Shin Megami Tensei Persona I: Mirror/Mirror [OOC & Sign-ups]

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  1. Shin Megami Tensei Persona I: Mirror/Mirror

    3 April, 2016

    The city of Shinimugen, Japan is a place characterized by its forward-thinking and highly-driven industrial infrastructure; it is one of the wealthier cities in Japan, and epitomizes the Japanese spirit of diligence, facing hardships with quick, decisive action and unmatched efficiency. Shinimugen is a hotspot for corporate affairs and business enterprise, and serves as a shining example of just how high the human spirit can allow success and innovation to soar. Indeed, this city is a radiant beacon for those chasing their dreams of entrepreneurial victory.

    Unfortunately, it is also a haven for the downtrodden and misfit, a hive for the curs of society that get by on thievery and murder. Crime is an ugly and prevalent fact of life in the enclosure of Shinimugen, and one wrong turn down the city's dark alleyways could lead to dire consequences for the ill-prepared.

    As of late, the various news broadcasting mediums that air within Shinimugen have been abuzz with the recent, mysterious disappearance of aged CEO of technology tycoon, TechFirm Japan, Jin Kurama. Apparently, Kurama turned up missing sometime last week, shortly after TechFirm was struck with a series of robberies that saw some six billion yen worth of hardware; all from underneath TechFirm's nose. Investigations concerning these robberies have turned up no details. However, investigators discovered at each crime scene a slip of paper with a singular, red-colored pentagram scrawled across the surface. The strange calling cards leave no indication to a potential suspect, as investigators struggle to make sense of the image on the slips of paper themselves.

    Kurama's disappearance aroused police suspicion at first, with investigators speculating that Kurama had orchestrated the hits on his company, and had since disappeared in order to lay low. However, it was some days after the CEO had gone missing that an anonymous ransom note had been mailed to TechFirm's corporate headquarters in Shinimugen.

    At the bottom of the note was a signature, signed by "Scarlet".

    Ultimately, the case seemed uninteresting to you; you were getting sleepy, and school was starting the next day. You merely switched off the television and headed to bed, preparing to face the days to come...

    The dreams that invaded your sleep felt like anything but; you found yourself in a circular room, the entire atmosphere colored in a deep velvet. Lining the walls of the interior looked like what was a series of tall windows, outside of which a multitude of visuals passed by. However, upon closer inspection, you realized the glass surfaces were mirrors, each seeming to reflect a world that existed outside of your comprehension. You found yourself seated in a cushioned, steel-framed chair. Across the table from you sat a man with a comically long nose and thin, white hair. He was well-dressed in a black suit, and regarded you with an unsettling smile.

    Standing to his left was a woman with platinum blonde hair, her eyes an orange-yellow color that lit up like candlelight. "Welcome, to the Velvet Room," the old man started. With a snap of his fingers, you found yourself face to face with a giant, rounded mirror. When you looked, however, what you saw was not your own reflection, but the image of some strange and horrendous entity, its eyes piercing into yours, plunging deep within the confines of your soul.

    Thou art I, and I am thou," it said clearly.

    Strangely enough, the voice sounded very familiar...


    Welcome ladies and gentlemen of Iwaku. If you couldn't discern by now what is going on here, this is the OOC thread for my Persona series-based roleplay. If you have seen my interest check that I have put up some time ago, you'll know I've been thinking on this for quite a while. That means that, yes, I finally have a plot line for us to follow. However, pertaining to the mystery and investigative nature of the Persona series, I cannot expunge any more details than the premise given in this thread. That said, as the roleplay progresses, you will all find out more and more of the plot as things develop.

    As of yet, I have no character sheet to offer, but I plan on setting one up either tomorrow or the day after. You may wish to use the time until then to plan out your characters.

    With all of that out of the way, I apologize for this taking so long, but I am happy to finally have something to show for the wait. Hopefully you guys will find this to your liking, and I can't wait to get started.

    Thanks for looking, and I expect to see you soon.
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  2. For ease of access, I'll repost the link to my character's profile.