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  1. Hello, all! c: I used to be active here, but then certain life events happened, and I was unable to continue being part of this lovely community. As stated above, I'm in the market for a short term role play, and here's why: I'm starting vet school this week, and in the meantime, my city is completely flooded. I am stranded in my apartment for what could be several days. Sadly, I won't be able to continue role playing when school starts Thursday. If we create an incredible tapestry of a story, and if you can bear going months at a time without a reply from me, then we can work something out!

    Anyone still with me?

    Here is the most important information about me:

    1. I greatly enjoy romance! Playing real characters with genuine chemistry is my favorite. However, I would prefer there to be some other exciting stuff too, not just sappy drama. Should our characters choose to have ~relations~ I will always fade to black. Also, while I love playing males and females equally, I will only do mxf pairings. One thing I enjoy (though it's certainly not a necessity) is to play out the tension between exes who still have deep feelings for one another.

    2. I don't do any fandoms. :c

    3. Sci-fi and fantasy are not my thing. I might consider some sort of gifted plot or something with low fantasy.

    4. Medieval is my ~favorite~ era to role play! I will, however, do modern and some historical eras, though I do not have the time or energy right now to be terribly historically accurate. I like to focus on the time period rather than specific dates or events.

    5. I am a fairly advanced role player. On average, my responses will be 2-4 meaty paragraphs, sometimes longer depending on the situation. I try my very best to give you quality reading material as well as something to work with. Right now I'm not looking for a novel; I would love quick responses and forward motion, since I have so little time. But I'd still like to see at least a couple of paragraphs per response.

    Okay. I don't have a lot of room for plots or pairings. I have several plots, so I'll just give you a general idea of what I look for for each genre/era:

    Medieval. Fave. I love knights, nobles, royals, gypsies, thieves, servants, etc. Every combination and pairing. Forbidden relationships. I especially love the knight/soldier/guard x princess/noblewoman dynamic. Throw in some forced betrothal, betrayal from rival nations, assassination plots. So many ideas.

    Modern. Super open. Probably my favorite thing to do with this is a plot similar to "The Notebook". Two people are in love (in high school or college), but for reason XYZ they break up, only to reunite years later. What will happen???? How have their lives changed????????

    Historical Periods. WWII, American Revolution, etc. Again, I'm no historian. I'm not going to want to hash out exact dates and events and places. I like to be true to the era (i.e. no phones during the American Revolution), but I'm pretty easy-going about the details.

    It's all pretty general. Please feel free to PM me if you're interested or have any questions!
  2. I should also mention that I prefer to RP over PM. If you absolutely insist doing a thread, I can do that, too!
  3. still looking~
  4. still looking C:
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