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  1. So, yeah, it's been a really long time that I haven't made any "one on one" roleplays, mostly because I've been kind of lazy lately, busy watching some animes and roleplays on Google+. Anyways, I miss those days, so I'm officially back with some new roleplays (just kidding, I just picked a few from those roleplays I made on G+). I was thinking of just make one but realized I won't be satisfied. So, here are four of them with a quick description, so you can know what they're about.

    -King of Hearts (Character: Haruto Suzumiya)
    RP taken by TragicTrees
    Meet Haruto Suzumiya, the most popular guy of Yuki High School. Due to this, almost all of the girls of the school dream to one day conquer his heart. With outstanding grades, honorable behavior, and charming expression, Haruto even made the Principal of the school fall for him. Still, this guy is like a wolf disguised as a lamb. The truth is that the great Haruto Suzumiya is an egocentric and selfish person that loves to have everyone around him in the palm of his hand. He enjoys playing with girls, tricking them with his smooth talks and charming moves until they finally open their hearts to him. After that, he spends a night with them before moving on and acting like if never happened between them.
    Everything changes for him after he unexpectedly bumps into the newest girl in the school. Even when she's just an ordinary one, her beauty quickly catches Haruto's attention. From that point, this playboy will try everything to trick the new girl, but as a joke from destiny, he will end up falling in love for the first time in his life.

    -Shinku-kun and his Guardian Witches (Character: Rito Moonstone (Alter Ego))
    About the RP
    Ryoo High School is a place filled with unknown mysteries and legends for every living been that studies or work there. For Rito Moonstone, a.k.a. Shinku, everything related to that is his reason for wake up every morning. This enthusiastic, friendly and hyper teenager is always ready for discovering things still unknown around his school. That's the reason of why he founded the Occultism and Paranormal Club with the help of his only friends, Sakuya Aisaka, and Kimiko Lee, even when they aren't interested at all in such subjects that give goosebumps to many people.
    One day, Shinku finds a mysterious book in the school library while trying to reach for another book from a high shelf. As he began to look through it, he discovered that the content was actually long forgotten legends and stories about a small town where witches lived. Many years after the unexpected destruction of such town, the Ryoo High School was built on its remains. Shocked by such discovery, Shinku quickly tells the good news to Sakuya and Kimiko, which as expected, began to believe that he was going insane.
    That's until the unusual appearance of a girl that requested to join the club when every other student on the school always avoids to even talk about it.

    -My School Most Popular Guy is... A Vampire! (Character: Ryunosuke Aisaka)
    RP taken by AshenAngel

    Another roleplay (that's actually a repost) about a guy that's the most popular at his school, but this time, it has a little twist: he's secretly a Vampire. Meet Ryunosuke Aisaka, a handsome and rich teenager that's the main attention of the girls around his school and the unbeatable "nemesis" of every guy that tries to find a girl that isn't interested in him. Totally overconfident and sassy, the "Royal Dragon" is always thinking that he's superior to anything or someone, no matter what.
    His whole world takes an 180° spin when he finally meets a girl that doesn't get intimidated by him or fall for his charming tricks like every girl around the school. Her attitude kind of annoy Ryunosuke but also catches his interest. And since that day, our Royal Dragon will do anything for getting to know more about this girl while trying to hide he's a Vampire and maybe fall in love on his way.

    -Who said that Gamer Girls weren't Cool? (Character: Rito Moonstone (Alter Ego))
    About the RP

    Another roleplay featuring the alter ego of my first character, Rito Moonstone. This time, our unlucky and uncomprehended Shinku will give his all to show everyone that he's the best gamer of them all after one day, he found one that his top score on one of his favorite arcade games got beaten by another gamer. Not been able to accept the defeat, Shinku was about to demand an explanation to the workers of the place, but that's when the responsible of such act arrives, been nothing less that a girl addicted to games just like him.
    From that point, Shinku's crazy life gets even crazier as he declares war to this girls and began to work hard for beat her on every popular game. A roleplay that promises to have a lot of comedy scenes, some drama here and where Shinku will probably find his other half in the end.

    And there you have it, guys. Sorry if the descriptions weren't that good or detailed, but I just didn't want to make too many spoilers. Now, the following are a few rules I would like you to read carefully if you're interested in roleplaying with me. Alright, let's get to it already:
    1. Sorry, but these roleplays are meant for girls only (mostly because I'm accustomed to that xD).
    2. If you're interested in one roleplay, then comment bellow which roleplay and include the link to the character you're going to use (if you have one). If you don't have any, just make one that includes: Name, Age, a short description of her personality and short Backstory as well. Don't need to put too much information because I expect to know more about that character in the roleplay.
    3. Please, I will only roleplay with totally descriptive role players that can handle to make replied of at least two paragraphs of 8 lines at least. The grammar doesn't have to be from a professional, but descent (capital letters, use periods, commas, everything basic). Another thing NO. FUCKING. TEXT TALK.
    4. I won't keep any spots. So, the first one to make a complete post (this includes the name of the roleplay you want and the link or written profile of your character) wins that post.
    5. Please, if you're going to be offline for more than 3 days, PM for letting me know. It's really rude to just leave and let me wondering what the heck just happened to you.
    Well, yeah, that's all for now. Any doubts or just want to say something, don't hesitate and leave me a comment.

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  2. I'd love to do King of Hearts with you! It seems interesting. Do you mind if I pm the character sheet instead of posting it here?
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  3. Yes, you can do that.
  4. I call dibs on the vampire high school glamor King. I'll be pming you my favorite female in just a moment.
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  5. ~Only 2 Roleplays Remaining~
    Taken Roleplays:
    -King of Hearts
    -My School Most Popular Guy is... A Vampire!
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