as he looked her dead in the eye."I swear I only told Ashton about your fear because he pressured me,"he said."He told the rest of the boys. Not me, I promise,"he said laughing a little."Please don't smile, that might just kill you,"he joked, rolling his eyes as he saw her start to smile.

    "Come on what's wrong? I don't think I did anything wrong recently... just spit it out,"he said as he saw the boys peek around the corner. He gave them a look and they laughed, walking back to the classroom. He listened to Lexie for a few minutes and thought to himself."I've been thinking a lot, and I don't know. I can't spend an entire summer away from you, so why don't you come with us on the tour?"Luke suggested hopefully.

    "I've already talked to the boys and our producer and they said it was fine. You'll get to see the country, spend time with all of us, and even get to meet a few famous people. Pleaseeee?"he begged."I won't let any of the cameras get to you, I promise. I just don't want to spend a summer away from you. What about all the plans we made?"he asked.
  14. Lexie looked over at Calum when he spoke up and gave him a look. She didn't need the guys snickers or she'd just crack up right now. When Luke pulled her chair to face him, she rather looked at Ashton who sat across from her and shifted in her chair so she face him "How are you this morning Ashton?" She asked and ignored Luke. Ashton chuckled at her but before he could even play along, Lexie heard Luke's growl and felt his arms around her stomach and suddenly she was lifted in the air and she couldn't but squeal, making everyone around them look up in curiosity and Lexie scowled when Luke threw her over his shoulder like some potato sack "Put me down you idiot!" She punched his back but he felt nothing and walked out, but Lexie didn't miss the laughs of the guys and even Calum picked up his phone but she wasn't sure if he recorded or took a picture, either way she was going to kill him later. She didn't notice wether others in the room picked up their phones and took a picture or recorded a video, but she hoped not, thought some freshman were there and she'd doubt they'd just stand there and do nothing. She knew someday she would be exposed to every magazine and paparazzi because of her close friendship with Luke but she always convinced herself that maybe they wouldn't find out.

    Lexie kept fighting Luke until he put her down but by the time she realized they were in the hallway, he had already trapped her between his arms. She tried to not look at him, and looked around and when he mentioned telling the guys about her fear, which only meant her fear of getting exposed, she widened her eyes at him but quickly looked away and pressed her lips firmly together while he defended himself and chucked.

    Don't laugh, don't smile Lexie.. Even if he did.

    But when he sarcastically told her not to smile she couldn't but show a small smile and she knew she lost, yet again. When he told her again to tell him, she was about to but noticed the boys to, the phone still in Calum's hand. But one look from Luke and they disappeared, laughing as they did. Lexie sighed and told him "You keep dodging my questions! So I decided to dodge you." She crossed her arms over her chest.

    Lexie never thought about joining Luke on his tour. Because she was too afraid to. And, she wouldn't want to impose. It was all too risky for her. So when Luke explained, she softened "I don't want to go through summer without you too, and that's very sweet of you to offer but I can't join you Luke.." She refused and shook her head "I don't want to impose, and I don't want to distract you or the whole band. And besides, I'll just be deadweight. What if the paparazzi found out about me ?" She shook her head again, she just couldn't go "Besides I can't leave mom and Emma alone.. For three months." She raised a hand to Luke's cheek and smiled softly as she stroked his cheek "I love you, but you're going to have to do this without me Lou." She then raised her fingers to his hair and fixed it after having messed it up even more when he picked her up "The plans we made are nothing compared to what you have now and in the future Lou, it's your career, the one thing you've dreamt off since I can possibly remember. Our plans can be postponed." She looked up at him and smiled "Thank you for the offer though" she said gratefully, his hands still trapping her and her body pressed against the lockers.
  15. Luke knew that she would decline, but it only made him sigh. Of course she wouldn't come with them, no matter how many times him and the boys told her she was welcome. She never realized she was part of the band, whether she wanted to be or not. Every step of the way, she was there. She supported them ever since the first video they all made for YouTube. He didn't know why she couldn't realize that, but he wasn't going to push her to come if she didn't want to.

    Luke sighed and stepped towards her, pressing his forehead against the lockers directly above her. The best thing about being tall and having a short best friend was that her head touched just at his chest level, so leaning over her wasn't a problem."Okay..."he said slowly, not sure of what else to say. He stepped back after a minute and dropped his hands from trapping her and let her start to walk back into the classroom, but not before he reached out for her hand and held on to her fingers.

    As they sat back down, it seemed like everyone in the room had cooled down and we're relaxing about the whole Luke thing. It's not like they hadn't seen it many times before. The boys were talking about prom which happened to be this weekend, so when Lexie and Luke sat down at the table, he stayed quiet and listened in to their plans. None of the boys really had asked a date, up until a few days ago they had planned on not going but their parents all convinced them that it was their only high school prom ever. They had to go.

    Luke planned on just taking Lexie as his date, because he had planned to long long before he started up his music career. It was something they had promised each other when they were in freshman year and still young and naive. Luke kept his chair close to Lexies, but facing towards Ashton who was now sitting in front of him. He glanced over at Lexie for a minute and smile without much realizing it, only to be called out by Calum.

    "Come on Luke, stop staring at Lexie,"he said winking at the two. Hearing his own name got Luke's attention shifted towards the male, but then hearing the rest of the sentence made him roll his eyes and look the opposite way, not helping but turn a small red as he smile, showing off again that small dimple of his.

    When the final school day was over, Luke walked out towards where Lexie normally parked her car and leaned against the hood, waiting for her. He smiled when he saw her coming and asked her what she had planned until graduation later that night. "I think me and the boys still have to go pick up our suits, but after that I think we are going to go grab a bite to eat. You should come with us,"Luke said, wanting to spend as much time as he could with his best friend before next week.
  16. Luke could be as stubborn as ever, but also, as understanding as ever. And that was what Lexie loved about him. When he stepped forward and leaned his forehead against the lockers above her head while she nuzzled her face in his chest, her arm wrapped around his waist and she drew small circles on his back as they stood there like that fir a moment. A minute exactly. Hearing him agree to her opinion made her smile in relief, she didn't want to fight. Not today.

    When he stepped out of her way, Lexie straightened up and walked to homeroom but not before feeling Luke's fingers brush against hers and she didn't pull away when he held on to her fingers. Instead, she glanced at him and smiled softly, squeezing his hand reassuringly before they stepped in homeroom.
    When they sat down, Lexie contemplated listening to the guys. She had long made a promise with Luke to be each other's prom dates. But she couldn't but feel like she should ask him if her was sure, and she decided she would, but not now, when school's over. She was brought back to reality when Ashton cracked a joke and she laughed lightly just before Calum spoke of Luke. Lexie turned and looked at Luke, smiling at him as she noticed his small reaction but thought nothing of it. She then realized they still held on each other's fingers which tangled together, so she rubbed his skin with her thumb gently as if silently reassuring him before she leaned close and whispered in his ear "I mean, I know I'm irresistible, but not in front of the guys." She teased jokingly before pulling away. She didn't want Calum's comment to make things awkward and nothing went better than a little joke and teasing.

    The rest of the day flew by and she, Kate and Amy spent lunchbreak together one last time. The girls told Lexie that they saw a video of her and Luke. Asking how, they said a freshman showed them and asked if the two were together. At that, Lexie frowned but stayed silent, she couldn't blame them; they didn't know. And one thing Luke taught her was to never explain herself when there was no need to and it was obvious she didn't need to explain herself to some freshman but she did hope the video wouldn't get published.

    When school was over, Lexie walked to her car and saw Luke leaning against her hood and she smiled walking up to him and stoping right in front of him "Lunch with you guys? I don't know.. I'm getting bored of you." She joked lightly before nodding and laughing lightly "I'll be there, just text me where to meet." She said and then took a deep breath before looking down at his hands, reaching out and letting her fingers brush with his, tangling together as she fumbled "I need to ask one thing, and tell you another." She looked up at him and continued "First, are you sure want to go to prom with me and not pick up some hot girl for a lucky night?" She asked and bit her lip before continuing "As for the other thing.. Kate and Amy saw a video of you pushing my chair closer earning no response and picking me up and all that from a Freshman's phone. I don't know if it's going to spread, but I mean.. What if it does?" She asked gently yet a bit hesitantly since she never talked about this, she never needed to, Luke understood her completely.
  17. "Of course I'm going to prom with you. We made a deal right? I wouldn't change it for the world, besides, I got a hot enough date in my eyes,"he winked as he looked her seriously for a moment. "Well, if it does spread there's not really anything we can do about it, but I can talk to the freshman who took it and ask her to delete it if you want me to. If the word doesn't get out not that your my best friend you know it will eventually, I'm surprised you've managed to hide this long."

    "Either way it will be fine. I'll talk to the girl and get it sorted out but don't stress. Tonight's the bug night. We are finally graduating!"he says chuckling as he squeezed her hand softly. He dropped her hand as he reached around her to open up her door."Ashton and the boys are waiting, they're going to give me a ride since I walked today, but I'll meet you in an hour at the mall where we usually eat, right?"he asked.

    Luke gave her cheek a small peck before allowing her to get in. He watched her drive off and then hopped in the vehicle down the parking lot that was waiting for him. He buckled up beside Michael and the boys took off to get their suits. After picking up their suits, they drove towards the mall, walking around for awhile to waste some time before they met up with Lexie at the food court they usually ate at.

    Luke sat down beside Michael and let Ashton, Lexie, and Calum sit on the opposite side from them. He chuckled as he saw a few girls looking over st their table and then looked back at Lexie. "Oh by the way, I texted that girl and she said she would keep it off of the Internet. So don't worry about it,"he said.

    Ashton and the rest of the boys all looked towards Lexie while Luke turned his head away and let his thoughts take over again, smiling a little as he daydreamed. "Stop stressing so much about the cameras and everything Lex, I'm almost certain that a few people already know about you. They just don't want to leak it just yet. They want to figure out who you are first. Don't worry about it, it'll happen sooner or later and you know it,"Michael said shrugging.

    Luke punched him in the arm, but not hard enough to leave a bruise."That's not going to reassure her at all!"he said sighing."Just relax about it. It's not a big deal,"he said sighing. He knew that his best friend was somewhat shy and not someone who liked to get the attention, but he never understood why she didn't want to be known as his best friend. She knew that he would protect her if it came down to it and he wouldn't let anyone touch her or anything like that, he just thought she didn't want to be seen with him sometimes.
  18. Lexie raised a playfull eyebrow when Luke called her a hot enough date "Hot enough? Just hot enough? Don't lie to yourself babe." She grinned as she joked with Luke before going serious again and about the video. She wanted to say 'yes please' but she knew that if that girl didn't spread it, then someone else would. And it was just a matter of time until it did. She shook her head "That's alright, you don't have to do that for me."'she smiled softly before he continued speaking.

    She laughed lightly when he told her they were graduating excitedly and grinned at him, her mood changing up directly when he laughed and smiled and joked or cheered around. Lexie stayed close to him when he told her about the plan to eat at the mall and get a ride from the guys as he opened the door of her car for her. She smiled when he pecked her cheek and got in her car and drove off to pick up her dress from the dry cleaning. The dress was the one she'd wear under the graduation gown and she loved it.

    When she was done, and had it home and safe, Lexie made her way to the mall and caught up with the guys at the food court and sat between Ashton and Calum. She looked over when girls passed by them and giggled, recognizing them and fangirling before walking away. She couldn't help but smile, the band was a real success and she was happy for them.

    When Luke told Lexie about the girl and that he talked to her, Lexie shot her eyebrows up in surprise but smiled regardless "Thank you." She meant it, and reached over to his hand on the table and gave it a squeeze before letting go and putting her hand back to her side. But Michael's words made her stomach twist, she knew he was right and that alone made her nervous. Around the guys, she was no shy girl nor awkward, she was rather loud and hyper and humble, but when it came to fans and paparazzi she was the whole opposite.

    She smiled at Luke who tried to comfort her after Michael's words but it didn't work. She was worried, not because she was afraid what would people think of her close friendship with Luke himself, but because she was afraid she's need to be at a whole new standard all the time. She saw how celebrities' best friends are usually treated, if they're the same sexe, then the fans were fine with it, loved them actually. But if not, that always rose questions, doubts and haters. And one thing Lexie hated in her whole life, was disappointing someone and having them hate her.

    Other than that, getting publicly known would end her privacy as well even when she's not with Luke. People would want to ask her questions and paparazzi would want to catch her slip up and put the scandal in the magazines, and therefore harming the band's reputation, or Luke's. She couldn't do that; disappoint everyone and ruin something so precious for her and the guys. She was sure she wasn't good at dealing with the media, although everyone told her otherwise.

    When they were done eating, there was still about two hours till graduation and Lexie wanted to have fun, not just spend time with Luke and the guys. She wanted to have some crazy fun and so when they were walking around in the mall, she bit her lip when Luke was walking further ahead with Michael and she ran up to her blond friend and jumped on his back "One last piggy ride?" She asked him innocently, whispering in his ear even though they both no matter how old they got it would never be the last piggy ride.

    Lexie wrapped her arms around Luke's neck and legs around his waist and held on to him pretty nicely while Calum held up that camera of his, the one they all fooled around and recorded with for the fun of it. He points it at Lexie and walked backwards in front of her and Luke "Words for the camera Lex?" Lexie chuckled at Calum's question and looked at the camera before looking at Luke "I have the best pig ever. " she joked and kissed Luke's cheek childishly before continuing "And Calum's an idiot. So are the rest." She pointed a finger at the camera "Remember that people: the guys may look nice and all, but they're idiots." The guys laughed around her and she grinned at the camera "But they're my idiots so yeah. Bye now. Shut the creepy camera off Calum." She chuckled and looked at the grinning goof before glancing down at her bestfriend who was carrying her on his back and he was grinning too "What is this? Who grins the widest contest?" She knew they were just happy but she couldn't but joke and tease as she poked Luke's dimple "Cute dimple, handsome." She winked and wrapped her arm around his neck again.
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  19. Luke felt the light weight on his back and he chuckled as she looked up, meeting gazes with his best friend. He chuckled and caught her legs under his hands as he walked forward with her on his back."Come on babe, we all know this isn't going to be the last time I give you a piggy back ride. Don't even try to lie,"he said chuckling as he spun around once.

    When Calum pulled out the camera of his and began to take a video, he listened to Lexie talk for a second."No no wait. Before we put this camera up, let me say something why don't you?"he asked shooting Lexie a weird look. He looked back towards the camera and laughed a little,"This little monster, is the best thing to happen to me. But..."he said slowly."She's an idiot for getting on my back. Now I can do whatever I want,"he says smiling as he slid his hands up and grabbed her sides.

    Before she knew it he had her slid around in front of him, still walking, and was tickling her sides with his hands. He laughed at her giggles and eventually stopped."Thanks babe, my dimple shines bright just for you,"he said with a wink to the camera before Calum flipped it off. "You Are too freaking adorable. Like Luke can get get a best friend as hot as you but I ant even get a girlfriend that has real eyebrows,"Ashton said with a laugh.

    Luke dropped Lexie back down so she was walking along beside them all along did he pointed at the clothing store."Hey Lexie, let's see how much we can embarrass you,"he said, pulling her and the guys into the bra section of the clothes. Immediately all the guys grabbed a different bra, one hot pink, one cheata, one blue, and one a lacy black. They all started to pull them over their shoulders, people around them giving them strange looks.

    Luke cursed under his breath as the button snapped his finger, bit he eventually got it on. Calum and Michael weren't having that good of luck, while Ashton was putting a pair of thongs on over his shorts. "Damn, it's easy to get these off but it's a bitch trying to put them on,"Calum said loud enough for the people three isles away able to hear. Luke laughed at his friends and looked at Lexie."Don't I look fabulous in this bra? I think the hot pink really brings out my eyes,"he said in a weird, high pitched voice, grasping the bra in a girly way as he teased Lexie.
  20. Lexie laughed as Luke called her out on the piggy back ride thing and she didn't bother to try and correct him, because he was right. Lexie pretended to zip her lips when Luke demanded to not have the camera off before he spoke and she looked down at him with a soft smile on her face at his words but smile turned into a shocked expression when the next thing she knew was he had slid her around him so she faced him while still holding on to him and his tickling hands attacked her.

    Lexie couldn't help but laugh as he tickled her and her hold on him tightens instead of letting go "Lou stop!" She begged as he tickled her mercilessly and she nuzzled her face in his neck and muffled her laugh as the guys grinned at the sight of the two of them. When Luke finally stopped, she had a lazy grin on her face as she looked at her bestfriend, still in his arms and he flirts back jokingly. Lexie rolled her eyes "Dork." She commented jokingly and stuck her tongue out at him and she laughed at Ashton's whining and looked at Luke with a proud grin.

    When her bestfriend put her down, she smoothed down her top and hair and nudges Luke's shoulder with hers "You could've dropped me idiot" She teased jokingly and looked over at the clothing Store. She knew that when Luke said that, she was in for a show and she tried to stop them but Lou pulled her in the store and was already at the Bra section.

    Lexie's eyes widened when she saw the boys try on different bras. She couldn't help but laugh at Calum's comment and tried to hush him down "Would you like me to bring you a speaker Calum?" She joked sarcastically at how loud he was being. She took the camera from Calum's backpack and turned it on again"And this is how Five seconds of summer spend their free time girls, not so hot now huh?" She spoke to the camera and pointed at Calum who had the bra on finally, Michael was still finding a hard time and Ashton who had the thong on and Lexie couldn't help but laugh again.

    She turned to face Luke when she heard him speak, the camera pointed at him. She laughed, titling her head back and she shook her head as she looked at him again "Oh yes Lucy, Hot Pink's your color." She played along. Before sneakily pulling her phone out of her pocket. She knew that the camera was Calum's and no way would she be able to use the video against Luke someday. She needed her own weapon.

    Lexie saw as Luke was distracted looking at the mirror in his hot pink bra and she bit her lip to keep from laughing. Quickly, she rose her phone and snapped a picture of Luke as he looked at the phone in the mirror in shock. Lexie laughed and shoved he camera in Calum's hands while she backed way from Luke "I think I like your new style. Don't you think we should show the whole world? I mean an anonymous drop of the picture online would be great!" She smirked and still backed away slowly considering to start running in a second when Luke stepped forward as slow as ever and took the bra off preparing himself as well and Calum couldn't but turn the camera back on, this wasn't to miss.
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