INTEREST CHECK Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan

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  1. I really wanna do this. Like a lot. I don't care who with, what plot, none of that, I just need to rp this so badly. I think it'd be epic.

    We'd use ocs, but as for plot I'm up for anything. If anyone else wants to do this amazing thing, reply. Before I go insane. Reply. Now.
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  2. I've wanted to do it too but it's gonna be hard based on where the anime is now. I'd love to try to do it it's just the tediousness of figuring out everything.
    Finally someone decides to make an RP based off of this perfect anime ~ Count me in! *^* I will help you out with the plot making no matter how long it may take!
  4. I agree, setting everything up would be difficult. But I'm glad I have two people wanting to do this :-D
  5. I am totally interested in this as well.
  6. Since we have three people let's get all the information together.

    Any of you have skype so we can talk about this getting this put together?

    Skype: Eternalfire61
  7. I don't have a Skype. Want me to just set up a conversation for us?
  8. Yep, sounds good.
  9. Titans? Did somebody say TITANS?

    I'll add you to the conversation :D
  11. O_O HELLS TO THE FRICKEN YEAH!!!!!!! Desacula is all over this like white on rice! Count me in, I'll sell whats left of my SOUL to be part of thiiiiiiiiis! >...<
  12. Yay~

    I'll keep you informed as we figure this out :D
  13. Thanks man. gettign too many ppl's interest for a conversation, aren't ya?
  14. Wall Sina ... I want to go to there please. I was actually throwing around this same idea with my tabletop rpg group, using the Anima:Beyond Fantasy ruleset. Count me very interested, I'd play the shizz out of this :D
  15. Yay :D we'll keep you posted as well!