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    If you intend to watch the anime/read the manga, this post probably contains spoilers!
    Hey, everybody!

    If you've watched the anime/ read the manga, awesome. If not, that's ok too! The main storyline is that humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction by these beings called titans, which are nigh-indestructible big 'uns that range from 5 meters to 15 meters. Humanity resides within a series of three walls, where the threat of attack is always looming over their heads. The only way to kill a titan is by slicing off the nape of the neck, which soldiers reach by utilizing spiderman-like maneuver gear to slingshot themselves around.

    So yeah! I think an RP of this would be really awesome. I would probably control the Titans as well as my own character. I'm thinking this will probably be during the 100 years before Episode one, when the titans last attacked, or a few years after the events of season one. This will most likely be moderately moderated and moderate/advanced posting. You don't have to post a lot but please make it meaningful and fairly descriptive.

    Posts might naturally be shorter while characters are interacting with eachtother, and I might even make this an atleast partially IM based RP to keep the action and dialogue going. More deets to come. Any biters?
  2. I'm interested! I love the series. :D
  3. Yay :). Would you be more interested in a 1x1 or a group? I'll probably see if we get any more homies and if so I'll probably cap it around 2 more. Today's busy for me so sorry if I don't reply too much XD. Thanks for showing interest!
  4. If you plan a Group RP, Id love to do this X3
  5. Yay! I might let one other person in but I feel pretty comfortable with three. I'm gonna be pretty busy today but I'll have more details soon! I'll probably start the characters off at boot camp. Then a little later there'll be a recon corps expedition to try and secure an outpost.
  6. this is a big rp, it's best to do group. :D
  7. There can be npcs though. And yeah but no more than like 4 total cause otherwise I'll really have to make sure it doesn't get out of hand lol.
  8. yeah, i know. it'll be hard to oversee beyond that. you gotta have a plot ready too.
  9. Yes :). I'll get back to you guys hopefully later tonight. My phone is running low.
  10. cool. we'll be around.
  11. Okay so I'll probably let one more person in. I'm going to make an OOC and then an IC. I'll control any abnormal titans and the general area of normals, but you guys can write out how the normal fights go. Does that sound good to everyone?
  12. sure, or we could have more conflict within too?
  13. Oh jell yes that too :).
  14. intrested, even though i just clicked it
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  15. Lol nice. I'm gonna write up a story outline pretty soon, maties.