Shouldn´t there be a red carpet or something?

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  1. Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I have just joined this site and thought it´s polite to properly introduce myself.
    My name is Supaah (if you wish to use nicknames) or Marty (in case you want to make things personal) or Your spiritual liege (if you get the reference and want to become my new best friend). I have used to roleplay on RPguild, but then the fire nation attacked and left me cold, sad and homeless. So here I am, hungry and utterly clueless roleplayer with no role to play.

    Adopt me. Please.
  2. *lays down a red carpet for your convenience* 'Ollo Marty-kun! Nice to meet you! I am Alexa and I would love to adopt you! :3
  3. Lmao @The fire nation attacked.
  4. I don´t want to nitpick, but that red is not right. It is too dark. I was expecting something brighter, you know. Something that would yell "Here I am!" People are hardly trying these days...
    But thanks for warm welcome. (Read: I will annoy you with tiresome amount of questions)

    Yep. That´s my trademark. Paraphrasing lines from shows I have never seen.
  5. Damn fire nation. O_O they get everybody.

    Welcome to the site, Supaah!