Shintaion: Resistance

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But anyhow, I'm thinking people might be having issues making their first posts or second, it seems to me.

My advice is:

Maybe to talk one of the other players and interact with their characters. Might be wise to ask them in the c-box or via PM.

If your character is one of those more, less social/friendly ones, perhaps have them accidentally run into someone Or take interest in another character's weapons and start a conversation based on that that leads to introducing himself/herself to the other character.

Eh, there's always the late arrivals to interact with too but I'm saying more posts would be good. That's the point.
Yup get them posts in, even if you think they are unesscessary. Otherwise Diana yells at me for not trying hard enough...

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Agh! Sorry if my IC post was short, I was getting a bad little bit of writer's block with my second post. Anyway, anybody can reply to my dialogue intro.
Heh, cut things a little short on that interaction bit, but I feel character interaction is best done in the heat of battle. You learn each other's weaknesses as well as strengths. Plus we get an objective whoo!

And before anyone mentions it, yeah the whole scenario does kinda mirror that of the start of Halo 3. I kinda used that as a start point and molded it to fit to our situation. Although Dark Beasts are probably a more terrifying threat than brutes. Show off some stuff!

P.S. Congratulations, as per usual ICSYL based style we've already made it to 20 pages in Microsoft Word.
Love it so far Piro, absolutely love it. And I didn't even think of Halo 3. Though I do want to play it now. Woot! On the pages! I suppose I agree on the strengths and weaknesses bid. Definitely makes it more fun anyways!
Though I was tempted to have Estelle help out your computer tech guys, but I figure we must do battle first. I'll have her request a remote hack into the airship systems so she can help from the ground as well. If that's cool.
I would love to wok on a post now but I have to do church worship in the morning, so I will see when I can update tomorrow!
Hey Piro, you wanna give the rest of us a chance for a little character development? Maybe?
I'm giving you character development. I just wanted to not be a liar and carry out my promise. I remember telling most of you that we'd be getting to the action quickly. As for character development, you can't really tell me you'd prefer a calm conversation over some beverages compared to fighting? Espescially with a red neck guy like your own.
Hmm, can't blame em for cutting things too short. The first ICSYL? Lots of talking and stuff and took a while to get to action involving everyone. We were in that forest for so long.

But I really don't think this should bother people too much, we're not necessarily gonna be in always fighting after this. After the battle there will be more time for development. Heck, even during it, this isn't exactly an easy situation, teaming up will most likely be necessary. Like Piro, said, in the heat of battle.

We'll get our time for more development and development for those who didn't get a chance to post much.

My post probably..Will be Monday or really late tomorrow. I do plan to after all, introduce the villain of mine so I gotta give it time and make this one count.
Name: Allister Zayn

Age: 20

Specie: Human

Element/Specialty: Armor Pilot and Engineer


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Sex: Male


Field kit including: standard radio, first aid kit, and other misc. mission items.

Allister keeps a special over-the-shoulder bag filled with the tools he and his father used in Armor fabrication and upkeep.

Matador R5 - A 6-round auto-revolver that fires 1.45cm Plasma Bolts. He carries around enough spare speed loaders to reload the revolver 5 more times.


Prototype Armor Frame - "Gilgamesh"


Designed to fill a number of roles with heavy armour and firepower in mind. The PPC, along with advanced targeting systems, allows the Gilgamesh to effectively fill long-range bombardment roles. The armour is specifically rounded and smoothed to increase deflection probability, and particularly heavy on the front and sides, with an assault role in mind; the standard weaponry reflects this intended role. Because of the heavier frontal-armour, the armour to the rear is weaker in comparison to other Armors, effectively giving it a 'weak' spot. However, the Armor Frame is surprisingly maneuverable with a series of jets mounted along strategic points; the Gilgamesh doesn't move so much as it 'glides.' While the Gilgamesh has a respectable top-speed, acceleration leaves much to be desired. Advanced hydraulics allow the pilot to 'torso-twist' with precision, to be especially aggressive in navigating rough-terrain, and effectively gives the Gilgamesh the option of 'punching' if caught in a melee situation.

The greatest downside of the Gilgamesh is its unique and highly customizable nature. Because no other Armor of its like exists, repairs take an excruciatingly long time. The Gilgamesh is also prone to unknown variables; it was still undergoing testing phases when Allister was forced to flee with it, and its performance has a tendency to reflect this fact.

Armament includes:

-Dual 3.9cm Plasma Machine Guns (Located in the palms of either 'hand')
Very high rate of fire, short-medium range. 3.9cm rounds are standard ammo type, however, larger calibres can be fitted into the ammunition stores at the cost of supply.

-Forward-mounted Point-Defense 'belly' laser
High rate of fire, short-range. The laser is set to a low frequency to 'scramble' missile-heads and render them inert. Against targets, is only slightly effective against organics.
-Auto-targeting shoulder-mounted 5.9cm Plasma Auto Cannons
Medium rate of fire, medium-long range, fires a cluster of five plasma rounds. Has a tight firing pattern, and is incredibly effective at punching into other Armors. Linked to sophisticated targeting systems that will automatically lock onto targets within optimum range, but can also be slaved into a twin- linked manual firing control.
-Top-mounted Plasma Projectile Cannon - ENKIDU
Very slow rate of fire, long-range only, fires an explosive plasma round with rail-gun technology. Incredibly effective against all target-types, and can and will puncture through softer targets before exploding. WARNING: ENKIDU trials plagued by mixed results. Recommended further testing before future use. Weapon DEACTIVATED.
-Advanced Electronic Warfare Package
Highly-advanced target-acquirement and auto-targetting systems, as well as highly-sophisticated counter-electronic warfare systems. In the event of receiving heavy damage, redundancy systems exist to allow the primary systems to continue, albeit at less effectiveness.

Personality: Quiet and reserved, Allister keeps to himself for the most part. He's not shy, or insecure, or anything like that, he just genuinely doesn't see the need to speak all of the time. He generally reserves his thought-sharing for when his input is needed or would make an impact. For example, a room of people might conclude that 2+2=5, when he knows, as far as the laws he's playing with are concerned, 2 and 2 in reality make 4.

Allister is also quite confident in his ability as a pilot and engineer, and will quickly speak up or against someone else he deems 'has it wrong.' If another pilot is the wrong person for the job, or another engineer uses a solution that is less efficient than another, he'll quickly point it out. Some people might mistake this trait for arrogance.


Son of Finn Zayn, the head engineer of a small Armor Frame design and manufacturer called FRAME WORKS, Allister has been exposed to everything pertaining to Armors since before he was born. A popular story his father told him was that he was conceived atop an Armor Frame. His mother died during child-birth, and he and his father had a very strong and close relationship growing up, his father teaching him everything possible.

Allister became a de facto test pilot for his father in his teens, and had a natural knack for Armor working and design. During this time, he and his father also began the R&D for what would become the Gilgamesh.

After the invasion and wide-scale destruction of Shintaion, Allister was left largely on his own. The facility he and his father worked at was destroyed, and his father was crushed under a heap of debris. Allister used the Gilgamesh to escape, and he fought his way out of the city to seek the safety of the wilderness. Since then, he has heard of a resistance force gathering, and has decided to donate himself, and Gilgamesh, to the cause...
Fast is good, don't get me wrong, but you're going TOO fast. There IS a happy medium there. And yes, I would prefer to actually get the chance to participate in the progression of the story as more than just a set of guns.

Short rant spoilered, because it's probably needlessly antagonistic, but I just need to put it out there.
Also, does anyone else realise that NO WAY IN HELL is a 4cm weapon a man-portable weapon system (leaving aside low-velocity grenade launchers)? That's 40mm! You know why you don't fire High Velocity forty-mike-mike out of a 203? Because not only would it knock you on your ass, it would break both your arms and probably a rib or two for good measure!

2cm (appx. .79in = .79cal) is believable as a rifle, if only just.
Plans have changed, post can be finished tonight. Leaving Monday instead. It's a holiday so it works out.

Oh and I shall use these colors from now on. I intend to start using them for my characters so it'll be easy to differentiate instead of everyone having the white text.



Well I was expecting the transition from casual chat to combat to be a little rough. But I know what happens in them situations like when we were all in the lobby. We lose direction and soon enough we are all waiting on someone else to post. I'd rather cut the crap early before it stinks up the plot. (At least 70% of the RP's I've been in died that way)

So I do apologize for taking it ahead fast like that.
Post up now. Was a bit hard to get started there and I kept it a tad vague and open ended since I wasn't sure where exactly the battle should/would take place in the base. I will gladly go back and edit it if there's any need for clarification or any concerns/issues.

Just refer to that villain as the one eyed beast/one eyed dark beast for now FYI.

Edit: Will be very inactive on Monday, will be on the road then. Unless somehow traffic is light.