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  1. Im trying to make an attack on titan Rp. ill need a strong willed person to play as Eren Jaeger. As the story is Eren will remain as one of the main characters, so try to be on often. Ill be Armin Arlert. I also need someone to be Mikasa Ackerman that also should be a strong willed person.OR you could create your own character to be one of the main character, just give me a desciption like age,name and how the titans affected your character. Give me a reason why you join the corps. Ill try to choice 4-5 at the most of characters. I dont want it to be to cluttered :). Ill open the rp up about the time when the three join the recon corps, so we will jump right in the action!

    Character set-up



    Reason to join the corp:

    How the titans affected you:

    Picture or physical description:

    Remember: if you are creating a new character, tell me the character they are going to replace! Also when the two are chosen, the 2 other spots are characters in the threes corps!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.