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  1. Ok, I've done what I feel hope is enough research to run a Persona RP. So, I'm wondering just how many people would be interested? I know there are a handful (read as "enough") members out there who (sort of) know what Persona is, so there's at least enough possible players. If anyone is interested but doesn't know about Persona, I can give my best explanation.
  3. Huge persona fan. I am -all- over this.
  4. Please explain what a persona is please . . .im stupid -sad face-
  5. [video=youtube;7GS8DqFevV0][/video]

    Persona 3 Wikipedia Article

    Persona 4 Wikipedia Article

    Persona is a video game series that combines the elements of role-playing games and sim games. The player takes control of a character that manifests their 'persona' which is an avatar represented by one of the cards of a tarot deck (usually it also has some sort of mythos). This persona is used to combat shadows, usually in the other world or the dark hour (depends on the game, I won't get into it). The actual conflict is dependant on the game, and a bit vague, so I'll leave that to someone else.

    All characters have one persona. The exception to this is the main character who has access to a place called the velvet room, where he can create a new persona by mixing and matching various personas acquired/made. He may then choose an assortment of personas to draw from at any given time.

    Our characters, in this rp, I think would be like the side characters (all except one maybe). They would have one arcana card represent themselves, something relevant to who they are, and one persona. The persona would start off in its regular form, and then change after the character overcame a major obstacle in their life (usually relevant to their arcana card). Again, this changes in certain games so, a bit hard to explain.

    Personally, I'm hoping we follow along the structure of Persona 4 but maybe with the foundations of 3. After that we can develop/make changes as needed since this is a custom RP. Thought/etc.?

    edit - Actually I think the main character might have been the fool. Not sure, I may be off it's been awhile. The only reason I haven't played it more is because my cd broke :/.
  6. I already have plans for how the tarot cards and Joker tarot are going to be used. I've also come up with a basic plot, in-so-much that I have a puppet master and motivation picked out. As far as Dark Hour vs TV World...I haven't settled on a design yet.

    Things I haven't decided yet: Summoning method, which Arcana (tarot) will be available to the players, enemies, and a few other things.

    I must say, I liked the P4 mechanic of having to face your "true self" in order to unlock your persona. I also liked the P3 Shadow Arcana...both may be used, but I'm not sure...I have an idea for a mechanism all my own that I'm gonna run by a few people IRL.
  7. Ooooh. Tarrots.

    I say we leave out The Devil and The World. Evil one one hand, very powerful on the next.

    Hehe. Well, if you want ideas...

    How about this: America is experenceing the Dark Hour, and a whole lot of crazy @#$% is happening. Personas are just being awakened and they are meeting up. Lets say this is a close knit community and the characters are members of a dorm school. So... Yah. PERSONA! SUMMON!
  8. I vote the Emperor and the Empress being twins!
  9. I've already got plox and such. And I know which tarot deck is going to be used. It's not a conventional one.
  10. oooooooh. Start tweeting the deets little bird.

    And when I say tweet, I mean SPILL IT!
  11. Right on. I'm pretty fond of both the mechanics you mentioned. I'll also be pretty interested to see what changes/new ideas you have in mind.
  12. NEIN! They wouldn't be secrets if I told you!

    Though here are a few more bits: Things are gonna start in media res (look it up), so you'll already all have your personas and know each other. You'll also have a few bosses under your belts. Personas will not evolve, and there will be no Persona fusions. Trying to keep things simple.

    Now, for those of you not familiar, Personas are based off of two things: Your personality, and your Arcana (tarot). Your personality is also based off your Arcana (or maybe the other way around, not entirely sure. Maybe it's both). So, when you choose your Arcana, you need to remember to base your character's personality off of that Arcana. For personality traits linked with Arcana, reference this wiki:

    Not all the Arcana listed will be used. I can tell you now that there will only be a total of 22 Arcana, not all of which will be available to you.

    You'll learn more once I get the OOC up, which will be tomorrow, maybe tonight.
  13. Sweet. Looking forward to it. But you mentioned you'll be using non-standard tarot, are those tarot available on the wiki?
  14. No, they are not. You'll see what they are when the OOC goes up. Basically, though, I just changed the names to suit a tarot deck I have at my house.

    BTW, the Persona 4 anime started today. It's available on Anime Network, subbed.
  15. Sorry it's taking so long...It takes me a while to get an OOC done...I blame OCD.
  16. It's all good. I don't mind waiting, just keep me updated and save me a spot. I'm 100% interested.
  17. I'm still thinking things over...I just saw Thir13en Ghosts as well as The Shining and I've had a few more ideas. Just keep an eye on the OOC forum. I'll probably have something up this week.
  18. Atlus remains the only Japanese developer that I personally feel has never made a bad game. I'm a big fan of Persona 4, too, so I'd be interested in seeing where this game goes.

    Dunno yet if I'll have time to play, but if you're needing someone to bounce ideas off, TnT, please don't hesitate to PM me; I'd love to see a game like this on Iwaku. I think it'd be very popular.
  19. Will do, Grumpster.

    Anyways, I've decided (minus minor details) on the mechanic: A hotel.

    I was inspired by a recent Doctor Who episode, as well as The Shining. I may even simply use a picture of the hotel from The Shining. As with previous games, shadow activity will take place at night.

    Anyways, most details are done, only a handful to go. Get ready.