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    "Hell Michigan. Such a fitting name." The Shinigami Sammael said to his apprentice. "Is it not?" The look in his eyes was that of joy. He was in a great mood. His new apprentice was doing a good job, he had fulfilled his quota of souls, and his sector would be good for a month. Nothing could put him down. He was on top of the world.

    "It is very fitting, master." His apprentice said in a shy, yet authoritative voice. It was very contradictory, but she was no ordinary girl. She would soon be a Shinigami. But for now, she was a human that served Sammael. "Umm, sorry master, but there's a guest at the door who persist that you let him have your audience. He said his name is Selaphiel."

    "Let him in immediately darling. I've been expecting him." He said, sending her off with a wave of her hand. He had feigned disinterest on the matter of the guest. But in reality, he was worried. He didn't know why a priest would come knocking on deaths door. The church considered Shinigami to be heathens and an anathema. The only reason why they didn't hunt Shinigami down was for the fact that they helped deliver souls. Even if it was for heaven and hell.

    Mina, the apprentice, walked in, the priest following not far behind. He could tell selaphiel did not like Mina. She was still human, but he deemed it wrong to walk the path of a Shinigami. Of course, priest were close minded and persecute the unknown.

    "You may leave my dear." The Shinigami said, dismissing Mina. Once she left, Sammael gestured for the priest to sit down. "Selaphiel. So nice to see a member of the church. If I'm not mistaken, your named after one of the seven arch angels."

    "Enough with the niceties Sammael. You know why I'm here." The priest said, interrupting Sammael.

    As if the priest said nothing, Sammael continued his thought. "You know, I've met selaphiel. He's the angel of prayer. He's actually one of the tougher angels. His strength truly comes from God." As Sammael rambled on about his experiences, the priest sighed impatiently. He was very agitated, as it was plain on his face. Sammael sighed. He knew the priest would come eventually. "Mina shows great potential to become a Shinigami. I'm not willing to hand her over to the church. And I'm not negotiating on the matter. Now, if that is all you have come here for, I have nothing else for you."

    Being the stubborn priest he was, selaphiel stood up, defiant of the answer. "If she continues on this path she will become damned in the eyes of God and will burn in hell. As will you. Please save her soul. Think about." Then the priest stormed out. Sammael did not care what he said. But he did feel as if something was wrong. As if his world will be turned upside down. Instead of just giving into intuition, he shrugged it off.
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    "This feels so good." Eris almost purred as she went down into the hot water. It was much warmer than normal humans would be able to take, but she wasn't really human anymore so it didn't matter. She had defied death and become one of the nights creatures, a vampire. Once turned death didn't have the same power over a person. Though vampires weren't exactly as they said in the stories, sunlight wasn't good for them but they could be outside if they really had to. They wouldn't burn up but it would hurt a lot until they got inside. The most of them just slept during the day so they wouldn't have to face the sun.

    A knock on the door disturbed her peace. "What?" She asked and a boy walked in. "There's a man outside, he says he's a priest." The boy said and tried not to look away from the vampires face. If he angered her for looking at her body then maybe he wouldn't survive. But now a days she didn't really kill people, she used to buy her blood from people that wanted to sell it to her. Though most people didn't know that she were a vampire. But some people from the church had found out about them not long ago so she had made a peace agreement with them. She wouldn't touch a human and they left her in peace. She also had agreed to not turn any human into a vampire. At least not as long as the human themselves didn't want it.

    She walked up from the bath without caring about the young boy that still were in the room. Even though she thought about him as a boy he were already in his twenties. "Tell him that I'll be right there." She told the boy who immediately nodded and walked out of the room.

    Eris only took on a tunic that went a down to her legs. Mostly to tease that religious fool. Her brother came into the bathroom just as she had gotten the tunic on herself. "I heard there were a sect leader here." He said and laughed a bit.
    "A priest yes." She said and kissed her brother gently on the cheek. He was the one that had turned her so many years ago, first he had disappeared from home then a couple of years later he had return to get her. The only vampire that was stronger than her was her brother. But his thirst for power wasn't that strong and he didn't really care for anything anymore except his sister. He even had his guard down way too often now a days since he didn't believe that anything could kill him.

    She walked to the room where the priest were. He wasn't that happy with her outfit which only pleased her. "What do you want this time?" She asked him. "I have already given you the peace you want, I don't kill nor does any of my children. And I haven't turned anyone against their will. I hope you don't want more than that." She almost laughed at the last words. She was stronger than him, she simply let him have his will so that he would leave her alone. She could have just killed him.

    "You know why I am here." He told her and held a cross in his hand. Eris almost rolled her eyes when she noticed the cross. Humans were so funny beings. "You should stop this. You took the life of so many that deserved to live, now you should let them die in peace." He said.
    "Do you really think I will kill my children because you think they are the sons and daughters of Satan? As if you could force me to do so." She glared at him and he took a step back. "And as long as there are people that asks me to save them from death, for so long I will save them from death." She finished.

    "You are taking their souls away without them realizing it. One day you will burn in hell just like them whose soul you taken." The priest left and left Eris standing there.
    "What a empty threat for someone that will live forever." Her brother came up behind her and kissed her neck. Even though they were blood related it didn't matter. They weren't living humans so what hindered them from loving each other.
  3. Selaphiel was mad. Mad wasn't a strong enough word for his frustration. Kids were throwing their lives away and giving up their souls to become immortal. His main goal in life was to spread the word of God and to save every soul he could. Every day now, less and less people were living the life of the pure while the rest were going down the path of hell. In order to ensure the church's status, he felt the need for action. As long as he was a man of God, no soul shall be lost.

    Picking up the phone inside his church, Selaphiel dialed the number for father Anderson. The phone rung exactly three times. Then the priest talked, leaving no room for the other to speak. "Father Anderson. The church has a job for you. To rid heathens of this city. I feel you are the only one for the job. The two heathens are Mina, the Shinigami's apprentice. And Jason, Eris' brother." Without another word he hung up. The job would be done by the morning. He knew very well the strength of God's blessed paladin, father Anderson.

    (The next day)

    Sammael woke up with a jolt. He felt as if something was lost. It was Mina. He couldn't feel her soul anymore. Grabbing his scythe, he sprinted out the door. It didn't take him long to find out what happened. He ran over to Mina's still corpse. Kneeling over her body, he let out a single tear. No one could see him, but he still had to maintain his composure, as all the reapers around him had been gathering, knowing of who the girl was. He touched the fragile girls face. It was cold, even if she had only died minutes ago.

    The Shinigami looked up to see the priest. He didn't say anything. Instead, he let the priest talk. "I told you, Sammael. God has punished you by taking the soul of this poor girl. She began walking the path of the heathen. May God have mercy on her soul and live among the angels." The priest began to pray. After everyone left, he stopped and looked at Sammael. "I saw the whole thing. She was attacked by the vampire Eris. Drained completely of blood. She's broken her peace treaty, so the church will allow her death, but only by your hand. An eye for an eye. Though, hopefully you will not go blind and stray from your path."

    After everyone left, Sammael carried Mina's body to his house. Once inside, he lied her down gently on the floor. He then began chanting. The wind began to pick up inside, the lights flickered, and storm clouds began brewing outside. With the first sound of thunder, Mina's body began floating in the air. A small tornado formed around her body as she slowly turned to dust. After her body was completely demolished, the ashes began to float towards his scythe. It started to glow as the dust began to embed itself in the scythe. Soon, it gained the strength that Mina held in life. It was an honor for a persons body to merge with a Shinigami's scythe. To serve death even in the afterlife. Her soul could still roam wherever she may be, but she could feel her body powering his scythe.

    (A few hours later)

    The priest walked up to the bloody scene on the street. Jason's body was torn to pieces. You could tell by the scars that he had been stabbed repeatedly by a curved blade. The priest looked up to see a vampire. One of Eris' followers. "Tell Eris her brother had been killed by the Shinigami Sammael. This is a sign of a challenge. He'll be in the forest in a clearing that has dead plants all around. She'll be able to get revenge for the death of her brother." Leaving, he received a call from the postal service. He had told the mail man to call him when Sammael received the letter. It was a fake note from Eris stating to meet her at a clearing full of death.
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    Eris and her brother always slept in the same bed, she wanted Jason close to herself, both as a brother and as a lover. His arm was warmly wrapped around her, their bodies were slowly going down in temperature after the hot bath but they didn't notice it. Even if they had been sleeping in a ice cave they wouldn't notice the cold. Vampires didn't feel the cold nor the warmth the same way as a human. They knew the difference between temperatures, they could feel the different. But no temperature felt better or worse than another.

    When Eris woke up in the morning she noticed that her brothers arms wasn't around her, nor was he laying anywhere in the bed. Jason usually went up much earlier than her so it wasn't that surprising. But something was wrong. She couldn't feel him, she couldn't sense his presence. It was like he had disappeared. She remembered having a nightmare just before she woke up, Jason got killed in it. Eris felt her breaths getting heavier, something was wrong, she could feel it. He had created her so she had always been able to feel him better than anyone else. She could even feel him better than any other of his children since they were related by blood.

    Jason wasn't among the living dead anymore. She knew that long before she saw the body. Eris went up from the bed and put on a black shirt and a pair of jeans before dashing out of the room. It probably just took some seconds to do it from the moment she woke up to the moment she had dashed out of the room. She was almost about to flew into one of her children when she dashed threw the corridor. "What has happened?" Eris almost screamed at the vampire. The vampire told her about Jason and that a priest had told them that he had gotten killed by a shinigami named Sammael.

    She rushed out before the other vampire had been able to tell her about the challenge and he had to run after her. All vampires looked at the torn apart body with their heads low. Some people were his children, some were Eris children. All of them had deep respect for Jason and all of them silently cried without shedding a tear.

    Eris went down on her knees and held her brothers head. "Brother." She whispered and felt how unstable her voice were. "Why didn't you call for me or your other children? If you had ordered us to come we would have." She kissed his forehead as a sign of goodbye. "I'll avenge your death, I will slit the throat off whoever did this to you, I will rip him apart limb to limb. I promise not rest before that shinigami is dead."

    A ceremony was held where the vampires body was burned to ashes, then spread out in the blood they were going to drink. All children of Jason and all children of Eris got to drink a sip from the blood then Eris was the last one to drink. It was a ceremony to become one with a dead vampire. It was mostly only the lover and the maker and maybe a couple of close children to the vampire that was allowed to drink the blood. But Eris wanted everyone to feel as one, Jason wasn't only her family, he was family to them all.

    After the ceremony Eris got to know about the challenge. She immediately started to walk towards the forest to meet her brothers murdered. She would avenge him even if it costed her her life. She took with her their fathers ancient sword, it was said to have the powers of a dragon. She had never used it before, but that didn't mean she couldn't wield a sword, she had used tons of swords before. She had been living for quiet the time after all. Hopefully she would be able to use the powers the sword was supposed to have even though she weren't human anymore.

  5. The Shinigami saw a pale figure enter the clearing across the way. Her hair was faire and white. But her eyes were had a certain evil to them. Sammael felt the murderous intent dripping off her like poison, slowly filling the void of the clearing. His own intent was the same, but he had second thoughts. He knew the path of revenge was not a righteous one. And he had always taught Mina to follow that path.

    Looking across, he could see the vampire coming closer, a sword in hand. Her eyes filled with hatred. He didn't know why, he hadn't done anything to her. He's never even crossed paths with her before. Yet she challenged him, and killed Mina. Not wanting to end her life, Sammael raised his left hand. "You are foolish for challenging a Shinigami. Turn back and live your immortal life, unless you wish to end it. I have no need to fight you." Even though his last sentence was false, he did not care. He wanted to grieve, but in his own way.

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  6. Eris Stopped for a slight moment as he started to speak. During normal circumstances she would probably have thought that something were wrong when he told her that she had challenged him, but her thoughts were clouded by her brothers blood. "The foolish one are you shinigami. My kind is one of few to escape the wrath of death, who are you to take the life of those who no longer serve under mortality? You will pay for what you did with your own life." Her voice was cold and her eyes even colder.

    She rose her sword and launched an attack towards the shinigamis head. Even though vampires were faster than humans she didn't know if she were faster than a shinigami. She had never met a shinigami before, and certainly not fought with one. They were both immortal beings, but which immortal being was the strongest? Soon they would know.
  7. Sammael was confused as he didn't know of what death she spoke of. But the attack clouded his judgment, and made him angry. As fast as the attack appeared, it quickly vanished. His scythe appeared in front of his face, absorbing the fire. "You wish to fight and see the brink of hell. Then I shall grant you that wish." Sammael charged at the pale one with blinding speed. He was relentless, leaving little time to dodge and barely enough to protect. He swung his blade in a blind fury. Left then right and an overhead. A bombardment of attacks that no mortal could withstand. But she wasn't mortal. She was a vampire.
  8. Even for her, a 2000 year old vampire, those attacks were hard to dodge. Eris didn't feel threatened by either human nor vampire attacks. But this shinigami was strong, maybe too strong. But she wouldn't let him win. She were able to dodge the attacks even though it was hard and just a small wound from the scythe appeared on her arm. She tried her best to attack and dodge but it was hard to find a weak point in the shinigamis attacks.

    "My brother shall not have died in vain." She shouted as she dodged another attack by ducking and then she launched her sword towards the shinigamis stomach. She wouldn't let him defeat her.
  9. Sammael felt the burning sensation of a cut and fire. It spreaded across his abdominal are. This enraged the Shinigami even more. Tilting is scythe, he rammed the bututt of his blade into her stomach. Using the momentum, he heaved the blood sucker into the air, then slammed her into the ground. Twirling the scythe, he managed to knock her sword out of her reach before angling the blade to her throat.

    "Why did you have to kill Mina? She nor I have done nothing to your clan. Speak!" He commanded the vampire, his voice slightly shaking. Tears threatening to pour down his cheek.
  10. Eris grinned as she were able to cut in the shinigamis stomach, and maybe she became a bit presumptuous because she weren't ready at all when she suddenly felt the pain in her stomach as she fell down onto the ground. She hadn't been able to get up before the blade of the scythe was angled towards her throat. Her sword was already out of reach and there was not a chance she would be able to get him off herself without him cutting off her head.

    Suddenly he said something that disturbed her. "I have no fucking idea what you're talking about." She growled. "I haven't killed anyone in over ten years. Was that why you killed my brother? Because you thought that I had killed someone you know?" If he had killed her brother because he had assumed it was her clan that had been responsible for someone else's death then she would definitely make sure that this shinigami didn't have the chance to see the sun again.
  11. "You didn't kill my Mina?" He asked more to himself than to the vampire. "But the priest told me you did it. That you killed her." Then he thought of the other words and fell to his knees. "We Shinigami and reapers do not mess with vampires. The last I encountered one was millennia ago. I don't even know of your clan." He didn't know what to do. Reapers could handle their jobs productively for awhile. But eventually, he would have to work. But for now, he'd wait and sulk on his knees in the woods.
  12. "Priest?" Eris couldn't believe it, was it a coincidence that a priest had come to her? "Selaphiel?" She had to think for a moment before she remembered his name. The only reason she had even heard his name was because the vampire that had given her the message about the challenge had recognized the priest and knew his name. But why? Was it a misunderstanding? Had he thought that it was this shinigamis fault? But it couldn't be. Why would they both have lost someone close to them and then gotten to know from a priest that the other one had murdered their loved ones?

    Suddenly she couldn't help but laugh. It had been a trap, and she had gone right into it. "Of course they would want us to kill each other. The church would be more than happy to get rid of such things as us." It was obvious, she wasn't certain if it was only one person that was behind it or if it was more people. She rose from the ground not caring about how much her stomach still ached from the hit. "I will torture that man until he beg for death."
  13. Sam couldn't help but stare at the giggling vampire. Then she said it, realization plain on his face. He didn't know what to think of the situation. He could easily kill the priest. But that wouldn't bring his dear Mina back. And killing this vampire wouldn't either. Besides, whoever killed Mina and the cold one's brother must've been a big time threat hired by the church. Sam couldn't think of who would, or even could, do it. It was a death wish to cross a shinigami and a vampire, whom is very old yet very attractive. Shaking his head of the last thought, Sam removed his scythe from the girl's abdomen and offered his hand.

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  14. Eris took the shinigamis hand as it was offered to her. How could any human think that it would be so easy to get rid of two powerful beings as a shinigami and a vampire? But on the other hand, it had almost worked. If they had just fought each other and not said a word while doing so then maybe they would have ended up killing each other in the end.

    "But I don't really understand why. First he makes a contract with my clan and then he decides to kill us off. Why even bother making the contract to begin with if he never were even thinking about having peace with us? Idiotic humans, at least vampires keep their words, if they have any honor at all that is." She mostly mumbled to herself.

    "So what are you going to do shinigami? When we met you said you didn't feel like fighting me even though you thought I had killed one of yours. You still don't feel like taking revenge for her?" Eris asked the shinigami. She couldn't understand it. An eye for an eye, that's what almost all vampire thought. If someone did something to you then they had to pay back in the same way. Rip off a vampire an arm without any reason or a really bad reason, then they should loose their arm too. If a vampire loose their life then vampires close to that one should take revenge for their brother or sister. It was how her world worked.