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~Bleach Healing Fanfic Roleplay~
Add your Raw Bio of Struggle about
How you became an independent soul reaper. ^^
& keep adding in soul reaper progress.
Use an identified character in Bleach. No OCs (original characters).
If you are stuck with an espada number after extra hard work, express how it's stuck on you. Explain why it's there.
If you are a romantic type of soul reaper, explain how you truly feel.
We are the soul reapers that protect our beloved neighborly development, Karakura Meadows.
Keep it authentic.
Send fanart!:) Thanks.
The development and research center will have these as great records and souvenirs.
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I did all of my chores at home and I finally got a sword reflecting in similarity as the one Rukia has. This sword turned out to be so amazing to me. It was like a beautiful suburban single family home during wintertime. It was like it had Disney decor all over it. This is Alamawda, my zanpakuto girl. She is a BFF themed version of Kukaku Shiba.
Alamawda is Winter White Wisteria themed, which reflects the baseboards of homes out there.
I'm still commanding it with plain "Bankai" orders.
I can say stuff like, "Bankai! Alamawda & the Nutcracker Dance."

My character is Kukaku Shiba. Espada number 2 was stuck on me because I had to keep doing my chores. They said that if a hollow performed that way, it'd be awkwardly perverted. I'm not an antagonist of a soul reaper, I'm just going to repair the broken forms of Squad 2, especially for their area in works of shunko. I'm definitely heroic and strong. I'm such a protagonist.

I am a romantic type. I wanted Grimmjow Jaggerjack to be my baby, to help me return to my husband. I wanted Grimmjow to help summon me.
Kukaku in Hueco Mundo.pngKukaku became....png
I'm a mechanic and I helped fix up all sort of things in Karakuratown Auto Repair. I also did my chores. I tried to work near Kukaku Shiba all of the time and I really wanted to experience being her friend. :) I want to be Harribel Tier as a protagonist shinigami. I did get stuck with number 3 and Nnoitra Gilga sent messages, which felt like a threat to me. I always follow Kukaku and make art with her. I tell her about what I saw. I'm really scared, and I dont want my fate to be too much about fighting Nnoitra to the extent of having a heart attack. I don't know that hollow living in hell! I'm just a mechanic becoming a soul reaper. Number 3 is stuck on me because my family wanted to prevent many hollow arrancars from being too perverted and influenced by hollow ocs.
I have a White Wisteria Katana that is Autumn themed. I think it was also given to me because me and Kukaku are healing online friends that dream about making our own sleepovers at our own family homes. ^^

I wanted to show up as married and I wanted to show up as a married woman married to Mayuri. He's so hot to me, dammit. Hahah.
My katana is like a fairy godmother wand. ^^ I love it so much. It always helps me make my decor. I'm still training in Bangladesh to make it become as full as an attorney.
"Bankai! Bibala Cynwyd," I exclaimed in joy.
A customer walked in on me. He looked so offended and carried an umbrella with him. I don't know what got him to be so angry. "Hey Bel, it's me, Nnoitra." Oh crap, I don't want to run into something like what Nel had.
Grimmjow and Kisuke followed Nnoitra to see what went wrong.
"Hey, is he the enemy who keeps on tricking me," Nnoitra screamed, pointing at Grimmjow.
Kukaku stopped by to help me out and she said that the pain can even be felt from miles away. "Hey, no way, he is innocent," Kukaku responded, "He's my son and I am being healed by him at Kisuke's shop." Nnoitra admitted to say that Kisuke was indeed Kukaku's biological sibling.
Nnoitra kept talking smack about Kenpachi being a newbie to flashstep. I told him to stop.
I tried to figure out about how to resolve the issue...
I was really tired and I was busy living as a mentor and editor. He just punched a nearby girly mechanic. I went to help aid them immediately. I asked, "Nnoitra, what happened, and if yoy did anything else to that, what did you do to their arm?"
I really needed an answer. What is this carp when they blocked our reiatsu?
"Oh my gosh, Kukaku, you're so innocent. Nnoitra is after me! He was trying to abduct me to redo the frames in the car that I was working on. Okay, I'll tell you everything," I replied, and smiled. She really helped me out after all of that work that we got trapped in.