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  1. Welcome to Saint Sol, a long dead carcass with it's former ghost lingering over it. This grand city was to be a sanctuary for the dream seekers and the hopeful but instead it became a graveyard where the tombstones are the reflections in the dingy windows of old buildings. The neon holograms speak of a better state of mind at the nearest vendor. Androids on the street corner programmed to peddle the next new thing. Saint Sol was suppose to be a bright new light in a world that continually grows darker each night. But that all changed with something so simple yet complex.

    Drugs became the darkness that the light could not extinguish. Cartels became the first cancer to infect. They saw Saint Sol as a testing ground for some new products. When they saw what they liked, they decided to stay and make an empire built on man's desire to escape. Even if there was no reason for a departure.

    Upon seeing the success of the cartels, some of the corrupted pharmaceutical companies wanted to cash in on the rising drug scene in Saint Sol. So with their white coats and math equations, they became a power to rival the cartel families dominating Saint Sol. Eventually a slilent war between the two powers ensued with their consumers being their tools of warfare.

    The police tried to stem the tide of this unfortunate event in the city's bright history but ultimately the majority of them chose a side and soon the city was owned by these two inhuman blights. But when warring parties skirmish they fail to see what goes on between battles. Taking this opportunity, small gangs brought their own drugs into the market place disguising themselves as one of the major powers. Before the cartels and pharmaceutical companies realize what was happening, the market was flooded with cheap knockoffs that came with a nicer price tag. Upon this realisation, the cartels and the pharmaceutical companies called a seize fire in hopes of regaining their prominence in the drug trade.

    What's left in the aftermath of the initial war is a disease. A sickness that you can't avoid looking at. It stares back with a sly grin and a nod of the head as if saying "Welcome to my town stranger, what's your poison?". What's your poison stranger? We have all kinds.

    Yet there is still a light in this abyss waiting to shine bright. This light comes from a private law enforcement agency called the Light Brigade. Although in its infancy, there are many agents fighting against this growing plague. Though the agents may not know of each other's exsistence due to the secrecy of the recruitment, with their combine light Saint Sol may yet again be a sanctuary. But these soldiers have a long black road ahead of them.

    A new drug is on the scene by the name of Shoot Up. It takes away what makes you human and turns you into a violent monster with uncontrollable rage. The blissful high comes with a death sentence. This is the face of evil the Light Brigade stares at around every darken corner of Saint Sol. Praise be to the light that is our savior for we are too tired to fight.

    Now for the bio for your character, I want you to post a role play sample that answers three questions.

    1. What has the city taken from you?
    2. What do you want back from the city?
    3. Why can't the city give it to you?

    These questions shoud express who your character is. Be it an entry from their journal. A recorded interrogation. Or just a piece from their lives before the Light Brigade or their first mission after being recruited. Yes drugs is the main criminal in this drama and the character's primary motivation but what did they do to you directly or indirectly? Did a drug lord kill your daughter since she couldn't make good on her promise of pay? Are you a formal junkie who was able to get clean and lost a piece of yourself? What have you lost in the carcass of Saint Sol that haunts you? Drugs played a part but something bigger was involved too.

    Looking forward to what you guys come up with. I will post the thread once there is an ample amount of players plus I should really get some sleep.
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  2. I like this, it's a lot more fluid and organic than writing up a character sheet. This was a lot of fun to write and came very naturally! If it's not enough I can continue, I just thought it might be better to keep it sweet and simple. I feel like it offers ideas about the character's motivations without spelling them out, while also maintaining some mystery.

    I guess what I'm saying is just let me know if you need more, and I hope you enjoy!


    It's the kind of night that encourages even the most depraved junkies of Saint Sol to find shelter. Rain falls in near solid sheets and the wind is like a gale, threatening to tear the scarf from the neck of anyone foolish enough to brave the outdoors. Few are stupid enough to face such a storm, and those who do are too high or too interested in making it indoors to pay attention to anyone else.

    Yet, despite the tempest, one man stands beneath the meagre shelter of a bus shelter, near motionless - only the occasional action of putting a cigarette to his lips shows he is more than a statue. His clear blue eyes make it obvious that he's sober; his stationary position makes it clear he's not searching for shelter. Which begs the question: what is he doing out on a night like this?

    The man's name is James, and tonight is the perfect night for him to do business.

    Though nothing in the scene seems to change - the odd person scurries past with their head down, the rain still lashes violently at the windows - something seems to bring James to life. A wallet is opened, a picture withdrawn from it. In the dim, unsteady lighting, the heavily creased photo reveals little: chestnut hair, a glowing smile, a smattering of freckles. For a moment, a smile pulls at the corners of James' mouth.

    The moment passes and his face transforms, becoming far too worn and lined for one so young. His cold blue eyes focus on the huddled back of a man turning into a alley protected from harsh neon lights.

    The photo gets put away. Pulling his hat low over his eyes, James strides out of his meagre sanctuary, praying that tonight will bring him one step closer to the one who killed his soul.
  3. ---⊱ E S E R V I N G
  4. Lovely to see this come along, now let's see if I can get into the right trail of mind for it :3
    James Sulge (open)


    A meeting high up in a skyscraper, the eyes of the board-members are all focused on a man in a white coat as he goes back and forth showing charts and diagrams on a big screen. One of the seated people stand up and points a finger at it.
    "This is all very interesting, but how does it actually look?" agreeing muttering can be heard from all around the table.
    Looking up from some of his notes the man in the lab-coat smiles brightly at them before snapping his finger and pulling a syringe from one of his pockets. The door opens and a pair of guard-androids comes through carrying an obvious junkie between them.
    "Aaarrrgh! No, please Nooo!" the man keeps screaming as he tries to break loose. But the hold of the androids doesn't falter as the researcher pushes the syringe into the junkies neck making his veins stand out as the fluid is carried through his body.

    Mere moments later the junkie has calmed down, still standing as the androids let go of him. His eyes are empty and a retarded smile is plastered across his face. Patting his head the researcher turns to the people glued to the spectacle before them.
    "I give you, T.A.L.M! As you can see, the reaction is almost instant, and he won't regain his mind for the next few hours. Completely unharmful... excluding the addictive response it has on the brain, it's like dreamless sleep!" He mentioned the last as an afterthought. They probably wouldn't understand, but maybe they'd glimpse his genious. He started getting anxious as they board showed no reaction.

    The unified applause almost chaught him off guard, but above all it gave him a deep satisfaction, until it started to die off...Looking beside him he could see the Talm affected junkie bleeding from every hole in its body, pouring down on the floor and filling the whole room. Twisting the head towards him, gaping holes staring from where the eyes had been. A scream overshadowing all other sensory input.


    He opened his eyes as his laboured breathing slowly calmed down, it was one of the rare sunny days in Saint Sol, though he couldn't tell what time it was, and his eyes wouldn't let him do else but squint. His head was in a vice, gaining strength until he had to force himself out of the worn bed, throwing the sad excuse for a blanket off of his unwashed body.
    Ripping a dirty syringe from the nightstand he the man walked shambled over to one of the aquariums put haphazardly around the apartment. Opening the lid and putting his arm down into it a few frenzied moments ensued until his fingers caught something furry and squeking. Lifting it up he barely looked at the small animal as he stuck the needle through a cancerous growth on its back, not due to lack of compassion, while he had none, but more due to the fact that his head was killing him. The sheer amount of pain was comparable to prolonged electrification, something he had also tried as treatment... It hadn't worked.

    Years later, while it could have been mere minutes, he was sitting in one of the chairs staring at a wall, the syringe still lodged in his arm. On the wall were outclippings from some of the many papers in the city, one of them showed a picture of a young reasearcher shaking hands with one or another spokesperson for HUY, concluding the partnership of the young mans lab and the big pharmaceutical companys monetary backing.

    James Sulge will revolutionize sedatives as we see them today!

    He forms the words without speaking them, an unconcious smile dragging his lips to show the inflamed gum behind, it doesn't reach his eyes. The nightmare is already gone from his mind, though the cause of it is not, there hasn't been a day for at least three years when he didn't think of the moment that would lead to his ruin. The greed and envious looks of those lesser researchers and scientists that never amounted to his visions, their silent envy festering until it burst like a zit, throwing him from grace as they took his place at the forefront.

    His standing, his advancements, his pride!

    At first he had only wanted his reputation back, now it would no longer satisfy him, uncurable addictions aside, there was something far darker fueling his miserable life these days. The gleeful thought of the men and women responsible laying dead at his feet. Or better yet, screaming in agony as the worst drugs coursed their way and burned through their bodies.
    That thought never failed to earn a heartfelt smile from Sulge. Did it make him seem any more human than the walking carcass he was? No, it only made him more real, highlighting the madness in his eyes.


    The sun was already gone, having given way to a cold rain when he finally went outside. In the pockets of his old coat was a dozen syringes and ampulls. Luckily there was never a lack of customers nor willing test-subjects in this heavenly town of Saint Sol. The man even hummed on a happy tune as he moved through the streets and backalleys, seeking people even more disgusting than himself, and i they weren't, he would certainly make them so.

    Now then, hopefully you think my little James fits the setting @Mister Strange ^^​
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  5. @Krimp @Windstormugly Guys you definetly got the feel for the city. It keeps taking but doesn't give anything back. Your ambitions and dreams becomes someone else's enterprise. Your future goes to the highest bidder and what you hold most dear is set up on display just to be trampled on by the masses that don't understand what it means to feel alive. The city's lights illuminate a different world to you. One that mocks your every waking hour with the ghost of what could have been.

    So to anyone wondering about jumping in, imagine something precious that you hold dear being replaced with a fake plastic tree. It's there but not really there. But it whispers in your sleep telling you that it is real. It sounds so desperate that you almost believe it for a second but realisation creeps in. And with chilling disappointment you ask "Why can't you be real?". It answers back with a melancholic smile and barely above a whisper it speaks "I don't know but I wish to know."

    This is Saint Sol and the feel of Shoot Up. People barter away their hopes and dreams for their next new high. Giving away their precious object of desire to the nearest seller. Before they can realize what they gave up, they're desperatley crawling to someone to give them an escape. And that person only smiles waiting for the inevitable begging. There is so much power in a little vial filled with a bluish green liquid. You replace your soul with that addictive craving that only Shoot Up can fill or another poison of your choice.

    I am going to split up this role play into episodes. The first episode will be called "Solless" and this episode we will basically establish our characters and build the world through our character's eyes. If you're a part of the Light Brigade this will be the early start of your career. The Light Brigade gives you your first mission but after that you are on your own until something important comes up and then you will have another mission.

    I am hoping that towards the end of Solless the cast comes together at a drug cartel party. What happens at this party will determine who are allies or probable tools to further your own goals. Of course characters can meet up prior to this but the party will determine the outcome of the next episode. Also a new drug may make it's debut here.

    Feel free to post questions or message me. You can pretty much be anyone you want in this world if you rather not be affilated with the Light Brigade. This story will be a mature rating due subject matter at hand. If you rather not be involved then I implore you to at least be a spectator to this dark drama. I hope when you're at work or school a thought crosses your mind about what will happen to your favorite character in the next scene. And hopefully as the story progresses you will consider becoming an actor or actress in the world of Saint Sol.

    I will post the factions and some other material sometime later tonight along with my character. Again thank you all for your interest. :)
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  6. Factions (open)

    First up is Jane Skeleton and her drug gang called the Skeleton Crew. They specialize in in any drug that could give you a "spiritual revival". They mostly sell their own take on bath salts. The Cartels really don't appreciate the Skeleton Crew encroaching on their turf but the members of the Skeleton crew have one distinct advantage. They're crazy as F**K!

    Now you also have the Gonzales Family Cartel that specialize in more sophisticated drugs. Their biggest seller is Shoot Up but a more refine take. Basically it is a more pure form of Shoot Up that comes in a pretty package.

    Now the main pharmaceutical company involved is Health US and You (HUY). The other pharmaceutical companies in the drug scene must answer to HUY and pay their respects. You made a new drug to put in the market, you better get HUY permission to circulate it. Otherwise you may find that your company is failing rapidly for some odd reason. HUY has many sleeper agents employed by other pharmaceutical companies keeping tabs on them. For the most part they don't steal anything from them unless it will revolutionize their consumers habits so to say.

    The Salamanders is the new kid on the street. They were originally drug runners for the cartels but decided to take the chance to strike out on their own. Naturally this didn't go over well with the cartels especially since they sell water down version of popular drugs at a cheap price. Their product isn't as nice but who cares about quality when you need a fix fast.

    (More to be revealed)

    Extra Setting Info (open)



    The rich district is your clean light world(represented by the second pic) where most of the pharmaceutical companies reside claiming they are making medicine to help cure the world and all that bullshit. While the majority of the city is what your first picture will represent. Yet there is an even a ghetto where it is desolate. There is no hope here. This is where tossed aside drug test candidates reside and junkies who no longer have the capacity to behave in polite society live.

    As far as technology goes, it is pretty advance. You have your androids peddling the next new high at street corners. You got neon holograms advertising different stores that carry designer drugs. There are laser and plasma weapons but those are only in the hands of the military and are at best still in their prototype phase. Doesn't mean you won't encountered a drug lord carrying a laser pistol though. Just hope they don't know how to use it properly.

    The roleplay will mostly take place in the neon lights area. Maybe you get into the elite district and see how well they are living. But maybe they aren't living since the pharmaceutical companies have the most power there while the cartels and gangs have the most influence everywhere else.

    Also a note on the modified Shoot Up drug agents carry. It is called E E R or Emergency Edge Reserve. You're able to keep most of your senses about you while enjoying the increase abilities that shoot up grants a user. However you have a very limited time frame to use this boost before it wreaks your body. You will have to use the detox drug it comes with before time is up.

    With the continuous stream of products coming into Saint Sol, most of the people are addicted to one thing or another. But of course you can't sell the same thing all the time. Different drugs came into the market, since customers gained a tolerance towards others, with unfortunate side effects. The most prominent of these new drugs is called Shoot Up. There is an array of probable side effects but the most common one is basically turning their minds against them and causing them to revert to more violent animal instincts that eventually will lead to death. A normal person will have no chance of fending off one these outbursts. And even though the Light Brigade is a suit uped drug control unit(sorry forgot what department that law enforcement is) they have a modified version of Shoot Up for worst case scenarios.

    The Light Brigade is a mystery even to the agents. It is a newly formed group that usually are deep under cover. So much so that even agents may have hard time recognize each other. Of course there are individuals that Work together and do drug raids. But the Light Brigade itself is Still in its infancy and well is a mystery. The usual recruitment is you finding a package where you stay most often with a letter welcoming you to the Light Brigade and giving you your first mission. The other way is being recruited by An agent. Though all agents have something in common, their hatred of drugs and What it has done to Saint Sol. Besides that, agents usually operate independtly. They are also told about safe rooms throughout the city where they can get supplies but have to make sure nobody else knows of them.

    Journal Entry April 23rd 2024

    I'm sorry that I made you weep again my dearest Maria. I only pray that your tears could build me a ladder so I can gaze into your watery eyes and tell you the most heartfelt apology that will only be reserve for you. Heaven deserves an angel like you but you didn't deserve how you went. Your last gaze into my terrified eyes is the only image I can see clearly in this world of dark tones and cool hues. Maria you don't need to weep for me. Though knowing you, you are shedding tears for all of us sinful monsters. You have such a nice heart that it is the only warmth I have left under the thick ice that now covers mine. Ah, you're crying harder my dear. For that I can never forgive myself for doing that to you. But the night you left for the heavens, you left a devil in your stead.

    It is 9:50 at night on very chilly rainy day. A man garbed in nothing more than a tattered coat, a pair of torn jean, a pair of dark gloves, and a gas mask with eye lens tinted red makes his way down the hardly populated sidewalk that was once crowded with people looking for shelter from the rain and those looking for a fix. This man carries no umbrella only the hood from his coat protects him from the harsh pouring rain. Inside his coat is the weapon of his justice, the cool of the metal intensified the ever frigid air around him. Every building he walks by is a remainder of the depravity that this once flourishing city has succumbed to. But more of what this depravity took away from him. The name Maria silently escapes his lips as he steels himself for what he is about to do.

    Please my dear remember me for who I was not for what I have become. You are too soft-hearted for what this devil deals in. My judgement doesn't allow for mercy or innocence anymore. My only focus is vengeance upon the disease that took you away from me. There is no more black and white instead just a hazy gray that blinds me from the light you once saw in people. I have become a devil my love. And as I burn in Hell, I will look up at Heaven for the slight chance that our eyes might meet once more. I am becoming the darkness you despised and were afraid of and for that I am again sorry. I know you will forgive me but I may never forgive myself for causing you such sadness. Weep my dear, your tears will be my coffin.

    He walks up to the door of a broken down apartment building with frightening purpose. His foot connects just right with the door to cause the rusted hinges to come loose. The noise alerts the occupants of a new comer. In their drug induced minds they lazily approach the source of the noise. Standing in front of the broken door stands a devil dressed as a man. Before a word could be uttered, one of the three squatters falls down upon the grime littered floor. The other two not quite able to understand what is happening decide to run away from the devil. Flee as they might, there is no escape in their current condition. The devil gives chase but stays a little away from them to give them the illusion of hope. One hides in a closet sure that the devil won't find them. A single moment of letting their guard down is what the devil wanted. His hand crashes through the frail wood of the closet door grabbing a hold of the neck of his object of hatred. The junkie tries their best to get his neck free but when the devil stares directly into their eyes, resistance falters leaving behind another victim to the devil's conscience. The other attempts to make a run for the door while the devil is distracted. In a split second escape was feasible but instead they fall hard to the floor, blood rushing from their leg. Horror overcomes the third squatter eyes as the devil calmly approaches them.

    "Why are you doing this?!" the junkie screams out in terror. And the devil frigidly answers back, "Ye Be Guilty."

    Journal excerpt April 24th 2024

    I went to the coffee shop where we first met Maria. It feels awfully different without hearing your corny jokes over a hot cup of coffee. I will always see you sitting in front of me cracking up at the simplest thing and you getting a bit upset that I didn't find it funny too. But now I can say that I now understand how you could find laughter in the small things. I wished I could have found this out earlier rather than later. I miss you Maria. This will be my last entry for I am no longer the man you loved. I am a devil born of an angel's tears.

    "Here's your coffee sir." says the cheery waitress before leaving for another table. The man watches as the girl leaves, noticing the faint puncture marks dotting her upper arms. He turns his attention away and instead focuses it on the hologram news projection in the middle of his table. The hologram drones on about the latest innovations HUY plans on implementing in their new medicine line. Then the news hologram switches to new piece of news.

    "Today three teenagers were found dead in an abandon apartment building on Bastion street. Police at this time have no suspects but are in search of the murderer."
  7. 'Sparkies' was quiet tonight. Just a few muscle-bred inmates shooting some pool and a couple of lucky ladies hoping that the right cowboy will walk in. The mirror behind the bar was smudged behind a troop of glasses and high-end bottles just waiting to serve. It wouldn't make much of difference to anyone but the mirror was the reason, she frequented this joint. Not having to look at the mug she was holstering was a blessing, even when no one else seemed to let it go. She huddled over the small shot of vodka as if the it was the reason she was living.

    Perhaps it was. No husband. No kid. Living for the sweet taste of 'Russian's blood' was a good enough reason. Wasn't it. She smirked shooting it back as if it was a long time friend. She placed the glass down easily then called out to Sal who was wiping down some glasses near the entrance.


    He walked up slowly, his girth comforting and normal as he took out the vodka and refilled. I was about to take it when he touched my hand.

    "You shouldn't be here Kaia. I told you this last time, but you need to get past it. Eddie deserved what he got after what he did to you and...."

    Kaia looked away from him turning to look at a young girl slipping some ones in her skirt, as she pulled a blonde haired frat boy into the bathroom. A soft whisper of a giggle filled her ears, as soft brown eyes and blonde hair filled her memories. She turned back to Sal with a forced smile.

    "Noah..his name was Noah..but your wrong.."

    Kaia stood up and took the vodka, taking it down before she pulled back her hood to expose the three rough scars on the upper right corner of her face. The image of blood, and the man she loved running at her with a knife made her want to curl up and scream. Sal shot her a pious look as she dropped the money on the counter and leaned in,

    "He didn't deserve to easily. Keep the change."

    She left without another word, opening the entrance door to move out into the rain. Red locks smattered against her cheeks, as she looked around, before turning left to the shell of an apartment that reminded her too much of a dead kid, and the husband who took too much with him. The urge to cry was there but it never overtook her. Not anymore. Not after that one lucky shot.

    Hopefully this is okay. I'm a tad rusty! :D
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  8. The hours told of the sun rising above the horizon, but the streets were still dark with only headlight and red and blue strobe lights illimuminating the streets as a small bunch of uniformed officers scattered throughout the street side of an apartment, blocking off anyone trying to step into the newly made crime scene. From the hushed crowd that stood at the edge to the camera crew setting up neaby it was all a familiar scene to one detective stood by a squad car parked by the curb within the yellow tape, his right fingers pinching onto a cigarette that slowly burned away with each second he spent enjoying the nicotine stick. It wouldn't be long though before his peace was interrupted by an officer bearing the sergeant insignia on his sleeves. "Its all clear detective Deckard. You ready to take a look inside and sign off on the bodies?" The officer said, a couple seconds passing before the detective gave a nod and pitched the bud to the curb.

    "Physically.. Not mentally." With that the two shuffled inside, the stench of death and blood already hitting their senses like a slap to the face. Shortly after they came across a room with bodies scattered throughout the room each one of them having a different story to tell.

    "Jesus Christ it smells like rubber drowned in cat pissed." The sergeant scowled as the two were exposed to the crime scene, a sigh escaping Deckard followed by a response.

    "Right... More kids dying over some nonsense... What do we got?"

    "Well a store owner called during his store's closing hour reporting some shouting and screaming. When the primary arrived well uhh..." The officer explained, trailing off and gesturing towards the bodies as a way to conclude his bit of information. "What do you think?"

    Silence crept in following the inquiry as the detective pulled some gloves on and began inspecting the room, a moment of deep concentration coming over him until he could sew together the observations into an explaination.

    "Well we got a forced entry, one dying here, then this scramble... Then the others dying. Its obvious whoever did this wasn't gonna walk out without icing these kids... But something doesn't compare to most of the other drug related cases on my desk."

    "What might that be?"

    Upon hearing the question Deckard pointed out the remainder of the stash, standing up and taking off his gloves while he spoke. "For starters the drugs weren't touched.. This wasn't a robbery, nor did it have anything to do with the drugs.. This was just simply full blown murder." He said, scratching his chin as he paced around the narrow space he had. "Alright... Lets get some chalk lines down and release the bodies to the coroner after the CI guys get their photos. I would like someone to comb the entry way for anything that doesn't belong to these kids. Hopefully we might get a strain of luck there."

    Minutes crept into hours before Deckard was finally able to step outside, a shuddering breath escaping him as he returned to the car he stood idle by earlier on. While making his way over to the car his right hand fished out a box of cigarettes from his jacket pocket, taking the moment to finish what he had starter earlier on before the sergenat from before returned, his gaze seeming to peer over the detective.

    "Ya know I don't get you Deckard. After all you've been through you could claim disability and retire early ever since that hospital shootout... Sorry about your training officer, by the way. What's keeping you around this hell hole?"

    Deckard wasn't sure how to respond, so he only replied by lighting a cigarette and shooting a nod at the officer before opening the door to the police cruiser and climbing in. "I trust you guys can look after this until the others arrive, yeh?" He asked, and after an exchange of nods he placed the cigarette on the dashboard then reached up to grab a pair of keys from the visor.


    The trip to the destination in Deckard's mind was a rather quick one to him, yet the sun was still climbing near the afternoon hours and by the time he reached where he wanted to be it was almost 12. After exiting his car though, the detective stood before a cemetery full of graves that came in all sizes, shapes, and conditions. He didn't take time to observe the desolate scene infront of him. Instead, the detective walked down the paved path all the way to one of the hundreds of marked graved strewn about the field. There, the grave had the symbol of the department, followed by a name etched into the stone.

    Sergeant Jenson Abraven
    May 05, 1992 - August 07, 2020
    "Well sir.. Its me again." Deckard started, a chuckle escaping him as he bent over and ran his hand over the wording. He wanted to hear some sort of response, something that could pierce the silence around him, but nothing came. Eventually the man sighed in defeat then set back on the grass. "Things are going by here.. Got me a transfer to the Criminal Investigations Department... Heh, got a ring to it, right? Seems more folks are dying now than ever though. If only you could see this city now." He said, pausing for a minute as he ran a hand through his hair.

    "Things have been.. Tough. I don't really know what to do anymore boss. Seems like while guys like you are dying out here nothing seems to get better. It would really help to hear one of those suggestions right about now."

    Again, silence was all he got, just like the other times he sat down and spoke to the stone before him. Despite the silence though, it brought great relief for Deckard to look down at a bit of the past and speak to it. The past was still something he could hold onto during these dark times, and hopefully one day he might be able to relive it again before his retirement.
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  9. @Mewmewcatfish Looks good to me. :) This is shaping up to be more fun than I had originally anticipated. Once we get a couple more players I will start this drama. So many lives soon to intersect each other. One backdrop to tell their tales. Who will encounter the devil? Will the man be able to find who took his soul? Is there still a chance of vegnece waiting for the man at the end of a syrigne? What part will the red headed woman play in this dark tale? More importantly, will the Light Brigade give what they promise? Our actors are almost casted, the curtain soon to rise. Are you comfortable in your seat reader? Enjoy this moment of reprieve before you journey into a world that will make your conscience shiver at every turn. Welcome to Saint Sol stranger, what's your poison?
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  10. @Mister Strange Heya would it be cool it I kinda tie your post with the one I am making? It wont effect your character directly.. But it would make a good foundation for me to work off of!
  11. @Furasian Feel free man. I was hoping you would. :)
  12. So I was listening to some music and well came across two aongs. One could describe the mood that the players have against the city and the other what the general public has for the city.

    Forfeit by Chevelle for players and Push It by Static X for the public.
  13. Hey guys, I plan on making the first post for the in character thread sometime before Christmas. We'll start the episode probably a day or two later after our bios if that sounds good to you guys.
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  14. Lovely, time for Sulge to take more drugs :D
  15. Can't say James will be doing the same, but like Windstormugly said, lovely.
  16. I just realized I named my character James as well, did not cross my mind that your char had the same name :O
    Well then, at least we can play out some hilarious very depressing misunderstandings xD
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  17. Haha I didn't realize either!

    Oh yes, we can defs get up to some fun with that :sunglasses:
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  18. Popping in to say that whenever the in character thread goes up feel free to post in it anytime. I expect posting rate will be rather slow due to the holidays literally coming up.

    The two different James could have some interesting interactions with each other. . . can't wait to see what you guys come up with.
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  19. Got me thing ready! Ya know this kinda reminds me of Payday 2, except with a good guy vibe to it.

  20. It's gonna be fun! Shame I'm the only girl so far..but ah well! :)