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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Minibit, Aug 27, 2015.

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  1. I have a love-hate relationship with shopping

    I love it when I find something awesome that works for me and I can afford.

    I hate how seldom that happens and I hate trying to find something like that under pressure or a time crunch.

    What do you most love shopping for? What do you hate shopping for?
  2. I love discounts.

    I hate full price. :P
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  3. I love shopping when I have coupons, like to Bath and Body Works. I have them already set up on my phone so when it comes time to use them at the checkout I'm all set.

    I hate finding something cool, the price looks great, and I get to the checkout only to find out it was in the wrong spot and that the oh so good price is actually heinous (x_x)
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  4. I hate shopping so much.

    Unless I'm going out to get food (I get way too excited about groceries in that cliche' mother-like way, but also I just love food), or gifts for someone. During those times, I enjoy it.
  5. I like shopping when I can go in, get what I need, and go (that is, unless I'm buying suits because Papi loves his suits).

    I HATE standing around and waiting for hours for someone when shopping. At least most department stores are getting the hint and providing seats nowadays, but Jesus Christ.
  6. I hated shopping back when I had no money and I had to squeeze out enough bucks to maaaybe buy one thing that I needed out of necessity and it was on sale and wasn't quite awesome. D:

    Now I am able to save up for "shopping days" and I actually get to enjoy taking my time in a store and picking out things I love. O___O I can shop the clearance and sales racks and browse multiple stores and be happy about all the booty I got.
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  7. Ugh, shopping. The only kind of prolonged shopping I like is online browsing. When going into an actual store, if the total shopping time (not counting waiting in line to pay) takes more than 30 minutes I get annoyed with the nonsense. I have no interest in wandering around a damned store for an hour looking at everything, I wanna get in there, get what I came for, and leave. Going to the mall with other people is absolutely torturous.
  8. I probably drive some people insane, but I'm fully happy with a shopping trip in which I have no intention to buy anything. The only real way to ruin my shopping experience is to be directly unpleasant to me.
  9. I like shopping in general just because it's an excuse to get outdoors; I don't get very many of those these days.
  10. Shopping for comics, games and anything to prove I'm a supernerd? Sure.

    Clothes/Food Shopping? Nuh-uh.
  11. I treat shopping like a military operation. Infiltrate, secure the package, exfiltrate.
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  12. Cheap but sexy stationary? DAISO HERE I COME
  13. I actually quite like shopping online on amazon. It's easier than finding things in the store sometimes.

    But I like shopping for clothes, video games, fandom related stuff, anime related stuff, and etc. :)
  14. I love online shopping, because usually it's fun stuff I don't need, but want, and I don't have to be an awkward presence in person.

    Stuff I enjoy shopping for in person are things like firearms or knives, where actually being able to handle them can make or break a deal and show potential shortcomings pictures online might miss.

    I actually like grocery shopping. Having a full fridge makes me pretty happy.

    I don't mind clothes shopping, but that's usually for work clothes, aka shit I don't mind getting obliterated by sodium hypochloride.

    I like browsing fun stores at the mall, I love book stores. If it caters to my interests, I love digging around for little goldmines. For that reason, big draw for me at conventions is the show floor.

    The only time I actively dislike shopping is when you're poking around with someone who absolutely has to try on everything in the store or go through a dozen kinds of hygiene products before deciding on one they like. I think that largely has to do with the fact I am a boring man who simply grabs what he likes every time and considers sub-ten minute shopping times a win.
  15. I mainly only buy books and art (and the art is from one person..I love my Liger artist). I would enjoy shopping more if I had more money. 2k might put a good dent in the list of books I want.
    Other than that I like browsing the custom pet sales on Aywas. I spend way too much on a site for virtual pets.
    A good chunk of money goes to my animals though.
    *gets a check from the vet* :confetti: *gets a bill from the vet* :banghead:
  16. I try to make my visits to the mall scarce, because I know I will go overboard and that
    my wallet will be flooding the establishment with its tears. lol
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