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    I've noticed that I have plenty of time next week because of Fall Break, so why not snatch a few more roleplays? About myself, I'm a senior in high school taking AP courses, so I'm pretty busy. I do take up a sport that is almost done with Winter approaching and a few extracurricular that shouldn't tangle with roleplay. I'm in my high school musical, president for three clubs (book, yoga, and otaku), a band geek (baritone motherfuckers), and I partake in my school's newspaper. That's a little bit about myself. Now, lets get to the good stuff!
    What I'm looking for
    → Intermediate - Advanced
    → Grammar/Spelling mistakes should be miniscule.
    → Versatile with genders.
    → Engaged in plot building.
    → Juggle more than one character.
    → Communication is key, babe.
    → A completed roleplay resume.
    → Respond at least four (or two) times a week.
    → Thread only.

    What I'm about
    → Currently Intermediate - Advanced writing level. I totally recommend you to check out my current 1x1.
    → I check my grammar and spelling twice.
    → I'm not perfect, expect some slip-ups.
    → I will be the hyped one during plot building.
    → I'm not gonna give you small talk if you just wanna chat.
    → If I'm motivated, expect more than one response everyday. If not expect one a day.
    → I'm a pretty chill chick.

    → Witch // Villager (Salem Witch Trials / Crucible Inspired) (5/5)
    → Gypsy // Soldier (France 1800s / Hunchback of Notre-Dame Inspired) (4/5)
    → Beauty // Beast (Gothic / Horror / Tragedy / Romance) (5/5)
    → Siren // Sailor (Greek Mythology / Historical) (1/5)
    → Queen // Knight (Unrequited Romance / Love Triangle / Low Fantasy) (3/5)
    → Survivor // Survivor (Zombie Apocalypse / Friendship) (4.5/5)
    → Emperor // Courtier (Asian Historical / Unrequited Romance) (2/5)
    → Inhabitant // Journalist (Haunted Town / Horror / Thriller / Gore + Blood / R-17) (3/5)
    → Cop // Prostitute (Cyberpunk / Drama / Crime / Friendship or Romance) (2.5/5)
    → Aphrodite // Human (Greek Mythology / Historical) (3/5)
    I'm open for suggestions.

    (っ◔◡◔)っ ❤ Send me a PM if you're interested!
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  2. If I wasn't already in a rp with you, I would totally do the Witch/Villager. Just saying.
  3. Hi, I'm interested in the Gypsy/Soldier pairing. It seems interesting and I love Hunchback. I don't know if I'll be able to reply as often as you like though. Once a week definitely, possibly twice, but there's no way I'd be able to reply 4 times.
  4. I don't mind taking up another one with you! :3

    I don't see a completed roleplay resume and a writing sample. Could you possibly fill in your resume? Or send me a writing sample.
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  5. o.o Anymore takers?
  6. I know I said that I'd like to roleplay with you and I would, but I don't think I have time to keep a serious roleplay alive. It wouldn't be fair if I started one and had to disappear within the month.
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