Shintaion Resistance

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-Delegations Counsel Chambers, Abscus

The room was generally quiet, everyone stayed silent trying to pick apart people visually. One person in particular was Shintaion's latest president, Heather Halberd, a brown haired, nice figured individual who also carried an air of intelligence to her. She lifted her glasses to her eyes and began to read over the subject at hand.
"Call to order, the High Counsel will now hear the sides on the matter of Shrivisk's document A972 and files B478, B479, and B480. Please remember we are here to find solutions not problems. Emperor Mirar why don't you start?" The High Counselman motioned to a old man with a long white beard. He also seemed to have saw a great deal of battles in his life time, his hands worn from weapon fire and his scars on his face several close calls to shrapnel.
"Shrivisk is suffering from a great deal of inadequate naval distribution. Our ships cannot confront the powers of these beasts at hand and we either need better ships or better captains. Recent calls from the frontline have placed the first officer many times in the captain's chair. It was my hope that Shintaion could provide better and more suitable personnel to my posi-"
"I object." Heather said standing up. "The personnel I gave to you was both the last remaining naval officers I had in my military and you knew full well of that. I never suggested you make them captains of their own battleships." Her protest was taken into deliberation.
"The High Counsel will keep that information in mind. Please continue Emperor Mirar." The old man nodded.
"Our naval positions have been thwarted on the outer seas of Teros and the attacks on the main land to the east are immanent. Shrivisk here by not only request higher ranking naval officers to replace those lost, but also to protect the bases I would like some ground troops specialized in land to sea battle." The old counsel members deliberated for a moment before coming back to the group.
"Abscus will provide several naval officers, however, the ground battalion is currently unfinished. In a week we will have manufactured the Clip Tanks you need to keep a formidable line. Until then please wait it out."
"Understood high counsel."
"Now final matter is Shintaion's C825 papers. Are you sure about recruiting novice officers, perhaps close to children, and even militia?" Heather once again took the floor.
"Sir, if I may speak frankly?" The question was answered with a nod. "The militia is in the same shit situation we are. They may not realize it all that well but with a little money we can have a total of one hundred thousand more troops. My team will consist of several different freelancers and we'll see just how well they do with Mission 1282 aka Resistance. For us it is a win win situation, if they complete it, we'll have reclaimed an important piece of Teros and our first land war victory. If they fail we know that the militia will be useful as front line peons to protect our more experienced troops."
"The High Counsel sees your point and we grant you our seal on this new unit. Have you found all of your personnel?"
"Not yet, but I know where to look." Heather said smiling. For her this meeting was now over.
*Abscus Capital*

A top of a rather large building, a wind beast was waiting and watching someone down on the ground. He seemed to be rather nicely dressed for a bounty hunter. He wore formal attire so as to blend in. He was focused, he ignored the sounds of the lively capital below. He ignored the aromas he could smell from a near by restaurant. This wind beast, Monsoon was hunting a target. He spoke softly into a phone like device,"Ramia. I've found our mark.I will call you again if I need back up, Monsoon out."

"Heh. I don't mind taking this job. Ramia deserves a break and this'll be easy. You'd have to be an idiot to try and start a fight in front of so many people. There's not many places to escape or run away to either."He thought to himself as he slowly flew down the back side of the building and into an alley. He wouldn't be seen this way. He made his way down to the restaurant where his target was waiting to get inside. There was quite a line.

The target in question was a thunder beast. A forty three year old one whom was named Alonzo. He was a traitor to his country, he was plotting to help the dark beasts by providing them with information about many military installations and complexes. He had obtained such information as he was one of the people involved in maintaining the electrical systems of some of the bases and thus knew the floor plans for such bases and what sort of weapons and defenses they had.

Monsoon quickly moved through the line, cutting ahead and tapped Alonzo on
on the shoulder. "Alonzo, nice to meet you. I'm afraid you're gonna have to come with me, pal. You're a wanted man, even heading all the way out here to Abscus didn't get us off your trail. Now we can do this peacefully or violently."Monsoon quickly began to restrain the man, getting him into a choke hold.

Alonzo looked enraged as he shouted, "I demand to speak with my lawyer! This is unethical, you wouldn't treat a human like this but you can do this to an upstanding citizen like me? Why do those damn overrated apes we call humans get so much damn respect? WHY? Why is the system aganist us? I'd also feel more comfortable if a woman handled me!" He nearly broke free of Monsoon's hold as he struggled. The people in line began to leave, worrying a fight was about to break out.

"Listen pal, I told you, this can end peacefully or violently, this isn't a place to fight. It's your call. Being over dramatic, whiny and uncooperative just makes my job harder. My partner isn't here and you're not a celebrity or anything. You can't choose who catches you when you're a crook. They found copies of the floor plans of several bases in your home. You sure as hell aren't innocent looking to me. Yet the again, I'm feeling up to a fight if I have no choice. What's your decision?"Monsoon asked Alonzo one last time. "Fine! I surrender to you..but mark my words..I'll be a free man by tomorrow, I'll get a lawyer to fight these allegations!! And I'll have you put in jail for humiliating me! This is defamation of character! I did no wrong yet!" Alonzo shouted out. Monsoon cuffed Alonzo and began to escort him to the station. Monsoon also turned on the phone like device to begin recording audio.

As they were walking, Alonzo tried to explain his point of view to Monsoon, "You don't get it..The government is going to be after us next, man. They'll wipe most of us out. A human woman as president isn't going to look out for us, she don't know who we are! There's no forbidden beast president to represent us and keep us safe! We're next...these humans have only a limitless potential for greed and destruction! The dark beasts are who we should support! Humanity is the real enemy! Look at what they've done to us..Our lives were so much better before we moved to these damn cities! That's why I want to help them. If they're in charge, they'll at least look out for us! We're kin, similar races!" Monsoon looked very upset upon hearing such paranoia spewing from Alonzo.

"You're a total delusional idiot, those dark beasts don't give a shit about you or me. They want all of this world as theirs! They don't care who they kill to get it, there's no kinship, no friendship between us and the dark beasts! I came from Shintaion, they destroyed my hometown. I was lucky to get out of there alive when the attacks came. You can't blame humanity or the government for your problems, no one forced you to move into the city. The president is doing her best, there's no pleasant or easy way to deal with war when negotiation isn't an option.

He continued, "My father was a war hero, even if he wasn't a good father he at least fought for his country. I'd never turn my back on the troops who've kept us safe. It's thanks to them we're still alive! Now shut up and move or do I have to prod you like you're a cow with my energy?!"
Alonzo grew quiet and the rest of the trip seemed like it'd be without any further talking.

Alonzo appeared to be thinking of escaping. He was looking around, looking for some passage, some area he could sneak away into. Cuffs weren't enough to stop him it seemed. While he didn't want to start a fight out in public, he certainly could run away to delay his arrest.

During this time, while Monsoon was dealing with Alonzo...

A young fire beast woman was in a recruitment office. It was Ramia, sporting formal attire as well. She and Monsoon wanted to join the fight aganist the Dark Beasts. They felt their talents would be of more use on the battlefield but they wanted to know what sort of training or qualifications they might need if any.

She sat in the offices reading some brochures,"Hmm wow. This doesn't sound bad at all..They'd pay for our education in full if we choose to pursue it. After the war though. I just hope my parents would approve..". She thought to herself.

An elven woman running the office asked Ramia, "Do you have an appointment, ma'am?" She hook her head. "No, sorry. I was just checking this all out. I have to show this all to my partner so we can decide." The woman replied,"That's understandable. This is a big decision to make.. Not everyone's cut out to fight the dark beasts." Ramia nodded.

She thought deeply,"The dark beasts...If I fight them..I can also find out more about the gate..the place I came from, the place I was abandoned at. I want to know why..."She was curious yet a bit worried at the same time, there was a chance that she herself might be descended from the very dark beasts threatening the world.
*ppssshhh* "Target sighted, commencing takedown" *ppssshhh* BOOM BOOM BOOM went the sniper rifle that Cyrus cradled as each of his shots landed in the bulls eye of the target. "Estelle you gotta move the target more. Standing there with it above your head isn't very challenging." Cyrus said over the comm. " Why don't you try holding this above your head and running around!" Estelle responded somewhat irritated over the comm as she couldn't believe she agreed to do this. Cyrus was about to take another shot when Jericho slapped his massive hand onto Cyrus's shoulder causing the rifle to tilt up wildly and fire a shot, which nicked the target Estelle was holding causing her to lose balance and fall over. This was followed by a short scream that was soon muffled by the target with her arms and legs flailing everywhere. "Well team" Jericho said brimming "looks like we have a new job".
*Abscus Capital*

Alonzo was quiet for a while until he and Monsoon both heard some loud booms in the distance."What the hell is that? I demand you take me to safety now! Is this place becoming some kind of war-zone or something?" "Heh, now you're asking me to save you? Whatever, I really have to take you in before doing any investigating myself. My job is to bring you in and I'll do it."Monsoon replied swiftly. He made sure to pay attention, Alonzo wanted to get out of this situation desperately.

"I think I know who you are now...You're related to that Sky Knight guy!That's it. I saw you in the news once, you and your partner too! You know, your mother was famous once too..Makani, she was the fastest living person. She always won the wind beast's flight competitions...But it's a crime, she settled down just to have a waste of life like you and to die years later. Breathing all this shitty air down here is probably what got her. Poor dumb woman! And you know who we have to blame for that? The humans! Human culture is fundamentally evil, focused on money, material possessions, sex and excess! What happens when it all comes crashing down, what happens? One descended from such powerful and wise beasts should know that! Fight this evil instead of embracing it! You're going to turn one of your own people into the authorities? It's not right!"

"ENOUGH! You might piss me off but I know better than to hit you! I don't care if you're a beast too, you're a scumbag, a piece of rotten shit trying to insult her! She wasn't a spineless traitor or a criminal like you! You have no right to try to judge humanity, I'm sure the dark beasts were planning to reward you with something or maybe you're just a paranoid nutcase who thinks they'll spare you if you help them! And if you talk about my family again I might have to break my code..But I'll warn you, we mercenaries don't follow the same rules as police do.."Monsoon warned Alonzo once more, this time clearly more angry.

They were almost half way to the station now, it wouldn't be long before Alonzo would be detained...The odds of him being able to escape dwindled greatly, he couldn't bait Monsoon into attacking him and Monsoon wasn't distracted by the loud noises in the distance.

Desperate as sweat covered his face, Alonzo taunted Monsoon once more, "And your partner! Ramia of that Flint family, she's humanized! Raised by a damn rich family. Don't tell me you like her? Hell, even if you did like her, she's outta touch with her own people. She'd never notice....She probably is gonna be like those human girls, showing off her body like it's a damn toy! It'll only break your heart and soul trying to get with her!! I bet she has a thing for humans, not beasts! You poor bastard!" Monsoon cringed instead of being angry.

"Yeah, I'm sure you, Mr.Treason is good with women. I bet they love hearing your nonsense and they love hearing you blame humans for all your mistakes or lies. I've had it with you. I don't want to talk to you. If you were a small time crook who maybe took a robbery too far or someone who took a wrong path then maybe we could talk, some people might have taken wrong paths but they can get back on it if they do their time. You on the other hand are just an irredeemable bastard! We can't be friends, we can't see eye to eye or make small talk!So for the last time, pipe down!"Monsoon's anger didn't much but he still was sick of dealing with the mind games.

He could not wait for this to end. To slam Alonzo down in the station and leave him for the authorities. Then all he'd have to do is take his reward and reunite with Ramia at the recruitment office.
-Recruitment Office, Abscus Capital

Heather made it to the destined building. There were many faces here, some even too young for good soldiers. She could only look at them as they would sign up to die. The Dark Beasts were ruthless and even the most veteran men on the front couldn't take these things on. That is why she was turning to a wild card, mercenaries, private military groups, prisoners, even freelancers who happened to be good with a gun. "Karen, anyone sign up for our special unit?" Heather asked the recruitment officer.
"Actually yes, this person right here is here to sign up." There before Heather was a fire beast. Nothing like having a cousin of a Dark Beast fighting for you.
"Welcome aboard, we will call you upon the completion of the team." Her voice was rather happy now that her plan was working.

-Delegations Council, After Hours

The room was dark and only lit by blue floor lights near the edge of the room. The figures that stood in the middle really were just shadows to the naked eye. "She has become too full of herself. If things continue the way they are, they will take out Alameda within a week." A gruff man said to the other figure in the dark.
"Your concerns will not go unheard. As we speak there is a special unit heading to Teros."
"What purpose does it serve?"
"The only hope we have left to survive."
"I see. We also captured a strange miscreant searching around the building. He says he knew the girl."
"Oh? Many know her, what makes this one any different?"
"He said he was from Nostria, yet, nobody is Nostria was said to have escaped when the beasts hit."

-North Abscus, Nabrubus Prison Cellblock 9B

"Bring the prisoner out for questioning." The warden said dragging the ill maintained individual to the interrogation room. His black hair was greasy and ruffled. The shirt he wore was stained and his pants ripped especially at the knees. He was put in a room with a single light and stool. On one side of the wall was a one way mirror.
"Please sit. We would like to ask you some questions."
"I already told you everything." His raspy voice replied.
"Not everything, like the device we took off your wrist. What is it?"
"I said it was just a simple watch. Now let me talk to Heather Halberd." He was becoming slightly agitated and his voice was louder.
"How do you know the President?"
"We were childhood friends." He again was not amused at the line of questioning. It was clear that he was going to be here for awhile. "Look I don't have time to give you answers all day."
"Sure you do because you will be here all day, and tomorrow, and next week, and the rest of your life unless we get what we want from you." The prison was notorious for being cold hearted and abusive to its prisoners. This the man had to watch each day happen to everyone else. However, most inmates were human the rest Forbidden Beast. From the looks of things not a single one of them had come across a demon.
"Very well I will tell you anything that I can answer so long as it means I get to see her after this."
"Don't get all hopeful, we are the ones in control here not you."
"I highly doubt that." He muttered.
"What!? Do I have to kick your ass?"
"I'd like to see you try." There was silence for a few moments and then a man burst through the door to the room. He was clad in raid armor head to toe.
"Alright tough guy what do you think? You ready to take me on now?"
"Simple armor to protect the weaknesses of a human being, in the right hands can be considerably effective. However, the stress point is linear and not gradual like demons or Forbidden Beast abilities. Something more powerful than it comes along and it shatters leaving you defenseless."
"But you don't have anything do you!" He went in for a punch on his prisoner. The large metal fist hit him straight in the face. He fell off the stool and collided with the floor.
"You have no idea who you are dealing with." He said getting up. A part of his skin was clipped open bleeding off is face but healing miraculously quick. Before long it was sealed.
"A demon? No, no demon has the ability to regenerate that fast."
"This one does." He replied taking on speed even greater than the average elf. The inmate appeared behind his guard after a flurry of attacks. The armor was separated into pieces and the man left bruised and beaten inside. "The name is Shi the inheritor of the Coltier throne, last of the vampires." With that he took his leave from the prison back onto the streets of Abscus.
*Abscus Capital, Police Station*

Monsoon dragged Alonzo into the station but before the entered, Monsoon gave him some parting words.

Looking happy, Monsoon told him,"Finally, it's over. No more of your bullshit. We're here, Alonzo. I get to exchange you for the cash. Heh. I have no idea where they'll put you in since your crimes are really heinous. Just don't drop the soap, regardless of where you end up. Never been in there myself. You almost went and became a terrorist, you really wanted to help these dark beasts. There's no telling what they'll do to you .Hope you realize you've gone too far. There's no turning back for you.. I hate these jobs..Catching small timers is more fun...I feel I get through to em, you just don't realize how many lives your plans could have ended. Those dark beasts don't need any help or sympathy, trust me. They aren't gonna attack here to get you out or anything, you'll just be forgotten. Like a discarded tool."

He concluded, "Thanks to those dark beasts, I can't even go pay respects to my mother or visit what's left of my hometown anymore! So do me a favor, go in there and ROT for all I care! I have no compassion, no prayers for you! "

A blank expression was on Alonzo's face as he responded,".....You'll regret this!!!! You damn fool!!!!You value money more than my lif-" "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I heard it a million times. Let's just go already!"Monsoon dragged Alonzo into the station and turned him in.

A good hour or so later, after Alonzo was checked up and identified to confirm it was him, Monsoon was awarded with a check for a handsome sum of money after. He also handed over a disc containing the conversations between him and Alonzo, it was part of the job. He then left the station looking relieved. He thought,"Not bad. He was worth quite a bit alive. At least he knew better than to try and escape..I could treat Ramia out to a nice dinner or just use it on booze if she's not liking that idea. If we even have time for that though.."He sighed.

"Just can't break out of that lame ass place called the friend zone. I just don't get her, maybe. All my dad taught me was how to fight. Wasn't even there to help me learn how to fly. Never told me how to get the affection of women. He musta been holding out on me, thinking he'd get the chance to tell me one day when I was older. But he never came back. Just died on me."Monsoon looked a bit less happy now. He almost was tempting to go to a bar but, he knew Ramia was waiting on him at the office.

He quickly decided to take flight. It'd get him there much faster. It wasn't an option when dealing with Alonzo but by himself, there was no danger. Just had to fly low enough to stay out of the range of any aircraft but high enough not to hit into any structures. He flew quickly but cautiously.

*Recruitment Office, Abscus Capital*

Monsoon himself arrived, he landed easily outside and went in. "Hey Ramia, turned in the mark and got the check! He was a thunder beast, so it's good we didn't fight, he'd have had an upper-hand. He was an irritating son of a- Huh?" He had no idea the president was in the office.

Ramia was embarrassed, as she motioned to Monsoon to be more formal and polite,"Ahem..Monsoon..Good to see you. Well I signed up..I couldn't do that for you..So it's your job." Taking note of this, Monsoon signed up as well, including filling out his signature with his consent.

Heather spoke, "Ah. So this is your partner. I think you'll be a worthy addition to the team. Just like I told Ramia, you will be called one your unit is fully assembled." It was clear now that Ramia and Monsoon could leave.

"It's been an honor to meet you, President Halberd."Ramia said to Heather. Monsoon added, "Yeah, Mrs.President, been a pleasure. We got to get going here though, so if you don't mind we're gonna leave now. We'll be sure to answer once we receive the call. I got a personal grudge aganist those dark beasts so we're happy to join the fight aganist them."

C e c i l i a Skye /x\ Little sister extraordinaire

Cecilia took a deep breath and sighed. Even with the strawberry smoothie in her hands, she wasn't content with simply rollerskating the scenery of North Abscus. Her father didn't have anything for her to do and her brothers were occupied with experiments, so here she was, bored out of her mind. She sighed and skated faster, drinking some of the drink in her hand and then twirling around to look up at the sky, her blue eyes twinkling.

I wish there was something I could do right now to help. Dad's working on his projects and my brothers are helping, too. So what can I do? She was thinking, closing her eyes and leaning back as she skated, the wind fluttering through her long, pink hair. She knew she should skate with her eyes open, but the feeling of rushing through the wind was so much more relaxing. Her father had modified the skates to respond to certain stimuli in case she did precisely this, but she was still uncertain if the rollerskates themselves could redirect her from impending doom. She giggled at the thought, feeling silly at her own choice of words, and opened her eyes, slowing down a bit.

She twirled in a circle and stopped to lean by the side of a building to sip her drink. I wonder if there's anyone that needs help or something...Should I ask around? She knew nothing was going to just come to her unless she put her own effort and looked for something to do, but there was still that childish need for adventure in her. She was bored and she wanted something amazing to happen. She just wasn't sure what.

*Abscus Capital*

The two had left the office after saying goodbye to the President. Monsoon quickly went to cash in the check and then returned to Ramia's side.

Monsoon let out a sigh of relief."Man that was something.. The President herself..Sorry if I embarrassed you, I just didn't see that coming.I didn't notice an entourage of body guards or anything. They must either really blend in or were watching from outside... So what do you want to do now, Ramia?"

"One last job before we go to war would be nice I think. Are there any bounties or wanted criminals in the area?" Ramia asked. Monsoon shook his head, "Nope. I brought it up and nothing. Security is tight, even the crazy dark beast loving nut I had to capture realized that. They're keeping the streets clean today, wanted criminals would get caught in seconds if they walked around here. So I think we best either head back to the hotel or go and get some dinner and wait for the calls.."

Ramia didn't seem too pleased with the options. "It's not good for us just to sit around, Monsoon. Maybe I should have done the job with you. I've still got plenty of energy but...I am hungry! So I'm fine with getting something to eat, Monsoon." Monsoon nodded as he said, "There's a nice seafood place. How about that? I know ya like seafood and so do I. The portions are big too, forbidden beast owners and managers so they know just how much we need. They make a mean Shark Steak I hear. The tourist brochure recommended it."

"Allright! I like that idea, let's go Monsoon!I love shark steak! Lead the way, please!"Ramia said happily. Monsoon led the way the restaurant, it was near the north end of the city and somewhat close to one of the city entrances/exits.

A blue sign read,"S.S. Abscus-World Class Seafood". The restaurant itself was designed to look like a boat. It seemed cheesy but it was rather fancy, meaning it would also be expensive. There was a bit of a waiting period but they eventually were seated.

The dinner was rather uneventful, although they both enjoyed it. There was live music and a nice view out the window of the outskirts of the town. "Thanks Monsoon, that was great! Thank you so much. Ahhh... This is a nice place. You're a great friend and a great partner!"She patted Monsoon on the back as he eyed the bill. He looked to be overcome with despair. "Ugh. Those words hurt me more than this bill. This place isn't for friends or business partners!!!" He thought as he readied to pay the bill.

Suddenly, something horrible began outside the city. Several explosions were heard in the distance. It caught Ramia's attention and several people inside the restaurant gasped in horror. "What the hell is that??? Monsoon! We have to check this out!" "Only from a safe distance, Ramia. We've no idea what's going on here, so it'd be dumb if we got involved and complicated things. At least it's not inside the City. The security here is tough but if it'll put your mind at ease, we can try to watch this and get involved only if we absolutely have to." Ramia nodded in agreement. Monsoon paid the bill and quickly left with Ramia to get a better view of just what was going on.

*Abscus Outskirts*

Seven Armours were under attack by an unknown assailant. One by one, they were demolished with an attack that created large bursts of thunder energy underneath them.

Only one Armour remained as the frightened pilot shouted,"What..What'd we ever do to you??? Stay back!Stay away from me!" The pilot tried to make it to the city but the assailant decapitated the Armour with a blade of thunder. It stopped moving promptly.

Before the assistant could land one final attack to insure the death of the last Armour pilot, it noticed two people and an Armour coming from the city. It quickly fled before it could be spotted.

Cyrus looked over the area as he said, "This was our mission..Who beat us to it? It came from the government themselves, how could someone else have known about this Militia group? They had cloaking technology on their Armours."

Jericho scoured what remained of the Armours trying to find survivors but, he had no such luck.
"They're all dead. Such unnecessary force, killing them all like this. Their plans were misguided, true. To break into the capital with those Armours and to take hostages there to use as bargaining chips for some of their imprisoned members is going too far. But whoever attacked them did so with such brutality.There was no regard for life. It can't be justified and it'll only anger the remaining members more knowing their comrades were killed like this."

With much worry, Estelle said,"I've got more bad news, there's three Militia Armours heading this way!!!They must have sent out distress calls to and called them over to here! They're going to see us and think we killed their comrades...". She however, wasted no time in getting the Gomorrah's weapons ready as it was clear they'd have a fight on their hands now.

Jericho ordered,"Allright then. Cyrus, you find some cover and disable the Armours. Estelle, fight on the front lines and try to force them out. Let the pilots escape if you have to destroy their Armours. You should easily divert their attention onto your Armour and they should not be able to match Gomorrah's speed. I'll be ready to take them out and capture them myself once the pilots eject. There's no reason anymore people have to die here today!". With that, the Black Crows prepared to accomplish the mission without killing any of the Militia. Cyrus prepared to snipe the Armours, Estelle readied to fight them and Jericho took cover as well to wait for his time to act.
Turning corner after corner Shi tried to lose all the guards chasing him. Apparently his escape wasn't as amazing as he hoped it would be. His luck just continued to grow as he turned sharply on a corner and ran into a girl. They both bumped each other pretty hard both falling to the ground. On his way out the voice of what he took back piped up. "No injuries detected on either participant. Continue running Shi."
"I can't just do that." He argued with his wrist with the new watch on it.
"Approximate time until confrontation, two minutes."
"Always on the go aren't we X38? Alright but first we'll see if she's alright." Shi extended his hand to Cecelia. "Please forgive me. I'm in a bit of a hurry. Perhaps you could point me to oh say someplace I could lay low?"
"Chances of innocent pedestrian helping a wanted crimina-"
"Shut it." Shi said to his wrist again. "Please I'll even buy you a good meal if you help me out."

C e c i l i a Skye /x\ Little sister extraordinaire

Cecilia felt a rush of dizziness as she collided into someone and fell backwards onto the ground. She put a hand to her head and blinked twice, trying to understand what had just happened. She looked up at Shi and her eyes went wide as he as spoke to his wrist watch. Wow, is that a talking wrist watch with calculating functions? I want one! She seemed surprised when Shi decided to help her up, taking his hand and standing up. As he spoke, she brushed dust off her dress and checked her skates for scratches. And then, when he was finished, she raised an eyebrow at the watch's response. "You need to set some serious parameters on that thing. It doesn't seem helpful at all." She muttered, and then, realizing what he'd just said, she stared at Shi, incredulous.

"Wanted criminal? You?" Again with the shock, Cecilia tried to register his looks, his personality, and his crazy watch into her mind, wondering what part of him seemed criminal-like. Still, she HAD been wishing for someone to help, right? And she hadn't specified whether she wanted to help someone good or bad. She grinned at the thought. My luck sure has a sense of humour, but a wish is a wish.

"I'll help you. And for the record, I don't need the meal." she giggled a little a little at his proposal. She'd never heard anyone plead for help and offer food in return, although she could totally imagine one of her brothers being psyched about something like this. She pointed ahead, "There's an abandoned building where father tests out some of his explosive gadget prototypes. It's pretty stable and no one goes there anymore except us. Come on, I'll show you where it is." She reached for his wrist and pulled him along, skating towards in the direction of the small lot where the building was. She was pretty eager to help him, it seemed. But mostly, Cecilia was excited to show someone the building in general. From the outside, it looked like it was made of old-styled architecture and flimsy materials, but that was only a facade to keep out intruders. The inner walls of the building were as modern as every other in the city and her father had designed special rooms to test out his different inventions.

Cecilia knew that she could hide this criminal in one of the leisure rooms on the second floor next to her little library. Her father rarely went anywhere aside from the containment rooms and usually expected Cecilia to mind herself. Reminding herself of the situation, she glanced at Shi and then behind them, "How many guards are on your trail?" she asked quickly, a little worried that they might be spotted soon and followed. She could think of a way to lead the guards away, but that depended on how many there were.
Black Crow took action quickly. Cyrus found a high area in which he situated himself and said "ETA 2000 meters" and his response was Jericho and Estelle stating "Ready" in unison. Moments after Cyrus let off a shot that cleanly disabled one of the armours as it collapsed to the ground skidding as it decelerated. "One tango down" he stated relaying to his team. He then took aim and fired off another shot at the next armour in which it made impact but barely slowed it down causing only minimal damage. "Frick, ETA 500 meters they're all yours guys" "Roger" was the immediate response. Estelle burst from behind her cover and released a volley onto the enemy Cyrus had taken a shot on. Ir responded almost immediately becoming crippled and sinking into the Earth. At the same moment the last armour swung around Jericho side and he gave it a quick and devastating punch to the to the core of the machine, thus it responded succumbing to his superior strength.

After the quick skirmish ended Jericho quickly climbed up to the cockpit and ripped it open only to find the the pilot laughing manically as he watched a countdown timer from within his armour. "EVERYONE EVAC NOW!" Jericho yelled to his team, they responded without question and put as much distant as they could between them and the armours. Cyrus caught a ride on Estelle and Black Crow only barely escaped most of the armour self-destruct blast as they were still thrown down from the explosion. "Well boss unless you can make the dead talk I guess we're out of luck eh?" Cyrus said with a smile.
*Abscus Capital*

Ramia and Monsoon couldn't get any further as the entrances and exits were sealed and tightly guarded. The two of them realized this. So Monsoon however flew a bit higher while holding Ramia so they could both get a better view, he did not move any closer however, he only moved higher in altitude as he did not want to get in any trouble. They heard an explosion and landed promptly afterward.

"That was awful, Monsoon. Dark beasts clearly weren't involved but that explosion might have killed someone."Ramia said as she looked worried. Monsoon could sense her worry and said, "Ramia, we'll ask the guards. They have to know what exactly is going on here, worse case scenario they say it's confidential and tell us to screw off. I don't like this either but the last thing we need is to get in trouble with the law when we're a part of a special unit, you know. It sucks when rules get in the way of helping people but. I bet whoever was dealing with the situation knew what they were getting into and I bet they're fine. We'll see now though."Monsoon got the attention of one of the guards. "Hey, what's going on here?"

"A Militia group was and is trying to attack the city. No one can pass through or enter until we're sure that there is no longer a danger to the public. Please, stand back and leave. If you have to, stay in a hotel for the night. We're sorry but this is absolutely necessary." The guard answered Monsoon simply.

The guard's walkie-talkie like device played back a message from another guard, "A prisoner has escaped! I repeat, the prisoner is at large!The description is pending but he thought to be a demon, a dangerous one. The exits and entrances are to remain sealed even until his capture! Only let in the hired mercenaries and authorized personnel!"The volume was loud so both Monsoon and Ramia heard it, they quickly left the area, unsure of what to do next, they moved in the direction of their hotel room.

"A dangerous demon on the loose..I really haven't fought many myself. I really wouldn't mind one last job but sounds like it's something we can't do or help with. We have to follow the mercenary code, we have to act only when called upon or as part of the mission..otherwise we'd just be vigilantes, like I used to be. It certainly was faster and easier to get criminals off the streets like that. I wished we could just be vigilantes but my parents would never approve. They wouldn't want to waste money on making any legal troubles disappear."Ramia said, sounding somewhat nostalgic and rather bored.

"Don't worry about it Ramia, you don't need to fight anyone today, you're not gonna suddenly lose your skills or combat knowledge. I bet they've got things under control anyhow. War is way different from dealing with single targets or small groups of thugs. You and me both are going to have to adjust the way we fight to survive. Fights won't be fun like they might have been when you were a vigilante or when we were working together all those times. We're going to be dealing with matters of life or death. But you and me, we can do it. I know we can!"Monsoon said with strong conviction. It was one of the few times wise words came out of his mouth. Ramia smilied.

They continued walking towards the hotel, deciding to take a shortcut in a near by alley. It was rather poorly lit up. It wasn't the best part of town but it was a nice shortcut. Monsoon wasn't afraid, nor was Ramia, all that changed however after they heard something. Thunder! A bolt of lightning nearly hit both Ramia and Monsoon.

"SHIT! Is that guy back on the streets already? Hey, old ass beast, listen here, you're not helping your case! Show yourself!"Monsoon's words didn't seem to effect the assistant. The area grew quiet, it was apparent Monsoon and Ramia were alone with their attacker. They both combed the area with their eyes but saw no one, not even on the roofs above them. Using her fire energy, Ramia held a fireball in her hands to try to illuminate the area, it wasn't very helpful however as they still saw no one.

Ramia then sensed something and looked at the ground near where the bolt had hit, noticing something strange.Ordering Ramia shouted,"MOVE, MONSOON!!!!"Monsoon grabbed a hold of Ramia as he flew. The ground below him began to light up and became electrified. However, after that it disspiated and returned to normal.

"I owe you one, Ramia-"Before he could finish that sentence, he saw a barrage of sphere shaped bullets of thunder energy hurling right at him. He flew out of the way just in time to dodge them luckily. Had he been one second later, it could have been the end for him and Ramia.

Monsoon's eyes and senses seemed to fail him. He couldn't pin point just where the attacks where coming from. He just had a feeling he was being watched. He looked around but found nothing again...

"Monsoon...This might be the escaped prisoner! They said might be demon, they didn't sound sure of it. No demon I ever knew could do something like this..."Ramia said to Monsoon as they landed right outside their hotel, they were safe now but still deeply troubled.

"I'm getting the creeps here, thunder energy could fry my wings or even paralyze me! I can't sleep knowing some nut is out to get us! Screw the mercenary code, when our lives are in danger we have the right to fight back! This douche just made things personal! He had no reason to just try to zap us like that! What do you think Ramia, are you up for trying to find that jerkass?"Monsoon asked, looking rather fired up.

She did not hesitate at all. "I am. But if we're going to do this. We need to be more careful. Maybe this guy isn't even the escapee, I don't care, either way we have to stop him or her. Ambushing us like that was senseless. Someone on the run wouldn't want to attract attention like that. We are going to have to get him in a trap if we want to have a shot. Let's get something together here, Monsoon and we'll go back to the scene of the attack."

With that, the two went into their hotel room to think up a plan. Fifteen minutes or so later, they had come up with one. They went through the alley, with Ramia on the ground using her energy fire to illuminate the area and Monsoon in the air, looking down on all the roof-tops for signs of the attacker.

Right in front of Monsoon, a huge bolt of lighting rained down from the sky and charred the street below him. The noise it made was so loud it could be heard throughout the town "SHIT! Almost got me there...I gotta speed up!Monsoon shouted.

Ramia began to run faster too as she made her way down the alley, searching all around for a hiding spot. She seemed optimistic however as she thought,"That bolt...Some other people must have seen it and heard it. He's blowing his own cover. I don't get this one bit but..This will work in our favor! Witnesses are the last thing a possible assassin or a killer would want to deal with."
Shi was starting to be led around by this girl but at the very least she was prepared. He looked back to see how many were chasing them, none so far as they were both pretty fast. "Thirty fast approaching bio signatures. Recommend increased speed." X38 said. Shi nodded and picked up the girl right off her skates. His running speed was tremendous now that he was trying even faster than some speedy cars. "Just let me know directions and we'll get there in no time."

C e c i l i a Skye /x\ Little sister extraordinaire

"Ah...HEY!" Cecilia gasped as the guy picked her up and rushed by quickly. She wasn't even sure if it was humanely possible to be that fast. She watched the buildings blur past and held her breath. She had been wondering what kind of criminal could be so polite, but now she figured he probably really was something different. She blinked and realized that if he didn't slow down, they'd pass the building.

"Left here! And then, left again at the next corner. It's the old abandoned looking building at the end of that block." she explained, pointing. It felt kinda weird to be carried as he ran so fast, but Cecilia liked to think of it as some kind of superhero power. Super speed, that is. She found herself doubting he was a criminal again. Ahh, I need to stop thinking. I'm going end up saying something stupid and look ridiculous!

When they'd reach the building, Cecilia would scan her ID card and lead him inside. No one was there at the moment so it was easy to take Shi to the upper level where her rooms were.

"What are you wanted for, anyway?" Cecilia couldn't help asking, looking at him with curiously.
"Hey, get back here!! Don't you run from me, you bastard! Gaaaaaaaaaaaah! I'm gonna kick your aaaaaaaaaaass!"

In the heart of Abscus City, pedestrians scattered as two individuals dashed through the streets. A rather large Forbidden Beast was being pursued by a young female adult, eighteen years old. He rounded a corner in an attempt to shake her, but she kept right on his tail. He looked back, and she gained distance, slowly but surely. He took a quick left, and much to his dismay, found himself in an alley.

"W-w-wait! What did I-AAAAAAAGH!"

The man's pained yell filled the calm skies, and the girl beckoned for him to stand up, kicking him in the back when he wouldn't. He finally obeyed, and she grabbed hold of his arm, keeping her fist aimed at his throat/ He could feel some form of energy on her, but he couldn't really...see it.

"We're going to visit one of my friends, you lowlife bastard..."

"I-I...I didn't do anyth-"

"Shut up!", she interrupted, giving him a solid punch to his face.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------A few minutes later...
Recruitment Office-

The girl shoved the door open, following the Forbidden Beast closely. After she got inside, she let go of him and kicked him above his tail, forcibly moving him forward. She approached the counter, and almost instantly found who she was looking for.

"Oh. Melissa! How've you-....Melissa, is that...another Forbidden Beast?"
Melissa glared at her captive and nodded her head.
"Yes, and he happens to be the same scum who stole my family's heirloom.", she huffed, putting a bit of emphasis on this sentence.
The beast shook his head to disagree.

"I didn't DO anything! This is racism! Rac-"

"I said, SHUT THE-"

"Melissa, stop!"

Heather stopped Melissa's sentence short. She was about the only person who could control Melissa, and that was a bit of a stretch in its own right. Melissa did, however respect her, and thus she just kept her flare focused on him.

"Sir, I'm very sorry for the way she's treated you. Melissa, if he was the burglar, do you really think he'd stick around in town TWO MONTHS after the burglary? I told you already, he's long gone. So stop beating up on innocent civilians! Your mother and father must've taught you better than this...."

Heather's voice trailed off as Melissa swung the door open, catching her angry reflection in the mirror. Her eyes were almost always angry... AS of the last two months, especially. Her anklle-high skirt was made of a silky fabric, high quality indeed. The shirt she wore hugged her body, hiding a bit of the body suit that lay under it. She didn't even bother to listen to the rest of Heather's lecture-She didn't care. She wanted ther heirloom back. Only a complete and utter idiot would dare steal from her, and she would find them...She would hunt them down, and she would make them pay.
After storming out of the office, Melissa wandered the streets for a while, taking no particular route to reach her home...The scenic route...

As she passed by a shabby house, she heard a young girl's voice, followed quickly by someone slamming into her shoulder first, knocking on her butt suddenly. Melissa dusted her clothes off, glaring in the direction they were headed in.

"Grrr....You jerk!"

The anklets around her legs began to glow, the nanites in her body absorbing light from the hot sun above the city. Melissa took a runner's stance, much like one would see at a marathon. After a few seconds, a mid-sized spike of energy shot against the ground from the anklet itself, and Melissa took the opening step, the spike propelling her forward a decent bit before she slowed to a normal running pace.

"Get over here, you jerk!"
*Abscus Capital*

No one had arrived quite yet. After all, the lightning attacks could have been ruled out as freak accidents of mother nature. All attention was still on capturing the prisoner and securing the perimeter so he couldn't leave. They hadn't the need to investigate what was going on in a run down part of the city. Not until the attacker truly caused enough destruction to warrant it. The lights continued to flicker eerily. It was clear, it just the two of them and their attacker here. More bolts were launched right at Monsoon as he flew out of the way.

"Might be time for Plan B, Ramia! Can't keep this up forever here..."Monsoon said aloud so she could hear him clearly. He was extremely worried now. He looked a tad worn out from all the flying and fast maneuvers he had to do to dodge all the attacks. He couldn't keep doing this forever.

Ramia nodded as she sighed. "Ok then..We've no choice. I'm going to see if can expose his hiding place myself! Property damage is better than losing our lives...No one lives around this side of town regardless."With that she charged up her fire energy and aimed at one of the rooftops. She speculated he would be there or at least, destroying part of that building would force him out. Before she could truly finish charging up however, she came under fire from a barrage of bolts of thunder. She rolled out of the way to dodge them, just barley doing so.

"Here we go!!"Ramia said as she unleashed a large beam of superheated energy from the palm of her left hand, it hit the structure, totally destroying the roof, easily melting it. "There! I see him! Ramia, watch where I'm going and move in with me here!"Monsoon said as he pushed himself, flying towards the figure. It was inevitable now, they had found him. He could no longer hide from them.

The attacker was a thunder beast, one whom looked very battle hardened yet vile. His facial expression was empty but he seemed amused by everything. What little of his skin that did show was covered with quite a few battle scars. He wore an old beat up brown cloak with some light armor underneath it. He looked to be about Monsoon's age. He didn't move at all as he saw Monsoon approaching him. Not one twitch or flinch. He remained motionless. "Allright there, pal. It's over. You're coming with us. Now don't play this statue game with me. I know you're terrified but we're not gonna hurt you.. TOO MUCH!"Monsoon boasted as he was ready to try to finish the fight and end this madness.

The thunder beast laughed at Monsoon as he spoke poetically,"When a man dies, his screams are pathetic but entertaining. When a woman dies, her screams are beautiful but sad. What sound will you make the moment you die?"The beast jumped towards Monsoon and began to charge up energy in his left hand and in his right. The energy in his left looked like dark energy, the energy in his right appeared to be thunder.

Monsoon countered,"No sound except the beat of my heart and my breathing because I'm staying alive! Listen you psychotic jackass, the only one who's gonna die here today is you, pal. I'm not even gonna give you my name! You're a smug bastard, if you really had power you'd fight us directly without fear! Hiding like a little punk kid and hurling shit at us isn't very manly! Even your little light show with your hands isn't scaring me! Come on, let's end this here and now. One of us is going home in a body-bag and it's not going to be me! You had no reason to attack us!"

Ramia finally arrived on scene as she hurled a small fireball at the thunder beast, it hit him and did nothing as he shrugged it off. The thunder beast then ran over to Ramia before Monsoon could attack as well and punched her in the stomach violently, "Such insolence! Be gone, WOMAN! This fight is between me and him! There shall be no interference. I'll kill you right after I finish him! Wait for your own turn to die or I can end you now!"He then kicked her away from him. This angered Monsoon as he readied his energy for a quick attack. "You don't hit women, scumbag!!!Especially not my partner!"Monsoon cared much for Ramia, perhaps not thinking about what the consequences of a sneak attack might be."Monsoon,I'm ok! Me and Monsoon are a team. We'll fight you together!"Ramia said as she got up, she didn't seem all that hurt by the thunder beast's attacks.

Monsoon blindsided the thunder beast with a barrage of small wind shurikens, about twenty in total they moved too fast for him to dodge and cut into his back easily, spilling some blood onto his cape. "Cowardly but akin to bites from a mosquito damage wise. Attacking one when his back is turned. You show no honor and shall receive no mercy in return!"The thunder beast was clearly enraged now.

"I wish for this entire city to burn to the ground, it's a blight on this world just like humanity. I would do so myself if it would not compromise the objective. However, your wretched lives are mine for the taking! I do have the authority to kill who I please as long as the city remains intact!"The thunder beast shouted. Locking eyes with Monsoon, determined to kill him first.

Trying not to show any fear, Monsoon responded, "It's clear someone's got you on a tight leash buddy. You're not a free man or a smart one who can think for himself apparently. One man can't take on an army or so many people and expect to survive! Try and destroy this city, just try it. I'd love to see you try and end up dead. I bet you a government Armour would blast a few holes through you, pal! That's all it'll take! You're no dark beast! Big talk and showing off won't change your physical limitations as a thunder beast!"With that, Monsoon took flight as he gave Ramia a signal.

Moving like a streak of lightning, the thunder beast created a scythe of thunder energy and began to chase after Monsoon, jumping from the remaining roof tops to catch up to him. He swung it at Monsoon several times and missed. He looked to his side and noticed Ramia moving in, he created a large buzz-saw like wheel of thunder energy that landed on the ground. It launched off towards Ramia, making a distinct buzzing noise. She barley jumped over it in time. It soon disspiated after missing her.

Looking rather amused, the thunder beast stopped on top of a roof and let Monsoon gain some ground as he charged up what appeared to be dark energy. Ramia, unsure of what to do stopped and called out to Monsoon, "Look out! He's doing something really strange! His hands...Looks like he's got dark energy!"Monsoon heard her as he glanced behind him, seeing the beast had stopped the chase.

The thunder beast suddenly picked up the pace, catching up to Monsoon and released a burst of dark energy, creating a tiny explosion around himself and Monsoon. The explosion knocked Monsoon out of the air easily. Once the smoke cleared, Monsoon was on the ground."I'm glad I didn't get hit by the brunt of that shit...How's he able to use..Dark energy? Maybe it's just a trick. Thunder beasts can't do that."Monsoon spoke weakly, still trying to recover and figure out what just happened. The thunder beast approached him and readied his scythe to finish him off.

"A trick or an illusion cannot cause such destruction, idiot! I am no mere thunder beast. Now, you must know a grounded bird has no chance to survive. Die now, Son of the Sky Knight! I will be your executioner!"Before he could bring his scythe down on Monsoon, Ramia clawed at the back of his neck with her fire claws, cutting into the flesh but missing the vital parts of his neck. She quickly back-flipped to avoid a counterattack.

"Ramia. I can always count on ya! Heh. What would I do without you?"Monsoon used the time to recover and take flight again. He was beaten up but still in good enough shape to handle it. He once again had hope of surviving now.

The thunder beast smirked and seemed confident still. He began to ready his energy once more as he stated bluntly,
"I grow weary of this. I seek out only to battle the strong, you fools aren't strong enough to satisfy me! So what if a few rotten human worms come out to play if I create a large scale explosion? It will be worth it all! Maybe I will even get the attention of someone worth my time!"
The thunder beast jumped down onto the ground and began to charge up his energy, attempting to build it up even further than before. This time, he was going to make it the final blow.
"Damage report!" Jericho yelled to his team after the blast from the armours. "Light" Estelle responded as she checked her systems. "Same here" Cyrus replied moments after. "Good, Cyrus check to see if that disabled armours pilot is still on his machine." "Roger boss....the pilot has left his armour" Cyrus stated as he checked the machine through the scope.
"Alright let's report back to base" Jericho said shaking himself off from the explosion. "Roger!" the other two responded. "Wait a minute boss...there is thunder coming from the direction of the city, and there are minimal clouds today. Definitely no coincidence, that must be our mystery attacker!" "Alright team let's go track him down!" Jericho said encouragingly.

It took several minutes to make it back to the city and once they arrived Black Crow prepared to fight with the thunder beast accordingly. Jericho switched to a rubber suit and Estelle made a few adjustments to Gomorrah. Just as they finished gearing up the sound of buildings crumbling gained their attention and they rushed towards where the action was located. "Cyrus take the roof, Estelle you're with me" Jericho said as they rushed towards the scene.

Just as they arrived the thunder beast has dropped to the ground saying "I grow weary of this. I seek out only to battle the strong, you fools aren't strong enough to satisfy me! So what if a few rotten human worms come out to play if I create a large scale explosion? It will be worth it all! Maybe I will even get the attention of someone worth my time!" and seemed to be charging dark and thunder energy. Cyrus let off a warning shot that whizzed past the beasts head creating a small crater in the crowd, bound to scare anyone as there was no gun more powerful then a Cloud rifle.

Jericho then spoke up saying "If you would like to keep the upper half of your body intact I would suggest that you lower your offenses beast, this could take a turn for the worse for you."
The tide was turning now. The thunder beast was clearly outnumbered and surrounded. He smirked despite the circumstances and laughed to himself proudly as if he still had the upper hand. He did not move however but he continued to charge up his energy for a devastating attack.

"Great! I don't know who they are but I'm glad they're here.."Ramia thought as she saw how Cyrus, Estelle and Jericho arrived.

"Heh. Looks like we've got some help here. You heard the man, asshole! Time to surrender or die! You gotta pay for your crimes! Let's go!"Monsoon commanded the thunder beast, his facial expression gleaming with hope now.

"Hmph. Damn rotting humans! None the less I shall-"The thunder beast's blood began to boil as he saw Gomorrah. His eyes turned even more malicious. He lost his cool to an extent as he shouted out loud,"It's just like that time, just like that incident..THOSE DAMN MACHINES CAUSED IT ALL! This is why humanity needs to be purged off the face of this godforsaken planet! I suggest you surrender to me, I'll destroy YOUR ENTIRE BODIES!! THERE WILL BE NOTHING LEFT TO BURY!"

He then looked off into the distance, as if seeing some sort of signal. Monsoon and Ramia could see nothing as they looked in the same direction. Taking this opportunity, Monsoon launched an attack. "Got ya! Gale Fencer!"Monsoon called out as he unleashed a flurry of small blades made of wind, about thirty in total, they cut into Amon's chest violently and rapidly before he could react, slicing part of his cloak apart. It did not seem effective until it cut into a certain part of his chest, a scarred area.

Once the attack finished, the thunder beast covered up his wounded areas and the scar, seeming somewhat hurt but nowhere near finished."One of your father's techniques I presume? Amusing..BUT NOT ENOUGH TO KILL ME! I have no more time to waste on you all! You are the first people to survive a battle with me but not because of skill or strength, but because of luck being on your side and my time here being at an end."He concluded,"I am Amon, Amon Ra! I'll finish this the next time we meet! Do not come seeking battle with me,I will find you!!Run and hide all you like. Try to become stronger, then you might survive!! Farewell!"He released some energy, but no dark energy this time. A huge bolt of lightning struck Amon and the surrounding area close to him, forcing the others to back off.

He then was charged with some sort of electric aura and proceeded to drain the electricity right out of the surrounding lights in the area, leaving it dark. He then quickly fled the scene, running and climbing up onto a roof top, he then jumped right out of the city effortlessly before anyone could attempt to catch him. His speed was too much for a tired Monsoon to compete with. Ramia used her fire energy to light up the area once more but Amon was nowhere in sight.

Monsoon called out,"Hey, get back here!! Let's finish this now! Do you hear me? HEY, you coward! You're not that great, no matter how strong you are! Running away is never badass or cool! Everybody's a critic nowadays, even psychopaths like him. He can't say we all suck after he ran away with his tail between his legs. And he certainly doesn't know much about how strong these other people are. Oh well..He's gone."

Contemplating out loud Ramia spoke,"Ra..That last name of his....Where did I hear that from? It's so familiar...We have to look into it after this to find out just who this Amon is. He really is no ordinary thunder beast.."Monsoon then tapped Ramia on the shoulder. "I know..I know..But we gotta give thanks to those people who saved us first of all. Man it's a good thing they showed up, that Armour made him freak out, and whatever else distracted him there helped too. Although I still don't get who or what he saw that we didn't..."

Ramia stopped her energy as the lights soon came back on due to a back up generator. Shifting their attention,
Monsoon and Ramia spoke to the Black Crows. "Thank you all very much for helping us back there...He really was going to do something dangerous but your appearance, especially that Armour broke his concentration. I don't know why you came here but we are glad you did. I'm Ramia Flint and this is my partner, Monsoon Griffith. We're mercenaries."

"Yeah. Thanks for the save! Appreciate it. Don't know how we can repay you. We don't know much about that guy either, he just attacked us outta nowhere when we were just trying to back to the hotel. We didn't provoke him or even see him until we flushed him out of hiding. Seems to me like he's just some nut-job who loves hunting people like that."Monsoon added to what Ramia said.
"We were out on an assignment and caught a brief glimpse of his thunder like abilities as he obliterated a clan of armours we were sent to dispatch. He had no mercy for the armour pilots whether they deserved it or not." Jericho stated as he explained their situation for being there. "We heard the commotion ya'll had been in and figured he was making a ruckus somewhere else. Other then his reckless and revenge driven behavior we know very little as well."

"We are a group of mercenaries known at Black Crow. I am Jericho the leader of our little outfit, the sniper you heard was Cyrus our marksman." "Yo" Cyrus said with a slight hand gesture as he walked up to the group having been far away from the fight. "And last but not least is Estelle" as he gestured with his hand to her as her suit decompressed and she walked forward out of it. "Hi!" she exclaimed cheerfully.

"Shall we join you on your walk back to your hotel, hopefully fight free?"
"It's nice to meet you all. I'd say that's a good idea too, it certainly would help us feel safer."Ramia responded to Jericho and the others warmly. "Yeah, good to meet ya, we owe you one. Your story explains a lot.I just don't get why he came here in the first place if he hates humanity and the Armours so much. It's clear someone is ordering him around to an extent but he must have screwed up by revealing himself like that. Giving his name to us was a dumb move."Monsoon added.

They began to walk with the Black Crows back to the hotel. Ramia speculated, "It wouldn't surprise me if he's with those dark beasts. It'd make sense, they'd want someone who's not a dark beast to enter a city like this..A dark beast would probably just be a huge target and end up dead. His dark energy is totally unnatural though. There's no way he should have that ability. That's the thing that worries me the most..."

Speaking bluntly Monsoon added his two cents,"Yeah. He's a freak of nature or something. Real smug too. He needs to be knocked off his high horse and brought down to reality. He might have tanked that last attack of mine but I doubt he'd have won that fight, it was five of us versus one of him. I don't know what to do about the damage he did though. Probably gonna have to report this incident first thing when we get in the room. The government needs to know that nut is on the loose. I don't care if that Amon freak is gonna call me a coward, he has to be stopped even if we're not the ones to do it!"

"Yes..I agree with you Monsoon. I still want to know more about him just in case. He thinks we're his targets now..."She then had an idea. "We can look him up on the internet, I bet there's something about him on there, or at least his family. That last name is familiar, so I bet we'll find something. So you guys can come with us if you want. It's fine if you don't as I'm sure you might have other business to attend to...But please give it some thought."

Monsoon sighed as he ranted, "The internet? The Internet?! Not gonna find anything decent on there. Just put his name in there and you'll find something that'll scar you for you life, I bet. Or maybe just some misinformation if you're lucky. So I REALLY understand if you guys don't want to come heh. Although I do want to pay you guys back, just it doesn't seem tonight is a good night for that. Can't go down to the bar and buy you guys drinks since we've been assigned to work with the military to fight the dark beasts. We could be called soon. That's the issue."

The hotel was very close now. Ramia and Monsoon were awaiting responses to see what the Black Crows wanted to do. Despite their disagreement, it was clear both Ramia and Monsoon wanted to take it easy and try to relax, if at all possible.