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    I am a wizard.

    Well not really a wizard. I mean I went to magic school and got good grades and had a bunch of cool friends, got in a bit of trouble and long story short, I got expelled. Why? Because I used magic on unsuspecting ignorant non magic users. Humans in short. And a wizard using magic on a human without their consent or knowledge is a big no-no. So I got expelled.

    But here’s the thing; sometimes flicking a bit of magic in the otherwise dull and gray lives of unsuspecting humans can be a good thing! Think about it! Magic can really jazz up someone’s day and brighten a party’s mood! Okay. I’m getting off track.

    I think that expelling me without even trying to understand my actions was a bit shitty on the part of the high council of magic, so I’ve decided to go rogue and start a little experiment.

    I’ve chosen, three people. three very different people living in one big city (New York City to be exact!), and although different, these three have one thing in common; they’re all single. Why single you may ask? Because apparently to humans, being single can either be;
    a. One of the most awesome things in the world.
    b. The worst possible way to live life.

    So I’ve decided to use my magic to improve their lives or make it ten times better! Not in the way that you’re thinking. I’m not going to bippity-boppity-boo their lives better with a free makeover and some wizard Prada. Instead I’m going to make them switch bodies and live each other’s lives! That way they can use their individual assets to solve each other’s problems or screw up each other’s lives…But I’m betting on the former. It’s a great idea right?

    Now…Let’s take a look at the subjects…

    Daya Chopra a magazine art director at NY Trendy & Chic.
    Hunter Finmark, a NYPD officer.
    And Cody Evans a pediatric oncologist.

    Now that I’ve gotten the gist of my subjects, let’s beg—

    Oh wait! I haven’t explained how I’m going to do this! Well-l, I pride myself in my adept knowledge of celestial beings and oddities, so every time there’s a shooting star, the three subjects will switch bodies in a completely random fashion.
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    Daya Chopra
    Art Director for Trendy & Chic Magazine

    "Okay, bye sweetie! See you at home! Mm, bye love ya." Daya murmured into the phone. She had called home on her break to see how Bela was doing after she'd been suspended from school for knocking over nearly fifteen desks in an attempt to recreate dominoes. She'd thought that Bela would be dejected and irritated at not being able to attend school until winter break was over, but when the girl picked up the phone, she'd practically blown Daya's ear drums out with her excited shrieking. "Imogen made waffles for breakfast!" "Imogen can do a handstand for fifteen seconds!" "Imogen shits rainbows and pukes fairy dust!" Okay that last one may have been a stretch, but honestly Daya was hoping that her daughter would have at least mentioned something about missing her company! Or maybe asking her to play when she got home! Was that too much to ask? Daya knew it was crazy immature to be jealous of the live in nurse that she'd hired for her grandfather, but she couldn't help it! Before Imogen, Bela looked at Daya like she hung the damn moon! Now she just glanced at her like she was lunar janitorial staff. It was agony. Pure agony.

    "Uughh...." Daya groaned, balling up her sandwich bag and halfheartedly tossing it in the trash then grumbling angrily when it bounced off the rim and onto the floor.

    "And that's why you're an art director and not an NBA star!" A playful voice said from behind her. And for the second time that day, Daya inwardly cringed, steeled herself and turned around with a wide smile plastered to her face. Beatrice Vicente stood behind her, a sinister smirk etched on her own visage. Daya wished she had the power of invisibility. It had been like this for a few weeks now. Ever since the magazine big wigs had decided to stir shit up and inform them that one of them would be promoted by the end of the week, Beatrice had been saying seemingly harmless things with that same bloodthirsty smirk on her face. A month ago the two of them had been best work friends. The taste lunch together and rated who the hottest people in the office were, but now they could barely stand behind around each other.

    "Hee-y, Beatrice. How are things?" Daya forced herself to say. The other woman cocked an eyebrow and leaned against the desk.

    "Great, great. I see you decided to stick around later too. It's crazy, because I was just talking about putting in some unpaid overtime after the advertising meeting and I saw you hanging around."

    Daya stared at Beatrice incredulously. Did she seriously think that she was the first person to think of staying after work? Seriously?

    Before Daya had the chance to call Beatrice on her shit, the other woman's eyes widened and she pointed at the window. "Oh my gosh, look! Look, look, look! A shooting star! Make a wish, make a wish! Oh my gawd!!!" Daya turned to look, but couldn't truly enjoy the moment. A month ago, she would have laughed at Beatrice's childishness and indulged, her but now all she could do was dwell on whether they would ever have moments like those again, and just as her gaze spotted the falling star something incredible happened....

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    Location: Outside an Apartment Complex
    Occupation: New York Police Officer
    Mentioned: NPCS's
    Interactions: NPC's
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE
    Color Ref: d41900


    The whole week prior had been a very slow one. The most significant thing Hunter had done while on duty was shut down yet another fraternity party that was keeping an elderly couple awake. Other than that, he had mostly just given speeding tickets to taxi drivers who barely spoke English and left numerous parking tickets for people who let the parking meter run out.

    All Hunter could do was hope that this week would be at least a little more eventful. He didn't want someone to get shot or anything, of course, but he would like something to do other than look for minor things to punish people for. When he became a police officer in New York he had thought his life would be extremely exciting. So far, his assumption was horribly incorrect.

    Sure, he did go on car chases sometimes and do other blood-pumping things like that, but those were far more rare than he thought they would be. Mostly he filled out paperwork and made statements in court. It was eight at night on Monday, nine out of his ten hour shift had already passed, and he had barely given out four tickets. The poor male was about to accept this week as another boring one when there was an announcement on his radio.

    There was a male, suspected to be about the age of thirty five, holding three children hostage in his home. He was demanding money. "Some people," Hunter muttered as he threw his police car into drive and sped off, siren blasting and lights flashing. He pulled up to the scene only a few minutes later, getting out of the car and joining a few of his fellow officers.

    They filled him in on what had happened so far. The old man promised to kill of one child at a time, each three hours apart, until he received his money and his other demands were met. "Fucking Christ," was the only thing Hunter was able to say as he looked back towards the building. They were really putting on a show: The building was surrounded, other people who lived in the complex were still being evacuated, helicopters flew overhead. Already, several news stations were there to cover the story.

    When I asked for something to do I didn't mean children hostages, He thought as he continued to watch. It seemed as though his boss had set up a phone line with the suspect, which was their source of communication. He started towards that direction to see if there was anything he could do to help the situation more, just barely catching a shooting star in his peripheral vision...

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