Short-Term Clue-style Rp

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Party and Alias Style?

  1. Basic Dinner Party

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  2. Costume Party

  3. Classic Clue: Mr. Green, Lady Peacock, etc.

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  4. Iwaku Style: Characters and/or costumes based off a person's Username and/or Avatar

  5. Alias based off types of stone: Ruby, Granite, pyrite etc.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. @Midian, @Kura, @Requiem, here is the interest check I promised you! =D Consider your spot reserved unless one of you tells me otherwise.

    Everyone else, I need one to three more people.

    The Plot is this:

    Lady ____ is a mistress of secrets. No one knows how she learns them, only that once she knows a thing it will always be used to her advantage. Blackmail in short. The trouble is none of her victims truly know who she is or how to make it stop, until one of her sources slipped up.

    Now someone knows how to find to her. But before they can put their new-found knowledge to the test Lady ____ discovers that someone knows and decides to take matters into her own hands. This villain of the dark decides to throw a costume party at her mansion in the hills for a select few. One of whom is her blackmailer.

    Unfortunately for Lady ____ every single one of her guests has a reason to kill her. So when a storm strikes and the power gets cut, things go wrong.

    This will be a Clue-style Mystery, meaning no one will know for sure who did what aside from me. I will be the Narrator. I will hand out clues (via PM), keep track of who did what until the end, and make GM posts. I will also control Lady ___ and her staff. Lady ___ will die at an early point during the RP and it is your job to figure out who killed her.

    Clues would be sent out each “round”. The players would then work finding the clue into their next post. Hopefully people will be sneaky about it and everyone will have to figure out exactly what each clue is.
    Once someone correctly guesses who did it, the game will end. (There will be more information on this in the OC)

    Any one may be the murder!

    Also, I may PM someone with a plot twist at various points, so be ready to be adaptable!

    If we have moderately active people it shouldn't take much longer than a month (I hope) to finish.

    Is anybody else interested?

    Also, Each character's name will be an alias. I've added a poll to this thread with several ideas I think would be fun to work with. Feel free to suggest others. I'd also like to know if people would prefer a dinner party, or a costume party =D

    Edit: According to the votes, a costume party has been chosen.
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  2. Costume party! :D
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  3. I think I may have fixed my color problem..


    Oh, and I'm all up in this idea. I'm for the costume party, and I really like the alias based off of stones idea.
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  4. @Midian, @Kura, @Requiem - It looks like we're having a Costume Party! Start thinking up ideas. This'll be a modern day setting so the sky's the limit =D

    Also, if any of you know anyone who'd be interested let me know or invite them. I need at least one more person to make this work, but I'm sure between the four of us we can find somebody. ;)

    There are Three Spots Open!
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  5. Hi there, I believe I count as somebody...
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  6. Sure why not.
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  7. You are indeed somebody! =D You both are!

    I will try to have the OOC up tonight with the game mechanics and character sheets and everything.

    And going by the votes it looks like Stone based Alias has been chosen.

    One Spot Left.
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  8. @Midian, @Kura, @Requiem, @Terpsichore, @Endless Masquerade

    The OOC thread is here:’s-demise-one-spot-left.68579/

    I put it in modern, because I'm not trying to follow the story of Clue, I'm just using the mechanics. Create whatever character you think is best and let's see where we end up ^^
    Also, I've checked Character death (obviously), and Language: Explicit so characters can say whatever they feel best fits the situation. Let me know if any of you feel any other tags are necessary.

    *Has totally not set up a clue board on her table and taped people's names to the pieces*


    And All spots are now filled!
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  9. I'll be posting a character sheet after the big push of the week is over, so around Thursday/Friday :D
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