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    One hundred years ago, giant monsters called Titans made their appearance on Earth. Virtually indestructible, they devoured humans without clear purpose, showing no compassion or remorse. In response to this threat, the remnants of mankind hid behind the Walls, a series of mysterious structures whose origin is largely unknown. The three fortifications towered above the attacking monstrosities and could not be pierced by them. Much of mankind lived behind Wall Maria, the outer wall, followed by the middle Wall Rose, and finally the innermost Wall Sina, where the King and the more wealthy citizens made their homes. This peaceful life continued for a century, most citizens never even seeing a Titan. The highly specialized military defended the walls and carried out operations trying to reclaim lands beyond Wall Maria. This peace was shattered when two abnormal titans, the Colossal (200 feet tall with no skin covering it's muscles) and the Armored (a normal-sized Titan whose body was covered in thick natural plates of skin and bone), breached the outer wall of the Shinganshina district, swiftly followed by the inner wall. There were no survivors. The lands between walls Rose and Maria were abandoned, causing an influx of pestilence and famine behind Rose while those left behind were devoured. Humanity now lives in constant fear of another attack from the two abnormals and the consequences. Losing Rose could mean more than just more land losses. More refugees would pour behind the limited protection of Wall Sina. Already scarce resources would be spent in a matter of days. The human population would drop another vast percentage. Humanity would be doomed. It is our job to make sure that does not happen. We are the 104th Trainees Squad. We will fight to the last man for our fallen brethren, fight to secure Wall Rose, fight to reclaim Wall Maria, and fight...

    To take back our birthright!

    Reyna sat hunched over with her head on her elbows inside a transport cart, one of many in the cadet caravan. Her mouth was set in a scowl, refusing to display any emotion. In fact, to most, she appeared to be utterly bored. The caravan ride was admittedly slow and tedious, there were holes in the road where the cart got stuck and the cadets were forced to get out and lift. The only saving grace was the canvas overhead stopping the majority of the sun from hitting their faces. And any other time, the others would be right. But now, Reyna wasn't bored. She was terrified. What was I thinking? People die during this training. I won't last a day. But that was irrational. She'd lasted for years as the adopted daughter of a stern, iron-fisted former Scout, won a fair share of fights, and had lived on the streets before then. And before that... She didn't like thinking about it. Her nerves still vibrating with anxiety, Reyna focused on the cadets with her. The car seated eight, the driver excluded. Not counting Reyna, there were only five: Someone named Ymir (she wasn't keen on revealing a last name), Annie Leonhart (a particularly antisocial one), Krista Lenz (shy and short, but nice enough), Reiner Braun (nice guy. Well-built, blonde, stoic. What else do you need?), and Nac Tius (generic looking. Nothing really special about him). Nac had been the most talkative of the bunch, but Refiner had been the kindest. Most of the conversation had begun an day before, beginning with the driver yelling back that since they were all soldiers now, they might want to get to know each other. Introductions were short, tensions high. Nac had gone on about how many Titans he was going to kill, Krista, Annie, and Ymir all kept their mouths shut after their names, and Refiner had politely expressed his interest in fighting to protect humanity. Reyna had been equally concise. "I'm Reyna. I'm here to kill monsters. Are any of you here for anything different?" That had been the only excitement of yesterday. Today? The cart shuddered to a stop. Day 1.
  2. Just blindly staring at his feet with a sad glint in his eyes, Raider didn't bother even glancing at his fellow new recruits. He saw no point to it at the current situation. He would start memorizing names and faces after the weak had been weeded out. Though who knows, he might end up being one of the weak himself in which case there would be no point in becoming familiar with anyone either way. Honestly, he was scared. Heck, who wasn't? Raider could've bet at least half of the people in the agonizingly slow moving carts were hoping they had stayed home and already missed their moms.

    However, despite the nagging fear in his gut, Raider still didn't regret signing up for the military. He needed something to do, he had to channel his hatred, regret and the sadness dwelling inside him towards something and titans seemed like an obvious answer. If he kept on like he had so far, letting his thoughts roam free in his mind and take him apart piece by piece, he was bound to lose his mind eventually. It was just a matter of time. It wasn't exactly healthy to push that part where he was as much to blame to Kai's death as the titans to the back of his head and start killing these creatures to make himself feel better either. Though it was the best option he saw at the moment and who knows, maybe he'd actually end up being useful to the mankind, even if it was for just a blink of an eye. He could die happy and face his brother again if he at least did something useful in his life before he kicks the bucket.

    Raider was pulled away from his thoughts as the cart came to a stop, they had arrived? He didn't know whether to be thrilled or horrified so he did what he was used to doing, kept his cool. Lifting his gaze, the male still paid no mind more than necessary to his travelling companions as he got off the cart alongside them. Letting his eyes roam his surroundings, Raider allowed himself to swallow nervously. It was going to be a long day.

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    Claire yawned loudly. She didn't get enough sleep from the night before, to much on her mind to even rest just a little bit. She was going to train and even meet new friends and such. In the back of her mind, she knew death was inevitable. Something all the trainees in this caravan seemed to understand, hell most of them were controlled by it. But not her, not the brave Claire herself, she learned to accept it, embrace it even, maybe laugh at it. Some people will call her crazy due to this, but she knew the strategy will work out well. Lets just hope she doesn't freeze.

    Before any of this started, Claire had finished her last day of training with her father. Hand to hand combat, all so her reflexes were razor sharp, and so she knew how to dish out some damage....if a Titan decided to brawl.... She knew it wouldn't be useful against a Titan, sword skills were. At least the reflex made her pure speed. But the real reason why she trained, was because it gave her a reason to spend time with her father. He never had enough time to really do anything with her. Which is why on her free time she would read up on titans...her biggest obsession.

    The caravan suddenly stopped "already here?" She questioned​
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    Luke let out a yawn, his eyes were half-closed and a slight smile was on his face. Everyone seemed so grim and sad that they would have to fight Titans, but they didn't know Luke's little secret. Luke knew he was a Titan Shifter, he has the ability to shift and 'de'-shift out of his Titan form at his own will. The only problem is. He has no clue how old he is and how long he was living in his Titan form. Luke's half-lidded eyes came upon Claire who was in the cart with him, he gave her a sleepy smile as he rested his head backwards. He was the embodiment of laziness it seemed and he didn't care. Though this definitely wasn't the place for him.

    When the cart came to a stop, Luke lazily stood up and made his way past the fear struck traveling companions and left the cart. He turned around to offer his hand to Claire and to Claire only. "Let me help you out" One thing he was, if not lazy, was a flirt and he didn't care. He has been alive long enough to stop giving a shit on what people thought of him and did what he wanted. Which consisted of flirting and being lazy. He also just didn't plan on flirting with Claire, he planned on flirting with every girl he met at this training facility.

  5. Kyle's eyes shot open as the caravan hit a small bump, waking him from his slumber. It wasn't like he was tired or anything. He just felt like taking a short nap before arriving at the destination. Glancing around the cart, he mentally wondered how many of them were doing this out of some sort of need for vengeance against the Titans or from pure hatred. He knew it was a common motivator, one that Kyle found utterly idiotic. A mindset like that only allowed for so much, limited by their own hatred. People like that would only end up dead in a couple of seconds. Of course, he had what he felt was the ultimate motivator, and that was a thirst for knowledge. While most people despised the Titans, he was enamored by them. He found them extremely interesting, their ambiguity only pulling him further. The people who knew about this often called him insane, but he didn't care. Kyle knew that they were just simple minded, clouded by an irrational feeling of anger and unable to see the true magnificence of the creatures so many feared.

    As the caravan came to a stop, Kyle took a long stretch before hopping out of the cart. He turned to scan the rest of the cadets as they exited, a small smile on his face. He wanted to see if he could accurately guess who would be staying and would would end up not being able to handle it. Of course, that wouldn't exactly matter to him, but it was a small little game he wanted to play. While he observed, he noticed a man offering to help a girl out of the caravan. He couldn't help himself as he walked overbehind the guy and patted his shoulder. "What, you think she needs help just because she's a girl? I mean really, what kind of gentleman are you, thinking she needs assistance to get out of a simple caravan? For shame." his tone was sarcastic and teasing as he let out a laugh and turned and took a few steps away, stopping at a place a few feet away from the caravan to just think. He always liked to make fun of the way certain guys would offer to help women. He found that really stupid for reasons he vaguely outlined before. Of course, he expected to find a lot of things he found stupid during the training, as there was bound to be hundreds of people screaming for the eradication of the Titans. "Oh well, what can you do?" he muttered to himself.​
  6. The caravan ride was rougher than her father had described. Jeanne Dufort suspected the fall of Wall Maria had a lot to do with it. The gruesome event did just as much to bolster humanity's fighting spirit as it did to crush it. Old hatreds were reignited and in the hearts of the children who'd survived, many had set out with the taste of vengeance in their mouths. Jeanne was amused but not surprised at the reactions of those in her caravan. She didn't doubt their need for revenge nor their spirits but with every bump in the road the group had gone quieter and quieter until now, where no one spoke. It was the unspoken truth Jeanne knew herself - the closer they got to the military academy, the more certain they grew of humanity's doom. At least that was the way Jeanne Dufort saw it.

    Their ride's end was signaled with a particularly strong jolt, rocking their bodies. Jeanne waited for the rest of her group to exit the cart before hopping out herself. It felt like heaven to stretch after being cramped together like sardines. She took a glance around, there was a good number of them as expected. She wondered how many of them she'd see in the future and if she'd even remember them missing. "Probably not Jeanne." The girl sighed to herself as she awaited commands.

    She'd been taking orders her entire life leading up to here. In fact, the decision to even enroll in the military academy was one made mostly by her father, along with her sense of obligation towards his cause. He, along with the rest of her family, had spent their lives defending the walls. It would not do to disappoint the man who'd raised her up. "The Garrison branch. Sounds exciting." She muttered glumly. In truth, Jeanne had no particular interest in guarding the Walls. Even when Maria was broken, the young Dufort had been enraged following her father, nothing more and nothing less.
  7. It was a ragtag bunch. But if you listened to the stories that all the soldiers tell, it was always that way. Reyna could see them all: Weaklings, workers, losers, winners... The list went on. There was one half-awake guy who was trying to talk it up with a girl getting out of a cart, and was now getting chewed out by some nerd talking about "proper gentlemen" and whatnot. Who needs gentlemen when you had a good fist to hit with when you needed it? But they looked friendly enough. Reyna traversed the short distance across the rough terrain quickly, taking in her environment. It wasn't anything special, mostly arid flatland. She was already sweating under the glaring sun. In the distance, she saw the fields. Dropout central. You didn't make the cut for combat, they found another use for you. A few carts pulled up near the stables while the rest left back for the cities. Those remaining would drag the failures to the fields for farm work or back to their homes. Right as she neared her chosen group, a booming voice echoed out over the air "ATTENTION! Form up maggots!" New recruits milled about, forming rank into a large square.

    Right over heart, left behind back. "Get the salute right, or there's a punishment." That's what dad said. With her fist over her heart and her left hand behind her, Reyna stood straight and still, eyes ahead, waiting for the commanding officer. A ways off, she saw a girl getting caught chewing on a potato. Not dismissable, but sure as hell worthy of a few dozen laps around the camp. The CO, a bald man with a pointed beard, seemed to be stopping for each trainee along the rows, demanding causes and places of origin. And it was in this moment that Reyna felt a sense of emptiness. Where do I come from? What do I want?
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    Claire slightly blushed from the kind gently man that had so kindly let her down, she didn't need the help, but it as offered so why put him down "why, aren't you so nice" she said sliding her hair behind her ear before grabbing his hand and jumping down. As soon as she landed she heard the yelling... time to form up. Everyone got information almost instantly, just like her dad warned her they would be. saluting only when he came around to greet you in the military fashion.
  9. Raider didn't have much time to look around before a booming voice echoed through the new recruits. Not batting an eye, the male just went along the countless others forming a somewhat neat square. At first glance it seemed like the bald guy was just yelling at the poor bastards and bullying them but Raider hardly thought that was the motive. There had to be something more to it than being mean and besides, the guy seemed to skip few people as he proceeded to question the lot.

    As the bald man reached him, Raider quickly brought his right hand over his heart and tucked the left one behind his back. He just had to stay calm and not mess this up. Keeping any emotion away from his face, Raider braced himself for the harsh tone of the bald man.

    "Who're you dirtbag and what are you doing here!?"

    With his voice even, Raider let his response roll off his tongue, "Raider Dawen from the Karanese district, sir. I'm just here to kill some titans."

    "Well now you're a cockroach brat!"

    Suppressing a flinch as the other male yelled at his face, Raider refused to look away. He had no desire to appear as weak on his first day. He wouldn't let this guy get under his skin, words were words even if they were yelled by an angry man he'd rather not touch even with a ten foot pole.

    Raider would have been lying if he said he wasn't relieved when the superior male left it at that and continued to yell at the next person. Though, he highly suspected there was way worse in store for them.
  10. "AND WHAT ABOUT YOU, MAGGOT?" Reyna stood tall, staring him straight in the eyes. Keith Shadis. Former Scout commander. Show respect, show respect, show respect...

    "I dunno. I got past Rose through Utopia. What about you? Come crawling back from Maria with nothing to show except what was left of corpses and terrified sheep riding horses?"
    She didn't know where it came from. Reyna never had liked bullies. She didn't care if the screaming was to toughen them up. But what she'd said was cruel and cold. Something an MP would say. And even without the backhand, she could tell she'd hit a nerve. Reyna stumbled backwards but managed to stay up. Shadis lunged forward, grabbing her by her ponytail. Pulling her in close, he whispered "Listen bitch, and listen good. We did the best we could out there. I'd love to see your face if you come back alive after having to look at one of those bastards out in front of the walls. IF you even make it to graduation. Two very, very big ifs." Their faces were so close that Reyna saw the pain, the fear, and most of all the rage in the former Scout's eyes. Beneath the lines and beard, beneath the rough and trained exterior was a man, and a man who above all was afraid. Not one to be trifled with. Their confrontation over, he flung her to the dirt and screamed again. "I'LL ASK AGAIN CADET. WHO ARE YOU, AND WHAT ARE YOU HERE FOR?" She fought the urge to bellow right back at him, and spoke calmly to his face while she rose. "My name is Reyna Arquette. I'm not here to kill Titans. I'm here to protect those who deserve to be protected, clean the earth of corruption, and rid the world of monsters. Even if that means protecting humans from themselves." Shadis' only response was rather unexpected. There were no spoken words, no gut-clenching tension. Only a moment of recognition, of understanding. Reyna had seen things too. Things she hid so well, it was only when you pushed the right buttons that you could tell. It wasn't just Titans who had killed people outside of Rose. His eyes softened briefly, the hatred hidden behind a veil that could only be seen as a twitching of pride at the corner of his mouth. He knew the death she'd been witness to, and suddenly he had a feeling he liked this kid. But the understanding was gone as quickly as it had come. He moved on to the next cadet who happened to have forgotten where his heart was. But all Reyna could think about now was How many of us actually know what we're fighting?
  11. Luke smiled as he helped the girl from the cart and ignored the uptight man that came out beside him. He wasn't going to let that man kill his vibe and he wouldn't let anyone kill his vibe. Then he heard the man call them to line up and he lazily did it. Hell, he didn't even salute and when Shadis came over to him. Shadis didn't even scream at Luke like some would suppose, his face was just stone cold as he stared at Luke. Luke just gave him a smile. "What...the fuck are you doing..." Shadis spoke in a low menacing voice as he stared at Luke.

    Luke glanced around at his feet and the fellow cadets.
    "Well, I believe you told us to line up and stand here. So, that is what I'm doing" Luke shrugged as he felt the man grab the front of his shirt and yank him towards Shadis. Shadis whispered into his ear so no other cadet could hear. "You don't belong here smart ass...the Titans will eat you and all you would do will be shitting your pants" Shadis whispered as Luke began to chuckle. "Too bad I'm not afraid like you...too bad they couldn't of given us a better CO-" Luke couldn't finish as he was shoved to the ground by Shadis, the man was red in the face but Luke was smiling as he fell on his ass up at the CO.

    Luke got up and gave the proper salute and his smirking face was gone with a serious one.
    "My name is Luke Reynolds and I'm here to exterminate the Titans!....unlike you...coward" He was purposely pushing the CO. Before Shadis would do something he regretted, like assaulting Luke he moved on to the next one. Though now Luke's life would be a living hell from this little stunt.
  12. "Attention! Form up maggots!"

    Jeanne didn't have to wait long. Whoever just barked out the command clearly had authority in the academy, as her peers milling about started to line up in an orderly manner. Even Jeanne, who couldn't see the man yelling, began to move into position. Something about his voice just didn't seem like it'd come from a prankster recruit. It sounded like her father.

    Being near the end of the line had it's benefits. Jeanne could see beforehand what to expect and how to answer, not to mention the boon of figuring out her new companions. Many of them seemed cowed by the angry commander but there were a few that stood out to her. Some he passed over with barely a glance. Were they too weak to take a verbal beatdown? Others, like the man who called himself Raider were exactly like what Jeanne had expected. People out for titan blood. Then there were the more unusual types, like the girl named Reyna Arquette spouting something about being a protector. Jeanne shrugged. She didn't expect her to think that way for long; the Titans served to bring out humanity's most primitive thoughts out. Still, her speech was nothing compared to Luke Reynolds'.

    His insolence enhanced with the perpetual shit eating grin smeared on his face was everything Jeanne stood against. Where she was from, even refusing to do a simple chore was considered talking back to the highest degree. She hated what he did and yet, envied him immensely. To be as carefree as he was, to be master of her own decisions... -"AND WHO ARE YOU, MAGGOT?"- it was something she'd have to think about another time.

    Jeanne instantly snapped to attention, right hand clenched over her heart and left hidden away behind her back. She assumed a neutral face, beaten into her at a young age. "Jeanne Dufort, on my father's orders, sir!"


    "... My father worked on Wall Maria, Sir!"


    "I am Jeanne Shitfort, Sir!"

    His comical, over the top rant sounded familiar to her. Jeanne fought to keep herself from wiping her face of his spit as he moved on to his next victim. Her eyes drooped; the speech was nothing she hadn't thought before. If this was the worst of today, Jeanne figured she could take whatever more the commander dished out. It helped to accept what others said instead of arguing against them.
  13. "Attention! Form up maggots!"

    The moment he heard those booming orders, Joel immediately leaped off the cart and assumed his place in line. A bald man stood before the line of cadets, screaming and scrutinizing each and every fresh face. Joel recognized the man. Keith Shadis, former Scouting Legion Commander, now instructor for trainees, particularly the 104th trainees. Some cowered under his yells, others stayed strong until Shadis physically assaulted them, throwing them on the ground or lifting them up by the head, though he had to admire that red headed guy's daring. He had a feeling this guy was in for a long time of hell now.

    A shadow loomed over him, causing Joel to jump and immediately go into salute, his right fist practically slamming over his heart. Shadis stared at him, his face so close Joel could feel the him exhale. Joel noted the dark circles that ran around his eyes, how they told of long sleepless nights, lying awake in bed with nothing but the memories of seeing comrades die, ghosts of friends everywhere he turns, and wailing mothers crying for their lost sons. How his eyes were examining Joel, measuring him up to see if this trainee was soldier material. One that maybe he could shape up to survive those monsters.

    "YOUR NAME AND WHERE ARE YOU FROM, RAT?" Shadis barked, spitting in Joel's face.

    "Joel Watson, sir! From the Konor Village of Wall Maria, sir!" he replied, holding back from wiping the spit.


    "Yes sir! Three of them in fact, two that found the evacuees from my village and one that almost ate me and my sister before we arrived at Wall Rose, sir!"


    "No, sir! I'm here to make a living for me and my sister, sir!"


    "Sir yes sir!"

    Keith stared him down for a few more seconds before moving on. Oh what a lovely next few years this was going to be.
  14. Raider hadn't bothered to pay much attention to everyone the CO yelled at, which was almost everyone, but there was some interesting ones among the crowd whose names he made a note to remember. First of all, a young woman named Reyna struck out from the crowd, she wasn't like most, like him. Raider had a feeling she'd go far, make something of herself and do something useful with her life and not die as a mere titan snack. Unlike this Luke Reynolds guy, so far he seemed like an useless piece of crap to Raider. Though he might be wrong but he really doubted it. What the heck was he even doing there? Raider highly doubted Luke would be exterminating any titans with that stupid attitude.

    Then there was some chick, Jeanne, who was there by her father's orders. The hell was up with that? Some moron atually joined the military because her daddy told her to. Raider found himself wondering whether that chick had any opinions of her own at all. Utterly stupid. Though it wasn't like his reasons were much better either so Raider couldn't really judge her.

    After the annoying standing on the field and being yelled at was done with the day seemed to take a turn for the worse, not that Raider hadn't been expecting it. He had always been kind of fit from all his shenanigans with Kai but the seemingly endless physic training had been exhausting none the less. The lousy excuse of a food they got given couldn't have been further from appetizing and apparently they didn't have any clean water either. Simply terrific.

    When Raider thought he had finally gotten a break after he had found an empty spot in one of the tables, he was proven otherwise. Apparently the impressive woman from earlier, Reyna, was kind of fond of that table and she seemed pretty mad that it had been occupied by him and a couple of others. Alright, after this, she wasn't that impressive anymore. Not wanting to deal with that crap, Raider boredly glanced at Reyna before uttering a single word.


    There was nothing else to say really, that was what he thought he was doing, sitting. Raider hoped Reyna would just let it go and find somewhere else to sit but he didn't really believe that was an option for her.
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    This was the simple test to make you feel lower, nothing but the dirt underneath his shoes. She didn't care for what he had to say, he was just trying to scare them. She jumped into a salute, and a strong noble one at that, and replied "CLAIRE WYOMING, BORN IN WALL ROSE SIR" she finished

    "And why are you here..." His voice becoming condescending.

    "Here to aid in the study and observation of titans, sir"

    "I don't need to even tell you that you'll be food for the giants" he then walked away silently. Claire was left slightly smirking.

    The day was as bad as she had ever hoped up, sloppy food, crap water, and a lot of physical labor. It was good to see the end of the day, to be a corner while everyone talked...​
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  16. Reyna later learned that the lines had all been roughed up by about 3:00. It had taken an extra hour or so from all the cadets who happened to be trained assholes verbally harassing the commander (technically, Reyna was among them). She'd noticed the continued absence of the potato girl (as the cadets had taken to calling her), and recalled briefly the options that the CO had given her: Run the border of the camp until she collapsed, or miss lunch. It was clear what she'd chosen, though it was obvious that it hadn't occurred to her that while she ran, she would be unable to eat. In truth, she didn't miss anything. It was grimy, pale, mushy slop, with a slightly blacker gruel on the side and brownish water to drink. The evening had been equally terrible, with basic physical training for hours on end. Finally, they had retired for dinner at the mess halls, piling in for just a single drop of dirty, dirty water. Dinner was over, and the cadets were sitting and chatting, some about the Maria breach (some being survivors, others wanting answers to painful questions), others about military aspirations. Reyna had ventured out for a few minutes and saw the potato girl receive food from some others, and then decided she wanted nothing to do with it. Returning to her table, she saw it had been occupied by some of the other cadets. She was not happy. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"
  17. The military academy wasn't the exciting new life her father had promised it'd be. Strict officers, the food shortage taking it's toll on their provisions, hour after hour of physical examinations and training - the list went on and on and on. Certain things didn't match up with his stories either and Jeanne suspected that things were not the way they were before. She frowned, taking into consideration her father's older state, not to mention the incident. He'd never been the same since the Titans had breached the wall.

    Jeanne had been sitting at a table with a few other cadets when Reyna confronted them. There was a chip on the other girl's shoulder and she wasn't feeling up to a confrontation. Silently she stood up and walked off, leaving Reyna her space to sit down. Jeanne opted to lean against the nearest wall, stretching periodically to help ease her position. She was indifferent to the conversation around the room, wanting sleep but a small red haired girl sitting nearby piqued her interest. She didn't seem involved with anyone at the moment, making her easier to approach. Jeanne slowly inched closer to her until she was right next to her. She spoke flippantly out the side of her mouth. "Hi. You aren't a talker, huh?" She knelt down. "My name's Jeanne. Do you know when we're dismissed?"
  18. After everything was said and done, Luke was running around the training grounds along with Potato girl. Unlike Potato girl who seemed exhausted, he was sweating and beathing heavily but he was still holding a slight smirk. He was told no dinner for tonight and he didn't even complain, unlike the girl that was receiving food now. He finally hit his mark on how many laps to do and tiredly, and sweaty, he entered the building where everyone was eating. He was slightly smirking as he took a seat at one of the tables. He was catching his breath as he looked at the crowd, just hearing one girls name as Jeanne.

    He let out a yawn, smelling the aroma of the shit food that was prepared for them. He wasn't going to beg or ask for any food, instead he just glanced around at the group of people, waiting for the time they were suppose to go to bed and prepare for tomorrow morning.
  19. Hmm. Reyna had expected a different reaction. Usually that sort of intimidation worked. She didn't show her surprise. "If you're not going anywhere, you'll have to share." She plopped down next to him and laid her head on her arms. Staring at the wall was the only officially legal thing she could do that didn't arouse too much attention. The only other things were staring at people creepily and talking. What she was doing then was utterly mind-numbing, and the latter alternative was undesirable. So she scanned the room, with little suspicious or interesting catching her eyes. Reyna spotted Reiner and Annie huddled with a particularly tall lad, black hair messily topping off his body. They whispered back and forth for a few minutes until they noticed her stare, upon which they glared at her and returned to their discussion. Jeez. There was another guy boasting about joining the MPs, and Reyna silently cursed his soul. A few just sat like vegetables, staring blankly into the distance. Maria survivors. Badly shaken up from the look of it. And finally there was her little group. She refused to psychoanalyze herself, but the boy sitting next to her seemed to be the most serious of the lot, and he seemed deep in thought. Probably thinking of what an ass she was. The girl here because of her father was trying to strike up a conversation with the quiet one who'd been flirting with the redhead who'd gone running with potato girl. No one else really worth talking to, so she painfully turned herself towards the guy (Raider, was it?) and said "What's your opinion of this bunch?", which she immediately regretted doing. No friends. No acquaintances. They all die in the end. But he seemed like someone who needed talking to. There was a certain tragedy about him, similar but different to the rest. He had seen Titans, but it wasn't the same trauma as the others. She added "My name's Reyna, if you didn't happen to hear what happened earlier."
  20. Raider raised his eyebrow slightly as Reyna sat next to him, he hadn't really been expecting that. In all honesty, he had expected her to go into some annoying bitch mode which would have ended with him leaving the table to go sit somewhere else. Maybe he had made hasty conclusions just a second ago. Oh well, he got to sit in peace so all was well and there was no need to dwell on it.

    The male was less surprised when the woman started talking to him. There wasn't too much to do at the moment and talking was probably the most logical thing to do. Too bad he wasn't much of a talker. Not that he minded being talked to, Raider actually liked it even though it was probably hard to tell. Listening to someone prevented him from thinking too much, it gave him something else to listen to than his own thoughts.

    "I did catch your name earlier."

    Turning his head, Raider glanced at Reyna before letting his eyes briefly scan the room full of people. It was probably way too early to give any solid opinions about the bunch but he let his thoughts roll off his tongue nevertheless.

    "There will be hardly any left after the first encounter with titans."

    They'd be either dead or have given up after that, probably him included. Raider was no fool, men like him didn't usually survive for too long but he was surprisingly okay with that. Everyone dies eventually anyway and going out while "fighting for humanity" or something like that wouldn't be as pathetic as slicing his wrists. Which he would have most likely done sooner or later without this turn of events.
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