Should I feel like a Hipster?

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  1. My new avatar, heh, hipster-like?
  2. shh shh shh

    we are all hipsters here

    let us group up and talk about deck and obscure bands nobody's ever heard about
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  3. Pfft, I liked it before it became popular. ಠ_ಠ
  4. Too bad, I ain't got an iPhone u.u not a full hipster.
  5. I got a! taser designed to look like an iphone. guess i'm still a weirdo. /slides away
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  6. I have an iPhone and work inasmall, locally owned/founded cafe. *hipster by default*

    I also look damn fine in thick glasses
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  7. dude i've never heard of that before that is so hipster
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  8. ... oh beejezus.
    Have a thing.
  9. [MENTION=3504]VerbalAbuse[/MENTION] I work in weird hours, I really need it. :|

    [MENTION=1185]Minibit[/MENTION] I would so love to see. :D
  10. I don't own any, I have only tried them on in stores, etc. :(
  11. Aww, but I bet pancakes you'd look awesome.
  12. The answer to all this is all very, very simple.

    You got to look at yourself in the mirror

    Take a long, hard, unflinching look at yourself and what you are wearing.

    Then you brace yourself for the one thing you have to answer to know what you want to learn

    Are you... Feeling 22?
  13. No, Jink, you know they're all forever 21.
  14. Its kinda weird that being hipster is a social trend, when you think about it

    Hipster: original definition: a person who finds pleasure in the undiscovered or broadly misunderstood. One whose interests are outside popular media, and who, as a result of this, have difficulty socializing. One who enjoys and supports undiscovered talents and causes. One who chooses interests with no care for how popular it is.

    Hipster: today's definition: a person who chooses interests which are largely unknown and makes a conscious effort to be excluded from 'the mainstream'. Modern hipsters visually express their exclusion by dressing in antiquated or inappropriate styles such as coke-bottle glasses and vintage clothes. Hipsters also tend to behave superior ('I never watch movies, live theatre is far better', 'I listen to X band, but you probably haven't heard of them; they don't play on your Pop stations') Using Apple products is a popular hipster stereotype, despite Apple being a well-established, widespread company.
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  15. The second one fits me for sure, heh.