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  1. A young couple's Love Story is rushed when the girlfriend finds out that she's pregnant. While they love each other very much, the Boyfriend's Family does not agree with him rushing into Marriage and believe the girl got pregnant so he could stay with her. Meanwhile, the Girl's Family is more accepting and loving towards her. The couple themselves are in for a Roller Coaster as they prepare for their wedding, but more is yet to come.

    My Character
    Name: Sarah Hale
    Age: 20
    Personality: Sarah is an overall nice and caring person. She is mature for her young age, but also has a fun side. When in a relationship, she is fully committed, dedicated and focused. A mother-to-be, Sarah has been having a lot of mood swings, so its hard to tell what mood she is in, because she is sad one minute, angry the next.​
  2. My character

    Name: Derek Rivers

    Age: 20

    Personality: Derek is a loving and caring person, he tries his best to help those he cares for
    And is incredibly loyal. He can also be protective of those he loves. With his fiancé being pregnant and his family not approving he's had a lot of stress placed onto his shoulders.
  3. A few months ago, young expecting Mother Sarah Hale and her Fiancé, soon to be husband, Derek Rivers, have moved into their new apartment. At the time, Sarah was twenty weeks into her pregnancy, now she is about thirty weeks pregnant. Mr. and Mrs. Hale aren't too upset that their young Daughter got pregnant, knowing that she has been wanting to start a Family since the age of eighteen. However, they did think it was too early for her to be having children. Ms. Hale showed support and excitement because she was going to have a Grand Child, even though she already has five of them. Mr. Hale didn't really say much, but was happy to be having a Grand Child on the way and felt like he shouldn't be talking because his family has a History of marrying young.

    With Pregnancy taking its toll on her, Sarah was happy to have finally graduated from Community College. So she can rest, she was taking University Classes online with support from her Parents, who were paying her tuition. Today, Sarah was going to reveal the gender of the baby to Derek. In the meantime, while waiting for him to come home, she decided to take a nap, exhausted and just wanting to rest.
  4. Derek's family hadn't had the reaction he wanted, his mother claimed that Sarah just got pregnant so they got married and so Derek didn't leave her, his father said he needed to spend more time on his studies if he wanted to go somwhere in life. The only person in his family who agreed with his choice was his older sister Mia, she was close friends with Sarah and understood the love the two shared so she was glad they were getting married.

    Derek pulled up infront of his apartment complex and walked inside, using the elivator to get to his floor before walking into his apartment and smiling at his soon-to-be wife, "Hey babe." He whispered, kissing Sarah's nose.
  5. Sarah moaned a bit when she felt her husband kiss her nose. Despite being half-asleep, she responded by kissing his cheek before sitting up, resting a hand on her enlarged stomach. At this point, she was quite visibly pregnant. "How was your day, sweetheart?" She asked as she stretched out a bit. Even though he seemed focused on taking care of her during the pregnancy, Sarah still wanted him to focus on school too because that was just as important. If he wasn't around, then Mia could come over and watch her too. Sarah herself tried to refrain from doing anything strenuous, because it was bad for the baby. Same with stress, so she didn't like how Derek was consistently fighting with his parents.
  6. "Alright I guess, mum and dad still think we shouldn't be together..." He sighed in annoyance before kissing her cheek and rubbing her belly, "how you doing? Any cravings?" He asked as he rubbed her belly and peppered her face in kisses.
  7. Practically, Derek was smothering her, but she didn't mind. When he rubbed her belly, it felt relaxing. "No cravings really. I have everything I need in the fridge as it is. Don't wanna eat too unhealthy now. It'll be bad for the little one. My parents are happy to have a Grand Child on the way, even though they already have like...five. My Sister and two of my Cousins even wants to come over and build the Nursery next week so I don't have to." Not only that, but the house was spotless since Sarah was 'Nesting'. "Oh yeah, tonight, you'll get to find out if our baby is a boy or a girl. What do you think?" She asked.
  8. Derek smiled and pulled away before sitting next to her, "Sounds great, I can't wait to find out, maybe if we know the sex we can start thinking of names." He replied as he ran his fingers through her hair, "I'll probably help them build the nursery too..." He mumbled, "what do you want for tea?" He asked as he stood up.
  9. When he sat down with her, Sarah smiled. Especially when he showed excitement towards the baby. "I'm sure they'd appreciate that." She replied concerning the Nursery. "Raspberry Leaf. That'd be nice." She responded when he asked what she wanted for tea. As he stood up, she decided to get out bed as well, but her belly made it difficult. Sarah took a deep breath before standing up herself. "This baby's getting heavier every day. I can barely see my feet."
  10. "Good because I would've helped anyway." He chuckled in response before helping her stand and chuckling "Don't worry, I'll be here to catch you." He grinned giving her a quick peck on the lips before walking into the kitchen to start making her Raspberry Tea. He tapped his foot to the beat of a song and whistled as he prepared the tea.
  11. She chuckled as well. "You're so thoughtful." While he went to prepare tea, she just went into the living room. As she sat down on the couch, Sarah looked through her phone to see if she had any missed calls or texts. First thing she saw a text message from her Mom, who was just making sure that she was okay. Everyone was of course worried about her. Sarah wasn't very used to getting so much attention, but ever since she got pregnant, everything kinda changed. She took a deep breath before grabbing a pillow to provide comfort for her back.
  12. He smiled in return, "Why thank you." Derek grinned at her before continuing to make her tea, once it was done he brought it to her in her favourite mug and sat it on the table before sitting down next to her and wrapping an arm around her shoulders, "Any ideas for a wedding venue?" He asked while running his fingers through her hair.
  13. "Um, surprisingly, no. I can't really think of any good ones. All I managed to figure out were the Wedding Dress, the Cake and I'm sending out the Invitations next week." She said, resting beside him as she slowly sipped her tea while resting her free hand on her belly. "Why don't you ask your sister? I'm sure she knows some good ones." Sarah suggested as she took another sip out of her tea, which felt nourishing.
  14. Derek nodded in agreament, "Yeah, she always had good ideas, I'll ask he tomorrow." He responded simply with a shrug of his shoulders, "who you inviting?" Derek asked as he leaned into her, placing a loving kiss on her nose.
  15. After he kissed her on her nose, Sarah took a sip out of her Tea. "Well, in terms of invitations, I'm gonna invite everyone who cares. I'm still contemplating on whether or not to invite your Parents considering their attitude. But I'm inviting the rest of your Family. My parents are coming for sure though. I love how they're so excited to have another Grandchild. That's honestly the last thing I expected out for them." She snuggled into his arms as she set her Tea on the Coffee Table.
  16. (( Posts might get shorter because I'm babysitting))

    Derek smiled down at her, "Best not to invite them, the way they've been acting disgusts me soooo..." He paused for a second when his phone beeped in his pocket, "They get to miss out on our amazing wedding." He finished, scooping his phone out of his pocket and reading the text before putting it back in his pocket.
  17. ((Okay))

    "I guess so. To get our point across, I guess you can send them an Un-Invitation." Sarah was saddened that he wouldn't invite the in-laws, but she could understand his reasoning. Her back started hurting a bit, so she decided to ask him for a backrub. "Hey, babe, you mind giving me a massage, my Back kinda hurts."
  18. "I don't mind, get comfy I'll see what I can do." Derek replied after chucking at the 'Un-Invitation' he could just imagine the look on his mums face when she received that, "the whole 'Un-Invitation' thing is pretty clever, I'm gonna use that."
  19. "Just send it in the form of an invitation. Then when they open it, their reaction's gonna be hilarious. While you're at it, have your sister record it or something with a Hidden Camera so she can post it on YouTube." Sarah laughed a bit at her own idea. Even though it was cruel and hurtful, it was justifiable.
  20. Derek tried to hold back his laughter but still burst out laughing, once he calmed down he pecked her lips and smiled, "Things like this are why I love you." He muttered, still chuckling as he ran his fingers through her hair, "now, let's give you that massage."
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