Should I see a fortune teller?

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  1. I'm debating to see a fortune teller.

    I don't necessarily believe in divining and the like, but I don't disbelieve it.

    Ive come to a point in my life where I feel like I have stagnated. I was wondering if I should see fortune teller to experience the event and to maybe get a hint of the directions.

    Would you go to a fortune teller?
  2. Nope, I'll go to a psychologist. :) been there, done that, it worked for me.
  3. If it was free I guess I'd go just for the novelty of it. If not, nope, ain't gonna waste money on that nonsense.
  4. Yeah, if it is free give it a try.
  5. I'd stay away. That's just because of my personal beliefs though.
  6. My mom did it during her late 20s. The fortune teller said that she would meet a man in the near future who was from an island (my mom was vacationing at Hawaii at the time, so she called BS on the fortune teller). Jump two years, and she meets my dad who's from Puerto Rico.

    Coincidence? Probably, but it convinced me enough to give it a try someday.
  7. DO IT! IT'S FUN!

    Yes, it's likely to not be true. And if it did turn out true it would be a total coincidence.

    But it's an EXPERIENCE and fun, so why not? 8D
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  8. I do my own. Then at least its me figuring out my personal problems and not some stranger doing some blind guessing for my money. xD
  9. There's no harm in it so long as you don't use it as an absolute method. The fortune teller will typically give you something very vague, that can fit in a lot of different situations. It's how their business magic works.

    Do it if you want to, for fun. Don't do it if you're looking for a specific direction or goal in your life--for that, talk to family, close friends, and do some introspection. A fortune teller is like a fortune cookie: Fun, but not a good measure by which to guide your life. :ferret:
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  10. Not if you like money. You definitely won't be getting what you're hoping to pay for, and making life decisions based on what somebody who's job it is to pretty much give you vague answers based on clues you've given them/ they've pried out of you is probably ill advised.

    If you're in a life rut, change something up. Ask yourself what's making you discontented and then start working on possible changes. Maybe you're not happy with where your live and need a change of location. Maybe your job isn't right for you, so start applying to other positions. Maybe your life is routine and stagnant, so a vacation might pick you up. There's all sorts of things you could look at and objectively change, you don't need Miss Cleo to tell you what you need after forking over sixty bucks for the privilege of being told some gibbly gook that could mean anything or nothing.
  11. I'm kinda shocked that fortune tellers still get business considering people dedicate their lives to calling them out/making them look bad.

    But I would say go for it. maybe something will be said that motivates you/shows a perspective you didn't think about before.
  12. I actually own a tarot card deck and believe me, even if you don't believe in any sort of mystical quality to them, they're still great at helping you figure shit out in your life. The cards always seem to tell you exactly what you want to know, even if they are just random and vaguely worded enough to fit most situations. They still seem to be pretty good at giving what comes across as rather specific advice and are great at helping you think about things.

    And on that note, *shuffles deck* I actually wouldn't mind giving you a tarot reading for free. I mean, such a thing would pretty much equate to me taking a picture of the cards that come up and then typing a paragraph or two explaining what they're supposed to mean, so it won't exactly have quite the same atmosphere as you'd get from a professional, but, yeah. I actually had a whole thread dedicated to giving tarot readings back on the Guild once. A lot of people liked it. I'd definitely be able to give you a reading if you don't mind the fact that the only deck I have is Homestuck-themed. I mean it's still as functional as any other tarot deck but yeah Homestuck illustrations if that's not too distracting for you.
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  13. Wouldn't hurt to try.
  14. Err... If I felt like there was something genuinely wrong with my life, or something going awry, or just generally had a sense of "what next?" or of loss, I'd go to a psychiatrist or a professional if it was really bugging me. Fortune tellers I'd reserve for fun. But I dunno. If it's not something too serious then why not? That kind of stuff can give a person an idea on what to do with their life.
  15. See the fortune teller if they're an incarnation of Raven Puzzlewell from Planescape Torment or play a mean hand of Tarot cards.
  16. Don't do it... Your better off without that on your conscious as well... My aunt messed with some stuff like that and she had bad luck. Just don't. ;) Live your life !
  17. As long as you recognize it's a scam and you aren't losing any money over it then go ahead.

    I personally can't suggest wasting your money on something like that though, like said above they give such vague answers it's impossible for it not to fit at some point.
    And I HIGHLY can't suggest using it for actual advice, for that you want people who actually care for your well being. Not people who care about the size of your wallet.
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