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Add your Raw Bio of Struggle about
How you became a soul reaper ^^
& keep adding in soul reaper progress.

We are the soul reapers that protect the neighborly development, Karakura Meadows.
Keep it authentic.
Anise Yin
Of The Royal Yin Family Clan
As Byakuya clashed into neutralized battle, I was an independent sakura soul reaper of my own...
The worst hollows cursed at me, grabbed my body and tried to toss me around, begging me to stop my bankai.
I never gave up. I never stopped fixing the neighborhood. I took care of the last surviving dojo. I debated against the horrifying and perverted closet hollow inside of the dojo.

The unappealing hollow lady forced me to wear a red dress which represented their reading and exposure. After all of those attempts to resolve the missions. Heh, whatever, she didn't know how to read it. Sick perverts...
My character is Aaron Federa. I was sent away and I was not allowed to be an official family member of the Yin family, even though I seriously was.
"NO, STAY BACK, AARON," the head captain demanded. My heart sunk into the pit of drama... he started to notice my depression, and added to say, "If you want to show up, then stay at the dojo and help the royal families survive." He left immediately and I never got to meet up with the amazing prince, Baracat Yin. I wanted to reward Baracat and pick him up with my Fruits Basket fanart for helping me have a real friend. I really knew what true friendship was like because of Baracat and I missed him so much in school.

I am a soul reaper that harnesses the true meaning of death, the pity party, and the blessed control in it. You could even call me a grim reaper as well as a soul reaper.
I was a farmer and hiked corn with this scythe.
I was blessed to become a shinigami and cried more to return to the Yin family. I wanted to help them...

When I faced the reason why I couldn't, I felt like the hollows were scammers from another country.
Soi Fon's imposter dabbed her ID fraud nail at my heart.
The previous shunko affected my health, life, heart, and everything.
It took out one of my titled names that I cherished deeply in my heart.
The unappealling butterfly expanded, just like the pain of having to take care of every child in the world.
I tried to grip her hand to aim the nail at her own dabbing.
I don't know what to expect.
Will I die and leave my name behind?
I heard the message that nothing happened, but I feel like I'm fighting for my life.
Soi Fon's imposter???
I frantically picked Anise up and bled really hard from the imposter's stabbing. I reached for the resting place. It looked like we could recover another dojo... I tried to see if it only could empower Anise.
I started carefully researching from the books...
Anise had very skilled regeneration from her determination to be completely proficient. What a lovely sister.
The imposter's name was Aswodshwank. She was known as the merciless intruder who tore out the hundreds souls of soul reapers who sought for the dojos. She was known as the dojo wrecker. She tried to make sure soul reapers weren't skilled in dojo performance and she tried to find Iba.
I opened my eyes and wondered what this mysterious butterfly life could be. I missed my brother from soul society very much. I wanted him to know that he could find beaming hope from me, for I was the humble and beneficial grandmaster of shikai. "Brother, we need to refuge to Kisuke's shop. Kisuke is my younger sibling. I want to recover the behalf of me. Take us there because I can't move anymore. My life is disappearing. Kisuke will aid us and Kisuke requested for me to stay there earlier this month."

I don't what the hell that place was. I couldn't find anything around me. Where the hell was I? I'm frigging lost and I needed to return to the missions.
I admired Anise. She could have been dragging us to stress of the esapada number 2 label, and luckily instead, she peacefully signed out with a red kimono. I really wanted to learn about how she found freedom in dressing up. I was again forced to wear espada cosplay.
Character name: I'm Kayla Shiba.
I'm an autumn leaf soul reaper!
I previously performed authentic soul reaper training in Pakistan; I develop Soul Reaper Games along with other fun dojo activities of neighborly development. It is tradition to keep the home as blessed by the soul reapers.

I was unfairly hit with shunko when Aswodshwank found me cleaning outside of Mrs. Kanisawa's home.

Some of the shunko broke off when Kurosaki left the scene as I showed up as a gigai spot with Ganju.
I stayed at the shop in another room to restore my physically wounded marital status.

I wanted Anise to meet her brother Aswad. He was so nice and handed over a gift box for Anise. He had to leave immediately with a group of soul reapers.
The stars in the flags of the world beamed with the light of the hogyoku. I was the fair witness. I felt that it was my duty to tell them the drama in Karakura condominiums.
I bought more soul reaper uniforms for Aaron and Anise.
My worst enemy, Aswodshwank, came back to sit with me and Kisuke. She debated about her request to end the shop. Annoying... I felt severely irritated and I went to head back to my room as I slammed the door on her. She started attacking Kisuke so I raced back. What an annoying threat to the soul society.
The moments made by the shunko were neutralized. I'm sort of glad that I can at least meditate at my sibling's shop.

I tried to figure out my disappearing case and saw a bit of two young soul reapers fighting in the dark.
I called Miss Tsubokura to help me figure out what to do. She helped by creating an outline of points that involved the stars of country flags.
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I woke up and Kisuke told me that my husband had to be sealed, even when he was around. He had to continue to work at the dojo's concepts. I still wondered if anyone wanted to do something stupid about that.
"Brother Aaron Federa... please return the child that I am fostering, thanks," I told him. This was early in the morning and I was so hungry. I missed my cute adopted kid.
I declared to debate against Aswodshwank across the heavenly grass land of Karakura Meadows.

I also helped my baby Tamam and started my rescue mission for him to escape from the hollow violence and traps. I told my baby that I was busy catching feelings.
I didn't want him to be stuck on how he had to be trapped in the beginning. The stars—they don't want to lose the feelings. I don't want to submit to the sufferings.

So Aswodshwank was no longer synchronized, and I began to finish my debate.
I figured it out. The head captain respectively requested that I had to go rescue Aaron Federa as he is actually Aaron Yin held near an execution. The chemical balance in his environement is just as viscious as poison ivy.
I started my flashstep across the traces of messenger Rin. Rin guided me straight to the attire. I was like Rukia Kuchiki in white meaning that I was powerless, restricted. I am not the same because I can save Aaron with the katana for that. The element is a winter white wisteria flower.
To me, it meant that I would gladly love to save Aaron, my pink diamond dojo brother. I found him dressed in white like what Rukia Kuchiki had. He was truly the one who was destined for this moment.
Let's go—!
It went on with something like this...

Anise Suonborai at WORK.png
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