Short scenarios!

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I'll start as an example...

*Dinner time, Mess Hall*
BC: *reaches over and grabs a napkin off Tain's tray*
Tain: "He just kept screaming as if--" *stares at BC* "... Did you just take my napkin?"
BC: "Yeh. Whut'chu gon' DO 'bout it?" *looks away*
Tain: *stares at BC for a moment longer... then takes BC's sandwich off of his tray and moves in to take a bite*

Now you! Now you!!


New Year's Eve, t-minus 30 minutes until midnight...

[Seiji and Tain are at a party. Seiji has never had soju before, and is poured his very first cup of a soju/fruitjuice mix.]
Tain: "Hey, you gotta be careful with this shit. Soju will fuck you up when you're not paying attention."
[Tain turns around. Seiji is double-fisting red cups-- one is empty.]
Tain: "... What the fuck, you're done?!"
Seiji: "YEAH."


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*Chatting with Ocha while driving back home!*
Diana: So then we run in to the field of blood sucking butterflies!
Ocha: HAHAHA! No character would be expecting that!
Diana: Yeah and the we- Wait, shouldn't we be close to home by now? *Looks at forest of trees in the middle of nowhere!*
Ocha: ....uh oh.

P.S. Really happened. .__.;