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So, I'm not new to roleplaying and my roleplay resume is still in the works but by reading it you get what I like in roleplays, what I'm looking for and right now I'm looking for a partner to play ideas with, find some common interests.

If you are someone with a knack for description, enjoy playing more than one character and won't just settle with either male or female characters but both please do send me a private message or reply here.
*Note* when messaging me or responding here please have some ideas pertaining to a particular pairing or idea. Don't just say what pairing you are interested in, tell me why it interests you. What ideas you have. What story we create will be from us both meaning we both will bring something to the table. If you pm me with nothing behind the interested pairing chances are we will not go far. Also, if you only play female characters look away. I'm looking for roleplayers not minding to play either gender when the time comes.

What I am NOT looking for:

Damsel in distress type female characters needing to be rescued at every turn.

Naturally bitchy characters with no reason behind acting that way.

One liners. Two sentences. I can work with anything above this. I prefer to write multiple paragraphs, for my partner, as long as one liners are not involved we're good.

Every few hours posting. If you want to do that cool, I don't. A challenging job and real life occurrences do have priority but I can promise you a couple of posts a week AND big change, a couple of posts a day.

Anyone under 18, sorry.

Character Hogging. My characters are mine, yours belong to you.

Strange grammar. Everyone makes mistakes, it happens. Constant errors on the other hand....

No communication. If you are no longer interested, can't be on, etc tell me. Let's talk instead of disappearing.

What I AM looking for:

Description. Detail. Plot. Advanced level.

Roleplays either done over threads or PM. No email, chat, skype.

Patient partners. Don't drop me if I'm not online once or you see me online and message me constantly about posting.

To have fun, you and me both, after all this is a writing community.

Genders I play:

Female or Male, usually both in a roleplay. I'm into FxM or MxF, MxM, FxF. No human animal relationships of a mature kind.


Science fiction
Fandom-Anime, video games, television shows, movies.


Highlighted means it has been taken.

Witch Hunter x Witch love interest
Vampire x Two human captives
Witch Hunter x Coven
Survivor x Survivor
Prince x Wounded Knight
Female Escort x Yakuza
Singer x Singer
Dream Walker x Dreamer Walker
Unplanned Pregnancy

Vampire prince x Vampire princess
Princess x Wounded Knight
Exiled Princess x Guardian Knight
Outlaw x Outlaw
Arranged Marriage
Legend/Lore x Glory Seeker
Warriors x Captive
Soldiers x Paranormal

I do have ideas for these Pairings and ideas in general.


I wanted to do something supernatural and of course in a past setting, more like a fantasy version of the 1800s with the supernatural element. For this I need a strong female lead. It doesn't matter what your real life gender is, if you can play a female character cool. This particular plot may involve forbidden romance or taboo romance, however you want to call it, more details will come through pm if you are interested. Expect gore, language, and all those things only done in the libertine section.

They say there are no such occurrences as the dead communicating with the living, just people haunted by tragedies of the past.

Character A, female, and character B, male played by me, are brother and sister.

They have long escaped the horrors of a childhood brought on by a domineering father who not only wanted to control them by mold them into something they clearly were not. Both, like their mother, feared the man who was influential in the New Embdark community. He was a tyrant in the shadows yet feigned compassion in public.

Unable to take the abuse any longer character A and B's mother commits suicide which drives the father to the peak of madness to nearly kill his children but the two manage to be rescued by authorities who deem their father must be sent to a sanatorium.

Placed with relatives, the two grow up, become distant, eventually go their separate ways.

Many years later(character A's life is up to you to work with, etc) when life seems decent, character B returns into character A's life to tell her their father has passed. That they've been bequeathed all personal wealth including the household they grew up in. The only problem is they must return to said home as indicated in the will. Character B appears only wanting the fortunes due them while character A is hesitant to return to a place causing them much pain but returning home is only the beginning of the nightmare.

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Hmm. Do you have a plot for Unplanned Pregnancy? If not, I have a plot that could work well with it if you're interested in hearing it.

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