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Which of the upcoming roleplays from bellow you're interested?

  1. Yume Sekai

    8 vote(s)
  2. Lolis and Shotas!: The Rise of the Pedobear King

    3 vote(s)
  3. Mahou Shoujo: The New Generation

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    9 vote(s)
  1. Hello again, my dear Iwakarians (please, don't mind that silly demonym I just made out a year ago). It's been a while since I made a roleplay (again, but I guess some of you must know I'm a busy guy by this time). I recently made a Group Roleplay called "GenderBend!" and it started freaking fantastic, but all of a sudden everything just died. Just my damn luck, I guess.

    Anyways, enough of silly rants and let's get to what I really want to say her. To amend all this time I've been kind of inactive, I'll make a comeback with this roleplay spree in hopes of getting lots of attention from you, especially from the newbies that just arrived this September. I won't launch them all at once, okay? Just one at a time for not screw things up and this time, I promised myself to be serious and not make the same mistakes I always do that somehow ends up killing my roleplays in the end.

    So, without further ado (or delay. I just wanted to sound professional here xD), here are the upcoming roleplays I'm bringing here on Iwaku, all of them with a small sneak-peek so you can get an inside of it. Please, notice that the full information will be available on their respective OOC's. Still, feel free to leave anything in the Comments Section. I don't bite, you know?

    Group Roleplays

    1. Yume Sekai (Dream World)
    Sneak-Peek (open)
    When the night falls and everyone's asleep, strange creatures, known as "Nightstalkers", are able to appear in the Human World through dreams and nightmares. Some of these creatures are responsible for a lot of misfortunes and tragedies, like mysterious disappearances, strange deaths, and possessions. The peaceful World we all know turns dangerous just when the night falls and the darkness wraps its claws within.

    The Agency, an ultra-secret organization created by the United Nations, has been fighting against the Nightstalkers, but nothing they do seems to eliminate them permanently. Scared and aware of the great danger and strong threat, the Agency began to take drastic matters in hopes to counter-attack these creatures. They put all of their efforts in a project they called "Yume Sekai". The final product of the project was an odd substance extracted from the Nightstalkers that they altered to make a weapon in their favor.

    They first used the substance on adult test subjects, but the results were lethal as the subjects were incompatibles with the substance. After that, they began to experiment with orphan children with ages between 6 and 14 years. Curiously, the experiments were successful and the Agency achieved to create the first seven "Dreamers" capable of fight back the Nightstalkers. The reason? While they enter in a sleeping state, their souls can materialize and come out of their bodies with strong special powers that can kill the Nightstalkers.

    2. Lolis and Shotas!
    Sneak-Peek (open)
    This roleplay's plot is currently in a re-work.

    3. Mahou Shoujo: The New Generation
    Sneak-Peek (open)
    The Earth has been saved countless times of unthinkable and unsolvable by common humans catastrophes. This is thanks to the "Mahou Shoujo", a group of young teenagers blessed with phenomenal powers able to destroy armies of a thousand of men in seconds or pulverize a planet in minutes. Thanks to them, the life on Earth has been in balance. The truth is that nothing lasts forever.

    100 years ago, a powerful creature, known as "World Eater" around the Universe, woke up from a long sleep and began to consume entire galaxies, bringing destruction on its path and extinguishing whole races similar to mankind. In an attempt to save the Universe, a group of Mahou Shoujo faces the World Eater but fail, dying one by one. Before letting go the last breath, the last of them uses what left of her power to crystalize her and the others powers. Then, she teleports the crystals randomly, hoping and praying for them to fall in good hands.

    Seven crystals appear in differents locations around the Earth, which seven lucky teenagers finds them. What they don't know is that their lives are about to make an unexpected turn that will change them forever and the fate of the whole Universe is on their shoulder. Will this New Generation of Mahou Shoujo be able to defeat the World Eater?
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  2. I came back to Iwaku just in time to see your lovely posts again (KEK), whenever you make sign-ups for any of these be sure to tag me, mkay? These ideas seem super fun! As for Genderbend! I'm dead inside. I was so looking forward to using Mai a little more.

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  3. Plots look wicked~
  4. @Vivian My heart is also broken because of that and I really loved Mei so much. Still, I don't think I'm going to drop out that roleplay because I really worked hard on it. I'll tell you more about what I'm going to do with it on the OOC later.

    Also, I feel flustered about you saying that my roleplays are cool. Really appreciate it. And yes, I'll tag you once I finish making the final touches of this new project I'm working on.

    @IceQueen You mean wicked in a good way or in a bad one? xD
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  5. A good way~
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  6. We could try and find a replacement to take on the character or fill in the new one, and we could just pretend that Yuki was X character. I think the original creator of that character won't be coming back. <8^l
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  7. I want to vote for 2 and 3.
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  8. We should just do all of them! ^-^
  9. Would deff participate in the Pedobear one lolol