Should I go to Job Corps?

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  1. One of my old friends that I've known since middle school just contacted me and said that he was going to Job Corps in Kentucky. Our hilarious conversation got me thinking about going to Job Corps myself. As far as I've researched, there's a center in Memphis and since I live in Brighton, TN, that'll be a good location for me.

    The benefits seem very promising and while I'm not sure if I'll be good at dorm life due to past experiences, I'm willing to compromise. It'll be a great alternative since Job Corps offers training in the field I wanna be in and it's free which makes things better.

    I find it hard to focus on college due to my shitty home life and due to my own issues so maybe being away in a positive environment will be a good pick-me-up.

    My cousin as well as my best friend also went to Job Corps and they enjoyed it so there's word of mouth.
  2. Honestly you need to base your decision on a few factors. I know a bunch of people who have gone into the program and have had different expierences.

    1. The program is very involved, and does take up a lot of your life. If you are going to be staying there in housing your have to be prepared for Job Corps to be your life. If it is one thing I learned from the few individuals I know who have gone, they all make it out to be its own world. As I said people do take it all very differently, such as one of my friends got sucked up into all the drama, because you are meeting a lot of different people all different ages, and personalities. If you are someone who gets sucked into drama easily I would really try and stay clear of a lot of people who are honestly just their to waste time. Though if you do find a few people you enjoy the time there is great I hear.

    2. The program is very heavy on you being their for the right reasons, such as if your the type of person (I don't know you or what you are like) who really doesn't enjoy getting involved, doesnt try to get into everything you can learn. The program becomes a bit harder to go through. Though if your someone who is great with getting involoves honestly trying, I hear they have so many great teachers, the benifits are great, they make every minute your their honestly really worth it. From the training in your field, all the certifications that other would spend a lot of money trying to get comes a little easier with the hands on training they give you.

    3. Even after you graduate they are honestly their to help, one of my friends went in for construction but when he graduated they had jobs lined up for him. He had all the certifications, but because of family matter he had to turn the down. I believe a year or two went by and he needed a job he called them up and a week later he had jobs lined up for him to go interview at. So even once you graduate if you do well they still kind of have your back and are willing to help you out. Another one of my friends she ended up getting a job corps she was went too because she loved it there so much.

    4. But even with all the great things that come from it you have to be kind of mentally prepared for the people you are meeting, the fact that they are very strict, and they take their very seriously. Also for a time it does become your world but if you get through it the program is a great step in life, to the point I almost went in before I found my job that I hoenstly love.

    So, it really all depends on you, and if you are willing to kind of make the commitment beause its not an easy program but it is rewarding in the end if you go in with the right mind set and goals set to graduate. Alright, i hope this helped... If you wish to talk about it further just message me, and I will have one of my friends who graduated the program answer any questions you may have about life there.
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  3. ^ That.

    @Trained Intentions said it better than I could have.

    I do wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do (or not do.) If you do decide to go through with it you should share your experiences for others who are trying to make the same decision you are now. :)
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