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Hey ya'll! I'm in the mood for some shmoopy romance, and would like someone to roleplay with! This is my character, Mikky!

Mikky » Mikky Claypool at the RP Repository

Right now I'm just looking for a cheesy middle-of-the-road romance for character development and to help my sad heart, but we can always develop it into something further at a later time!


  • Age: I'd rather anyone I roleplay with be over eighteen. Please no teenagers, it just makes me uncomfortable.
  • Post length: I'm not picky about post length. I tend to give back what I receive in the way of post length; if you give me enough to work with I'll match you!
  • Post Frequency: I am a busy person, I won't lie. I have two kids, work, and go to school. All I ask in this front is at least one post a week. Typically I'll post at least once daily, but at times I can get busy and it might take a day or two.
  • Smut: No, please no smut. PG-13 is as far as I'll go, then fade to black.
  • Twists: I'm okay with twists! I love twists! I really don't have any hard limits, as long as anything potentially triggering is discussed first. Other than that, no need fore asking! Throw in whatever twists you'd like.
If you're interested, please send me a message! I don't mind having multiple roleplays with this character either.