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    Vincent Kawashima, a young aspiring Street Racer and Prodigy Auto Technician/Mechanic, finds himself in a tight spot when his recently wedded wife, who he's been with for the past seven years, is pregnant. Although it may not seem like it, Vincent is done running away and is ready to accept responsibility, but is he ready to become a Father? While he believes it's a blessing, it could also be a curse.
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    Name: Vincent Takashi Kawashima
    Age: 25
    Occupation: Auto Mechanic, Auto Technician, Illegal Street Racer
    Description: In his youth, Vincent was quite the troublemaker and delinquent. Often he was lucky to stay out of Juvenile Hall. As he got older, he matured and learned to be more caring and nicer to others. Day by day, he becomes more and more accepting of responsibility. But he is about to take a very big step in his life; becoming a Father.
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    Name: Amelia Drakos
    Occupation: Grade school teacher.
    Background: Amelia is a charming young woman who always has a smile on her face and is usually laughing. Although she can be quite talkative she is quite the introvert and cherishes her alone time because there won't be much of that now that she and her husband are expecting their first child. She is about 25 weeks pregnant and taking it day by day. Not one to really complain she takes it upon herself to find ways to deal with her pregnancy on her own. It's her introverted nature.
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  4. For the past six months, Vincent has been finding himself in a very tight spot. Taking Advice to heart whoever he gets it from, he has been doing an admirable job looking after his pregnant wife, from slowing down on attending Street Races to taking weekends off to spend time with Amelia, who works five days a week as she is a Grade School Teacher. As of current, on a Friday Afternoon, around 4:00, while waiting for his lovely wife to come home, so he can spend some 'alone time' with her to build a stronger bond, with both her and their child that she is carrying, he was just working on one of his three cars, one of which remained in the Garage as it was a Project Car he worked on with his Father during his days in Middle School. The other two he used frequently, one's a daily and the other is a weekend. He didn't exactly want to give them up either. But nothing is more important to him then his Family.

    Family Home:

    Daily Car: 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

    Weekend Car: 1997 Toyota MR2 GTS Turbo

    Project Car: 1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R R33
  5. Amelia was thankful that the day was finally over as she pulled into the driveway of her home. She parked her car and took the keys from the ignition with a small sigh. It had been a long day. Thankfully not too stressful but there had still been some excitement. There was always excitement with her fourth graders. She stepped lightly out of the car and grabbed her bag from the back seat. She glanced down at her belly with a sigh and rested a hand on it. She was going on a week now without feeling sick and it had literally been the best week of her pregnancy so far. Her mother had been sick the entire time she had been pregnant with Amelia and it had frightened Amelia that she would be the same way. Thankfully it wasn't the case. Finally being able to walk inside she took in her familiar surroundings and felt at peace. Kicking off her shoes she set her bag down on the counter and helped herself to a glass of water. "Vincent?" She called out curiously and began to look around for her husband.
  6. By the time she had gotten home, Vincent had been reading a Magazine concerning Car Parts in the Living Room. His ears perked when he heard the front door open. When he heard her voice, he quickly got up, set his magazine down and walked over towards his wife to welcome her home, starting with a kiss to her forehead, an arm around her waist to give her a hug without smothering her. "How was work today?" He asked as he helped her into the living room.
  7. Amelia smile from the kiss and appreciated the arm wrapped around her side. She didn't really like anyone touching her belly during a hug, even her husband. It was one thing she hated about being pregnant. It was like every one and their mother wanted to touch her stomach. It was hard enough letting her students touch every now and then. She kissed Vincent's cheek and sighed. "No incidents. No one was sent to the principal's office. I like to think that constitutes as a pretty good day." She grinned and took a seat in her favorite chair. "Kids keep wanting to know the gender of the baby..."
  8. Because she had a longer day then he did, Vincent had to be careful. With her hormones out of wack, he had to watch his word choice. He still remembered when his Older Sister was expecting, which was one of the more scarier times in his life. "Yeah. My Co-Workers ask the same thing at least once every three days." He started massaging her shoulders. Touching his wife's belly was not something he took lightly, because he was well aware that she didn't like it. To be polite, he would ask first. Hopefully none of Amelia's Co-Workers were touching her without asking. "As long as the kids are well-behaved."
  9. Amelia leaned back into the massage with a soft groan. She held all of her stress in her shoulders and his fingers working into her strained muscles was perfect. She put her feet up on the coffee table in front of her and closed her eyes briefly. "How was your day sweetheart? Anything exciting to report?" She asked curiously, not wanting to dwell on herself. She reached back and pulled her thick dark hair up into a bun. It was shinier than usual, something she would miss after the baby was born.
  10. "Well, besides the usual, I got to work on a Lamborghini...Its a first for me too. Since I had a Morning Shift today, after getting off work at around...One or so, I taught my Nephew, Shawn, how to drift. He's a fast learner. On Sunday Night, I hope you don't mind, but he wants me to accompany him on his first Race." As much as Vincent wanted to let go of Street Racing, he couldn't really help the fact that he came from a Family of Hashiraya --Japanese for Street Racer or Speed Demon-- and wanted to see if training him was worth it. Of course, he wouldn't speed with Amelia in the car, especially now that she's pregnant. A Car Accident with Amelia and the baby getting hurt was the last thing he needed. His friends and family all understood that. He did also hint to them that once the baby is born, he will more then likely retire from Street Racing so he can spend more time with his Family, not to mention all his outstanding speeding tickets that he had to deal with in the past, especially during his High School years.
  11. Amelia listened to his day and nodded every so often. "I have no plans on Sunday so I don't see why not." She replied and finally opened her eyes. "I'm happy to hear that you want to help a family member. It'll keep you busy." She took one of his hands and kissed the palm. "Are you hungry at all?" She questioned and did her best to turn around and face him. "I was thinking of trying that new veggie lasagna I saw in that magazine. Interested?"
  12. "I was just waiting for you to come home. But sure, I'll try it out with you." Vincent wasn't very picky when it came to food unless it was something he was allergic to. Only things he was allergic to were Scallops, Crab and Shrimp. He rested his chin on her shoulder as she kissed his palm. His gaze went down to her stomach. He didn't touch her stomach at all because he didn't want to upset her. "Anything I can help you with?" He asked as he pecked his nose at her neck.
  13. Although she enjoyed her time alone Amelia loved being with her husband. He was one of the only ones that she wanted around all the time. He kept her sane. "Help me up?" She asked and took her feet off of the coffee table in front of her and held out a hand. "I have some mushrooms and onions that need to be cut up if you want to help me with that."
  14. When she asked him to help her up, Vincent grabbed her hand and slowly helped her out of the chair. When she said she needed some help with the Cooking, he agreed without question. Even though he wasn't the best cook in the world, he still knew a thing or two. Not to mention one of his many cousins was a Chef as well. Luckily he wasn't stressed all the time when it came to work, because not only he knew a lot about cars, but he ran his own business, which was a Family Business as well; so he got to work with who he chose to work with, like his Cousins, his Brother, Sister and those who are close to him, with his Parents being his Financial Advisors. Besides wanting to be a better mentor figure to his Nephew, one more thing that Vincent wanted was to be closer to his wife and his child. Unlike most Asian Parents to be, the gender of the first child mattered little to him, because he wanted both. As a Teenager, he did mention that he wanted a Son first, then a Daughter, but overall it didn't matter. "Oh yeah, I picked up a gift for you on the way home."
  15. When Amelia was up she walked with Vincent to the kitchen and began rummaging around for her ingredients. "You didn't have to get me anything..." She replied but there was an air of curiosity evident in her tone as she brought her vegetables over to the cutting board. She began a pot of bouling water for the noodles and washed the vegetables in a strainer in the sink. She popped a pepper in her mouth and munched thoughtfully. Although she loved regular lasagana the pregnancy was giving her terrible heartburn.
  16. Vincent then got ready to cut up the Mushrooms and Onions while his wife did everything else. He started with the Mushrooms, cutting them up little by little. Of course, he had to be careful with the matter so he doesn't cut his own fingers off. Since tomorrow was a weekend, he was going to leave his Sister in charge of their Family Shop while letting his Nephew fill in for him. His Family was all well aware that he and Amelia were expecting their first child. "Since neither of us have work tomorrow, we have the whole day to ourselves. Anything in particular you want to do tomorrow? Or do you just want to relax?" He asked while chopping up an Onion.
  17. Amelia thought about this and wiped her hands on a spare towel that was sitting out near the sink. "Well I feel like we should get out and do something. Maybe go out to eat after taking a walk in the park... Going to the aquarium, I don't know." She shrugged knowing they would come up with something eventually.
  18. "We'll find something. If not, we can just relax tomorrow. Just you and me." He finished slicing the onions, so he moved on with the mushrooms.
  19. "But I want to get out and do something, hon. I mean... I'm always home and relaxing. I know it's good for me but fresh air will be just as good." Amelia suggested and turned to face him. "Maybe we could take a walk on the beach. That always seems to calm me down."
  20. "Sure, I'm up for that. Hopefully it won't be too cold." He responded. As he faced his wife, he stopped cutting so he wouldn't injure himself.
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