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Short Problems

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by LogicfromLogic, Feb 27, 2015.

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  1. Because there is a tall problems thread, why not a short? And damn it, I want to be tall and have tall people problems.

    "Short" list:

    -Reaching shit on the shelves in the store and having to climb like a monkey to get it
    -Reaching the light on the ceiling to change it but you can't because you are too short and whatever you stand on still makes you too short to change it
    -People's arm rests. I'm a 23 year old 5'0 person and yet all the teenagers lean on me like I am some kind of post
    -Hobbit jokes
    -Out in public people 'don't see you there'. On many occasions I have been stepped on because people are paying attention tho their phone and because I am not tall they just do not see me
    -Short arms (I'm a mother fucking T-Rex)
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  2. I'm not exceptionally short, standing at 5'7, but I am still below the average and it seems like every other male around my age that I know is taller than me. I know your pain.
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  3. My problem? My Mom's a half inch taller than me and I failed to surpass her. She's 5'3" I'm 5'2" 1/2 xD
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  4. Short legs suck, it takes more effort to get somewhere.
  5. I'm 5'5 and I don't have any of these issues. :/
    But this is just awesome. :P
  6. Yup, all of those apply. In a similar vein, I used to work in labs and I almost couldn't manipulate with some chemicals because they were stored in giant containers and I couldn't even grab them properly since my hands were so tiny. It's also almost impossible for me to find lab gloves in the right size; they always hang on me and that can get dangerous quickly, especially if you work with something volatile.
  7. Climbing on my kitchen counters to reach the top shelf. >:C

    Standing on my tippy toes just to open the microwave.

    Looking like a toddler when I sit on my couch and my feet dangle off it.

    Hugging my 6'0 tall sister and getting boobs right to the face.


    At least I can wear high heels and not tower over everyone! :D
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  9. I solve my short problems by kicking tall problems in the shin

    then in the g'nads


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  10. [​IMG]

    (insert smirk here)
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  11. ....touche.
  12. Clothes are always gigantic, yes even small clothes can be big for us short peeps...... You people better have this problem as well.
  13. My wife chimed in when I opened this thread.

    "Not being able to reach something in the bottom of a deep trash bin/container."
  14. Having to roll the pant legs up on every pair of pants I've ever owned.

    Having to climb on the washing machine to get the clothes at the bottom.

    [I'm 23 years old and 4'11]
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  15. You're fun sized!?

    ....are you....A teddy bear?
  16. I'm not very fuzzy or cuddly, so... No.
  17. Has no short problems. I'm six foot tall. :)
  18. Screw you...><
    We be 5'2 buddies ;-;
  19. Don't hate. :p
  20. [​IMG]
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