Short-sighted Decisions

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  1. (TL;DR: What are some decisions you've made that seemed good at the time but later, with the wisdom of more of life experience, seemed very short-sighted?)

    I'm currently looking for a place to live during my next academic year, and I'm realising that my decision of uni was a really short-sighted decision.

    Now, my logic at the time was sound. I could have gone to Edinburgh, which is a world-class university, for free as I'm a Scottish student. But I had the opportunity to go to Imperial, and as my academics are very important to me and my aspiration was to go into research I felt I needed to get the best degree possible. At the time Imperial was 5th worldwide, and now it's 2nd - Edinburgh is and was 17th or so. The problem was that Imperial would cost me £9000 a year tuition plus much higher living costs. I decided to take the plunge, reasoning that the £60000 of debt would be paid off in the long run by the extra value of my degree.

    And then we get to looking for properties for next year. And oh my fucking days, guys, I knew the area was expensive but I never realised how poor I was compared to my fellow students until now. I've just looked it up, and the area Imperial is in is one of the most expensive in the world. I don't have 200 fucking quid a week for rent not including bills. That £60000 figure is looking extraordinarily naive now. I might have an "out", as my application to be a staff member of one of the halls next year was successful - meaning I can get a room that digs deeply into but doesn't completely clear out any meagre savings I have. But that still leaves two years after that.

    So I'mma chalk it up to inexperience with the world and stuff when making my decision, but in many ways I'm feeling a fool for my choice. It got me to thinking about the sorts of decisions we make when we're inexperienced with something - whether that be relationships or career decisions or whatever - that later seem stupidly short-sighted. What are your experiences with this?
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  2. I gotta tell ya man, if there's one thing I'm not good at, it's making good decisions. And that's not just me being hard on myself, it's a well-known fact by people in other places of the Internet of which I dwell. I've just never had much life experience growing up. I've made so many stupid decisions in my time that I've lost count ...not that I was keeping track to begin with, but I digress. I have like some kind of curse or something, because I swear no matter how cautious I try to be about it... Buh. It never seems to turn out right for me.

    Hindsight's a bitch, is what I'm trying to say.
  3. I have a few, but I don't want to talk about them. >< Piss-pour decisions.

    SOMETIMES, in hindsight, I think it would have been better if I didn't drop out of High School, because of the issues someone without a diploma has to face. But that goes away quickly when I realize that decision is the reason why I am here today and know the people I do. >> It's like the one choice everyone THINKS I made poorly, but was actually the best one I ever made. O_O

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  4. @Halo you may want to edit out the specific name of your school; you'd be surprised how easy it can be to track people IRL with info like that.

    My worst short sighted decisions would probably be spending money on things like food instead of saving it.
  5. Posting in this thread...

    In all seriousness though I would have to point as three main things.

    1. Sticking in my original relationship as long as I did.
    *Though, I'm worried that if I hadn't made that mistake I wouldn't have learned my lesson and just made the mistake somewhere else instead.

    2. Waiting until I was 20 to get my drivers license.
    -Me up until 16: Oh boy! I'm gonna get a license when I turn 16 and drive! It will be awesome!
    -Me at 16: Woah hold on. This driving shit is scary and dangerous, no thanks! I'm good!
    -Me at 20: Oh shit... I still don't want to drive, but I need it if I want to keep going to college without insane debt.

    Now, given my rate of improvement in driving atm I think I'll be fine by the time I need to get the G2.
    However in hindsight I do wish I had started at 16 so I'd have 4 extra years of experience behind me.

    3. Delaying getting the CRC (Criminal Reference Check) for placement.
    No, I'm not a criminal before anyone asks. The CRC is something all ECE students have to do before placement to prove they haven't committed previous crimes.
    Why they can't just call the police and say "Hey, are these people criminals?" is beyond me though. :/

    Anyways though, I delayed getting it because the past 3 placements our Teachers outright told us "Don't show us the actual check, just show us the receit proving it's under way and you're fine".
    So for my 4th placement I assumed the same applied, no one ever emailed us or anything to indicate a change in course requirements. So I wasn't super eager/anxious to get the CRC until a week or so before class started.
    Big mistake, the school during my 8 month absence pulled a rule switcharoo and demanded the actual CRC now and not the receit.
    Placement was due to start in 2 weeks, the CRC was to take 4 weeks to happen... I ended up having to drop it, but with full refund which the college is holding onto so I can I just sign up for it again next semester.

    Not game breaking, because I still got a while before I get my G2 as well (so I'm not delaying the future program as a result of this).
    But still a pain in the ass.

    Eh. There's no extra danger of someone online being a freak than a person IRL being a freak.
    Being paranoid about giving X info online because someone 'might' be a dick about it really isn't a way to be living.
    I mean imagine such paranoia IRL? We'd barely be able to function and socialize.

    And just to show I'm not being all talk:

    Anthony Faria
    Oakville, Ontario, Canada
    Sheridan College

    ^I've shared this info on countless places and not yet have I got any creeper, stalker, annoying person or anything else as a result.
  6. You joke, yes? The police in a station at any given time don't know offhand if a given person has a record, and it takes time to look it up in the system. They can't just ctrl+F the Documents folder o.o
  7. Partly. I know they can't literally just call and get an instant response.

    But why the college can't send the list of students to the police themselves to check rather than have students go in individually to request it is beyond me.
  8. The police have better things to do. Why waste the force's time on a clerical task that will take time to be done thoroughly? If you know about the time delay, it's not even that big deal that it takes awhile. It's basically the same as why we can't just call a governing official and be like "hey, can I have a passport? My friends vouch for me and I'll text you my SIN" o.o
  9. But the police are doing it anyways may the college ask or the students come in individually.

    I'm not suggesting the police skip the background check.
    I'm was just (off handedly) asking why the college doesn't request the CRC themselves, since they make it mandatory for the program.
  10. Gwazi is also not a young teen/woman at risk of getting stalked, kidnapped or raped by the usual predator suspects either. o______o

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  11. Neither is Halo.
  12. You know when someone says "I'll say a prayer for you!" when you tell them about a thing in your life. And how you say "Thank you" because that is the polite thing to do, even though you're an atheist?

    Well someone telling you (or someone else) a way to be safe on the internet, even though you might not need it, is them caring about your well being and it deserves a thank you. O_O

    Anything else is very bad manners!
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  13. *Looks at the bait*
    *Ponders for a moment*
    *Swims off in the other direction*

    I'm not getting into that debait.
  14. GWAZI LEARNS! 8D -gives him a cookie!-
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  15. Gwazi, do you ever not derail a thread by arguing some inane, irrelevant bullshit? Jesus.

    Anyway, @Minibit - I've posted that and other information multiple times on this forum and elsewhere. I take much the same philosophy as Gwazi on it, though less obnoxiously. It's okay, but thank you for the concern. ^^
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  16. Once upon a time there was a child who dreamt of defying the laws of physics. Ignoring their sister's pleas and ramblings, they did so tie those dog leashes to their tiny little belt, and around that tiny little chimney, and proceeded to leap off the roof.

    And what did that little child of eight learn? To never again test the boundaries of science and stupidity.

    A few years pass, and this child has become an adult. And by now this person has learned many a lessons hard, but none so like the time they had thought scaring a coworker in the middle of the night was a good idea, and not realizing she had mace.

    Spicy eyes.
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  17. I very much wish I could drive. The jealousy of staring at other teens my age and younger who can drive and be cool pisses me off to no end. Part of it is my fault because I never bug my parents to take me out driving (and now I'm terrified of driving because I know how bad I am at it) and the other part is because Im part of a triplet and both parents work for education so we don't get that much more dry to spare on practice driving. I have no idea what I'm going to do in a couple months when I have to get a part time job and go to college.
  18. I got an Xbox One. Everything about that has proven pretty fucking short sighted.
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  19. I've done a lot of stupid wee things, being the awkward person I am, though not too many devastatingly bad decisions. Not as far as I know, anyway....

    I once made a rather....disgusting character for an RP. I won't go into details, but it was a really ridiculous thing for me to do in hindsight. It came out of a random thought I had. I was hesitant about going ahead with it, but after asking some people, of which I'm still uncertain if they were genuinely encouraging me or just wanted to see me do something stupid, I decided to put it out there. The response was far from positive. I can claim that I may have gotten bad advice, but the decision was mine alone in the end.

    On a more serious note, I initially attempted to major in computer science when I started university. I sucked. I had done a very light little course at high school, and thought it might be something I could give a go, plus it's always touted as a great career choice. Admittedly, I kind of slacked a lot during my first year, which only makes me even stupider. Wasted money, wasted time, and a poor reflection on my GPA and transcript.
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