Short/Medium Term Tabletop Roleplay Early Interest Check [D20]

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  1. Introduction

    Hello glorious Iwaku! Welcome to a thread with an interest check to what will end up being an interest check to a fairly short term roleplaying game.

    Mainly this is a thread to try and see how interested the community is in these sorts of games, as wandering over to the D20 section... well, they're kind of sparse, you know? I came up with the idea of having one of these after my SO, who is an avid roleplayer, told me she'd never played a tabletop roleplaying game before.

    As a great fan of the genre, and of regular roleplaying as well, I'm always eager to introduce people to how fun these can be (if played and ran properly). So, to bridge the gap until I start a massive summer long tabletop campaign, I decided to run a short play by post one hosted here on Iwaku, by far my favorite roleplay site.

    What I'm looking to do

    The game and setting are still in the early phases, and right now, I'm trying to narrow down which exact tabletop I wish to use. The setting will be decided later based on the game, but right now the games I'm looking at are:

    Shadowrun: (copy/paste from wikipedia) Shadowrun is a science fantasy tabletop role-playing game set in a near-future fictional universe in which cybernetics, magic and fantasy creatures co-exist. It combines genres of cyberpunk, urban fantasy and crime, with occasional elements of conspiracy fiction, horror and detective fiction.

    (my own words) Players play as people known as Shadowrunners, agents hired by corporations when they don't want their actions tracked. Secret agents who do underground missions for money, being unregistered members of society. Some do tasks which are physical in nature, some are elite hackers known as Deckers, many different tasks are asked of Shadowrunners, and the only similarity between these missions are the dangers the players are put into.

    D&D 4th Edition/D&D 5th Edition/Pathfinder: Standard fantasy setting, knights and wizards and thieves and dragons and dungeons. The difference between these three settings is primarily rule based, how characters are played and run and how battle affects things.

    Pathfinder: Largest amount of content published for it, many races/classes/settings to pick from. Characters primarily learn many different skills, and have proficiency in these skills, used to determine how well they do in situations. Battle is run on a grid, mages use spell points for spells. Classes aren't as defined, you have flexibility in what kind of class you are. Rogue good at sneak attacking, or rogue good at dagger fighting? Up to you to decide!

    D&D 4th Edition: A simplification of Pathfinder. Lots of simplifications to make storytelling and rules simpler, while some people don't like this others do, it's more a matter of preference. Less classes and races due to being newer, all classes work on a spell like ability system. Classes have more defined roles and jobs in battle, less variance in what they do. Roleplaying elements take a backseat to battle. Not my recommended choice, but if there's a demand for it...

    D%D 5th Edition: New, I haven't gotten a chance to read up on it as much as I'd like yet. Seems to be more roleplay focused than 4th Edition, best feature is the ability of combat to forgo a combat grid entirely and be discussed and dealt with entirely in text, which works well for a play by post format. Very little content, only the more basic classes and races are fleshed out in the rules yet. Feats are optional and skills are majorly simplified, rather than differeing proficiencies in different things, you just have a list of things your character is good at and use one flat proficiency number for everything.

    I'm looking into other games as well, Vampires: The Masquerade has popped up but been vetoed by a potential player, I have also heard decent things about Call of Cthulu, and find the premise of it extremely interesting, a sort of unusual out of the box roleplay rather than the standard fantasy fare. Other systems too like GURPS I've been reading a bit about.

    Mainly, I just want to run a tabletop game for people who might not have played a lot of these before. I want it to be short term and easily run to completion in only a couple of months, something that doesn't require very active posting. However, I only want people who are genuinely interested in the format, who want to focus more on the roleplaying aspects of it rather than the game aspects of it, and won't get bored and magically vanish after a few posts.

    I also want some discussion in this thread about what game I should run. What tabletop to use? What setting should it be in? I plan on game mastering the entire thing (unless some prior experienced game master comes along and absolutely wants to take over), but keeping things light, and simple. Nothing too super serious, nothing too overly light hearted, just a basic campaign to have a little fun with the format.

    Please, if you have any suggestions, post them here, I'll be quite active when I can be here. Remember, this is preliminary as all hell, everything has the potential to change.
  2. i for one would be very interested in a 5th edition rp
  3. I certainly hope that SO stands for significant other.
  4. It's the one I'm most unfamiliar with, so it'd be fun to try. I've played 4.0 before, and played 3.5 as well (which pathfinder is based off of). I have experience with shadowrun as well, but 5th edition is the one I haven't touched.
    I like to think so too!
  5. I've run a few games of 5 th edition before. It's very simple and easy to learn and it's format lends itself to play by posts games
  6. That's why it intrigued me, my only concern is the fact that it's new, and doesn't have much content for it yet. I like the wide array of customization that games that have been out for a while contain. Still, it's looking like the best option, D&D is a staple tabletop, and perfect for teaching people who may not have much experience yet.
  7. 24 hour bump.

    Don't be scared to show interest, it's just roleplaying with more numbers D:
  8. This sounds interesting.
  9. Ugh, it appears I'm not going to get much more interest than this without creating a plot and setting for people...

    ...but I don't want to create a plot and setting until I'm absolutely sure what system I want to use, and know that people will actually show interest :c
  10. i know for sure that me and 2-3 other people on iwaku would be willing to join a 5th edition rp
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