Shimoneta Insprired RP anyone?

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  1. Hello Passing Roleplayer! ^^/)

    If you're reading this, then congratulations! You have stumbled upon one of the Lamest Coolest RPs yet! *Confetti and balloons fall from the ceiling*

    Now, as for the Interest check. I was wondering if anyone was interested in a RP inspired by the currently airing 2015 anime Shimoneta (for those who you who don't know what I'm talking about here is a link to MyAnimeList which explains the series:

    I do highly suggest you either watch or learn about this Anime before saying your interested because chances are you'll be lost if you don't.

    If you're interested then great (once I get 5 Roleplayers interested then I'll make a thread for it), if not, then hit the back button and have a fantastic day. So that being said I shall sit here and wait paitiently until your answer comes alright?

    Have a wonderful day ^_^

    MY GOD

    So, are we actually going to fight censorship?
  3. It was bound to happen at some point.

    And Yes.
  4. It was only a matter of time until someone made one. Count me up! :D
  5. Yay! Thank you :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.