Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

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  1. The leader of the Cult of Gaea, Hikawa, sees the current state of the world and believes that the only way to fix humanity is to destroy the world and start all over. So he destroys the world. Before he does, however, he sends out a few handheld devices, kind of like smartphones, to a few random people around the world. These devices have the power to summon the demons of the Shin Megami Tensei universe - and prevent the owners from being wiped when the current world is purged.

    After this apocalypse, the world - now a Vortex World - is in a state of chaos, with aforementioned demons just having a nice little party. In order to remake the world, a human - Hikawa or one of those with a demon summoning device - must have a strong enough Reason, a ruling principle the world will be guided by. This human must also be strong enough to stand before Kagutsuchi, the being who will remake the world according to that Reason.

    You are one of the lucky humans who got one of Hikawa's devices, loaded with a demon summoning program, and the Conception (the process of destroying and remaking the world) has begun. You start with just your device and your wits, and must persuade, bully, or otherwise convince the demons of the Vortex World to join your cause. Will you support Hikawa's dream of a world of silence where the dangerous passion of humanity is neutralized? Or will you advance your own cause? (Or, perhaps, the cause of another who is not Hikawa?)


    Would anyone be interested in a setting such as this? I'm planning to play as Hikawa and the Demi-Fiend (who will be single-mindedly after the True Demon Ending from Nocturne, for those familiar) as well as any demons the players encounter along the way. Chiaki and Isamu will not be in this RP, so their Reasons are up for grabs.
  2. Good luck.

    And an excuse to post this.
  3. I guess a little bump and wish for better karmic happenings doesn't get one very far nowadays. :c
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