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    This is a plot idea I had for a Shovel Knight RP: War for The Cursed Amulet!

    Long ago, in a far away land there lived ShovelKnight and his beloved Shield Knight. They traveled the land in search of treasure. Their travels soon ended at The Tower of Fate where a cursed amulet wrought a forbidden magic and Shield Knight was trapped. Shovel Knight would never see her again with the Tower Disappearing. He gained a life of solitude until the Tower reappeared with a new villain: The Enchantress and her Order of No Quarter! This gave the knight hope tofin his loved one and began his quest towards the Tower of Fate. After defeating the Enchantress and finally saving Shield Knight, peace settled over the land. Shovel Knight and Shield Knight founded The Spades Alliances with 7 of the greatest Knights he knew not let the lands be taken over once more.Together they made a vast alliance of 8 kingdoms, each ruled by a Knight of the Spades Alliance. But now the Order of no Quarterhave reassembled and have regained their lands and have resurrected The Enchantress to wreck havoc on the land. With the power of the cursed amulet The Enchantress has gained new powers and gifted the weakened Order of no Quarter new strength! They have quickly built their own chain of kingdoms with The Spades Alliance and The Order of no Quarter's lands only being seperated by vast plains covered in forests whom house countless wandering warriors. Recently The Order of No Quarter has started to slowly attack the Spades Alliance's territory. This is where this RP takes place. Now, who's interested? We can already reserve roles. All canon characters are allowed and OCs aswell.

    WIP List of canon characters:
    Shovel Knight - Infinatis (Can be negotiated)
    Shield Knight -
    The Enchantress -
    King Knight -
    Specter Knight - Infinatis
    Plague Knight - SilverPaladin
    Mole Knight -
    Polar Knight -
    Tinker Knight - KeatonWorshipper (For Grabs)
    Propeller Knight - KeatonWorshipper (For grabs)
    Mona -
    Troupple King -
    Croaker -
    Chester -
    Troupple Acolyte -
    Reize -
    Baz -
    Phantom Striker -
    Black Knight - Yonsisac
    Mr Hat -

    OCs List:

    Hazmat Knight - Silver Paladin
    Jasfran - Infinatis
    Jack Spade - KeatonWorshipper
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  2. Yes, absolutely interested, I'm not being Polar Knight, though. I want to be able to interact with him.
  3. I'm taking Plague Knight, and my OC HAZMAT Knight!
  4. Hazmat Knight will be alive!
  5. As will Jack Spade!
  6. Kingdom leaders are -insert speciality here- Knight. So Jack is a wandering traveler.
  7. Can i make a OC?,...have a Idea XD
  8. OCs are allowed. He/She can be either a traveler or a knight ruling a kingdom in TSA.
  9. WAIT CAN I DO A CROSSOVER! one knight from a Nother game Pleas ;3; it cartoony aswell and i know EVERYTHING of it
  10. Yes. But it'll be a traveler. Hell, I would accept Kratos (if he was MASSIVELY nerfed) since he was in the PS4 version.
  11. well were i the CS......because i have 2 knights on there way from a a FAR FAR away Kindome XD
  12. Well keep them in mind since I'll upload the CS once we have enough ppl
  13. Star Wars, I assume?
  14. No not starwars XD
  15. My my... The far far away tricked me.
  16. No will see them soon
  17. To speed this up, I'll be Propeller and Tinker.

    (I love how my picture is Polar Knight, yet I refuse to be him.)
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  18. But leave them to be negotiated.
  19. Fine. I don't really want to be them very much anyway. No negotiations, somebody wants them, they can have them.
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