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    I have a low tolerance for people who do that kind of shit (aka shit posting). I mean, it's funny for awhile until it just becomes annoying enough.

    Why don't you just smoke some weed or go out with friends rather than make fun of someone and do this shit? Even if that someone is Donald Trump. And many people in the far-left get mad when someone makes fun of Hillary or Sanders (coming for a person with some liberal ideas, even known I am stuck in the middle).

    Grow up. You're not in middle school or a eighth grader anymore.

    You can call me lame, 'party popper', or any other name if you wish to. But, I get easily annoyed by childish actions like that. That's why I rarely go to The Asylum or any site with a section that's just from spamming.
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  2. Everything the panda who needs to up their font size said.
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  3. It's sort of a fixture of forums. Sorry but this falls under 'don't like, don't click'. Personal attacks are also just as big a no-no as being a shit disturber. Feel free to start a new thread to discuss whether there are benefits to shit posting or not, or a rant in Counselling if you still need to vent

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  4. Shitposting is fun every once in a while; I usually do it to celebrate reaching certain post counts.

    However, Gwazi does it pretty much every other day, and unless he wants to go the way of Asmo, he might want to think about cutting back a bit. :P
  5. Ehhhhhhhh, as much as I'm not a fan of Gwazi, that's a ridiculous comparison. Gwazi does silly nonsense for fun that often includes making a fool of himself. Asmo's MO was to say provocative shit to get people mad at him, plus a few instances of direct attacks on other members. They are very different things and frankly the comparison isn't fair to either party.
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  6. Oh, I see. I didn't know Asmo that well, so I guessed. Apologies to all parties.
  7. New topic moved to a new thread! 8D
  8. Haha, when was I personally attacking him? I didn't attack him at all. I just told him to grow up. That's all. I didn't give him death threats or bullied him till the point he leaves. Unless he gets his feels hurt by me, then I have done no harm to him or anyone else.

    And the whole 'don't like, don't click' thing doesn't work when it's all over this part of the forum (sorry if I sound like a total bitch, but it's the truth for me).

    I might start a whole thread on that until it gets locked around the third or the fourth page.

    EDIT: Again, sorry if I sound like a big bitch to you. I am not trying to be like that. Just stating my opinion on shitposting and shitposters.
  9. nah man, GC may as well be renamed 'shitpost central' at this point ¯\(°_°)/¯
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  10. I find the people who keep posting smart people topics about ethics, religion, politics, so on a looooooot more annoying than silly shit posting. >:[ I think they just post them cause they like seeing the explosion of stupid that follows.
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  11. guilty pleasures
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  12. if I had to pick between this and shitposting, I would pick shitposting every time tbh
  13. This is why I'm such a fan of the "ignore" feature. I don't have to see any shit from anybody I don't wanna see shit from.
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  14. SERIOUSLY...

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  15. Hit the nail right on the head here. :P

    Also, this thread triggers me.
    Remove it at once or you're raping me.
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  16. ^
    what jessica said.jpg
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  17. That's it, you and all the others are now an enemy of the United States!
  18. I don't think Trump could pay someone to rape him......
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  19. Some people have very low standards.
  20. >Complaining about shitposting
    >In General Chat

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