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  1. There laid a demon, dead.

    A female went through the body of the demon, looking thoroughly and finally found what she was looking for. A shard of the shikon jewel. She looked at it for a brief moment, a satisfied smirk on her face. At least her sense was right, she knew this demon was harboring a shard inside of his body. Now she took what she needed.

    "Suzumu," came a voice from behind her.

    This made her turn around, knowing well who it was. Naraku stood behind her, not even wearing his disguise that he usually wore. She knew what he came for, he came for the jewel. He used her to get what he wanted, and she had no choice. This being was the one who had control of her life whether she liked it or not. Even if she chose to follow him freely, he made her a slave to him. So, he could kill her at any moment.

    Without exchanging any words to him, she threw him the shard, which he caught in his hand effortlessly. Before she started to walk from, he said her name once more. "I need you to do something for me," he said.

    That was when he bestowed a quest for her. He wanted her to find a demon that was imprisoned, and he wanted that demon on his side. Plus, she needed to have a suitable body guard when she was looking for the shards. Yes, she was strong enough to take care of herself, but he wanted her to be safer. Having extra protection for her was what he needed.

    So, on this quest she had Kohaku with her. He was strong enough to hold his own, but he was a handful at times. Another person that came along was Kagura, even if she wanted to get out of Naraku's control. She couldn't do much to defy him, or that meant death on her part. In other words, they were all stuck under his control and there was no stopping it until he was dead. No one dared to go against him though.

    "Why does he want me to go with you?" Kagura question as she walked with Suzumu, Kohaku was walking behind the two women. "Weren't you fully capable of doing this on your own?"

    "As much as I don't want to be paired with you, Kagura, I have no choice," Suzumu spoke, walking ahead of her.

    Kagura scoffed, "You are rude, but I guess that I am stuck with you until we get this over with."

    Suzumu didn't say anything further, and she continued forth in her journey. They will find this demon that was trapped, and they had to get him out. This demon was going to be her partner, and that was that. Hopefully he was someone that would easily come with no question.
  2. Two pairs of shackles and a large quaintly of broken chains lay in the corner of a stony prison.

    The work of a young man was war pacing around the perimeter of his cage with a bored expression and both hands clasped behind his back. But he wasn't a man, he was a pureblooded youkai of a prestigious and ancient bloodline long thought extinct except he still remained, a prison locked away for none to see. He honestly had no idea why demons and men had joined forces in the first place to seal him away, unlike most he rarely attacked and preferred isolation rather than being around others. A habit he acquired while being around his family for too long.

    He did not know exactly how long he had been imprisoned but a good guess would have been about seven hundred years based on how much his prison had submerged under the ground. It had been so long that the demon had forgotten what type of demon he was along with his own name. Did he even have a name in the first place? "I wish my captors could have at least provided me some type of entertainment seeing how long I've been stuck here." He mumbled then moved a hand to touch his hair while his different colored eyes scanned his surroundings once again.

    No matter what he tried, the feline demon would never be able to break out from the restraints set on him. Those priests were so powerful that they made sure all the seals were outside rather than in with him along with sealing his true form which angered him even more. "Blasted buggers, once I'm free I'll find their descants and rip them to pieces." Growling, he smashed a boot against the closest wall but was sent back by the spiritual pressure.

    "If it wasn't for those seals sapping my strength throughout all these centuries I would be free right about now and tormenting the world for imprisoning me..."
  3. "Is this the place?" Kagura questioned, looking over the imprisonment. It didn't look like much, but she could feel the spiritual power that it held. The place was keeping something in, and that something was never meant to come out. Naraku was being risky if they had to release a being so powerful. What made him think that this being would actually listen to them? "And how are we going to get through with the seals?"

    Suzumu rolled her eyes, stepping forward and placing her hand on one of the walls. The spiritual pressure gave her hand a little shock, and she simply removed it. "Whoever these priests were, they were powerful enough to seal this tightly," she commented, soon crossing her arms over her chest. There had to be some way to get through, and she had to figure out how. Even if she had some abilities of a priestess, she couldn't take down something like that. It would drain her energy if she even tried.

    Then she rummaged through her pouch that was at her hip, digging out something that she was hiding from Naraku. A shard of the jewel that she kept with her for many reasons. Kagura glared at the woman, knowing well that she was defying her master by keeping that shard from him. "You are as good as dead once he finds out that you have that," the wind sorceress told her.

    "He wouldn't dare to kill me, now would he?" Suzumu questioned, glancing over at her. "I find his jewel shards for him, simple as that."

    Kohaku looked at the two women, listening as they bickered with one another. Once he got bored of it, he looked to the imprisonment. He knew that he couldn't go near it, the spiritual pressure was too strong. The only person capable was Suzumu, she was the only one that didn't have a hard time going near the seals.
  4. "How long must I be kept here until my captors are satisfied?" The male demon sighed then slammed his other boot against another wall and was once again sent back. He huffed before slide both hands into his pockets before once again he started to pace, there had to be some way for him to get out or at least weaken it. If he could then it would be possible to take his youkai form and his massive size along with his demonic presence would tear his prison to shreds, freeing him so he may once again walk the world. But sadly that plan was probably wasn't possible.

    Suddenly, his whole body froze and he stared off in the direction where he had felt the presence of someone touch his prison; impossible. From what he had been told before he left only a select few would know where his prison was and the rest would see it as a legend they would tell their family. He with a low snort and a suspicious look walked over to the wall then placed his right hand on it and the spiritual pressure agitated his skin but he pushed through it. Yes, it seemed there were three scents outside this wall, two women and what smelled like a young man along two distasteful scents. Shikon Jewel shards if eh remembered its vile scent correctly.

    Then he cocked his head to the side as he faintly heard the two females talk and bicker to one another, something about the shard and some man killing the other. Great, another person searching probably to make the Shikon Jewel whole again just what he didn't need. And the scent on the woman who touched his wall he wasn't too particular fond of; it was the scent of a half demon, he didn't mind them but this scent smelled like a coward and one who worked behind the scenes rather than the front lines. Then he turned his attention to the young man's presence maybe he could contact him worth the shot.

    "Hey...boy. If you and your companions are done staring at my prison I suggest then you three leave, I don't want the first voices I've heard in six hundred years to be young women bickering." A deep and powerful voice resonated within Kohaku's mind.

    Shrugging he pulled his hand away from the wall and ran it through his hair. If his message didn't reach the boy then the demon would simply have to hit his prison and hopefully that would scare the group away. It had been such a long time since he had heard the sound of another's voice let along a female's and he wasn't too fond the first thing he heard was two arguing about some man of theirs.
  5. Kohaku had heard the voice in his head, and he looked around. The voice sounded so powerful, it almost made a shiver go up his spine. He looked back at the two women, seeing that Kagura was standing off to the side watching Suzumu. They had stopped arguing moments prior, thankfully. Though the voice was curious. It was probably the voice of the demon that was kept in the prison, which was surprising. He looked at Suzumu, seeming that she was the one in charge of this mission.

    "He sent me a warning that we should leave," he told her.

    Suzumu sighed, shaking her head. "We can't do that," she replied, "We have a task at hand."

    The other woman that was standing to the side crossed her arms over her chest, finding that this was rather useless. There was no way they could get the demon out if the spiritual pressure was too great for them to even go near even if Suzumu could touch it without being forced back. Kagura wanted to leave, but she knew that she couldn't. She was there for support, and Naraku would be able to tell that she left because someone would say something about it.

    Suzumu had started to become impatient, embedding the jewel shard into her hand. The power from the shard surged through her for a brief second, causing her to clench her fist. She never thought that she would place a shard in her body, and she was going against Naraku. She wasn't meant to use the jewels, but she had no choice if she wanted to get this demon out of his imprisonment. If Naraku found out, she could get into deep trouble.

    "Whether you like it or not, I am freeing you from this prison," she spoke, hoping the demon would be able to hear her from the outside. After she said that, she placed her hand on the seal again, this time without any problem.
  6. Why were these female demonesses and young human male even here at his prison in the first place? Though he had no idea when he was supposedly supposed to be free he honestly doubted it would have been this soon, then were they actually tourists or simply lost and stumbled upon him? The demon was happy that the bickering had stopped and once again it was silent for the mean time. Good, if it hadn't had stopped then he would have slammed his fists into the walls a few times to scare them away.

    "Seems the boy did get my message and is relaying it to them, hopefully they listen." He mused while rubbing his chin with a smile.

    "And female doesn't listen while the other stays silent." The demon sighed, then flicked the wall making a deep sound resonate from it. "Maybe I should send that boy another message?"

    Then his head perked up when he felt the demoness' presence and scent get stronger but at the same time vile. The work of the corrupted Shikon jewel shard no doubt. Oh how he loathed that damned creation, it was an abomination that bestowed upon those unfortunate enough to find them power while sometimes making them lose control. Maybe she'd turn on her companions and tear them to shreds; that would be something interesting to sense and listen to. But sadly it seemed she had control over herself so there would be no entertainment for him just yet.

    Hearing her words he cocked his head to the side slightly before he once again felt something outside his prison touch the wall. He also extended a hand and touched the exact spot where Suzumu's was on the other side. With his free hand, he tapped the wall with a nail and was surprised to see he had regained some of his power. Suddenly the area directly in front of his and her face became transparent and they could see one another. " you are the one who wishes to free me? What to do wish to gain by doing so young demoness?" His red and black eyes examined her with a staid expression before glancing over at Kagura and Kohaku before back to the woman before him.
  7. Kagura had a look of surprise when she saw that it actually worked. The jewel shard enhanced the other woman's powers, which she thought was not possible. The shard held many hidden powers which could work in someone's favor, or against it. In this case, it worked in the other demoness' favor. This was lucky. Even though, she should tell Naraku that she was using the jewel shard, but she was going to go against Suzumu just yet. They had unfinished business to take care of first. However, Naraku was no fool, he was going to witness something different about Suzumu. Powers just didn't grow stronger over night.

    Suzumu observed the demon carefully, looking at his form now. He didn't seem like much, but she knew the tales about him. This demon before her was stronger than any other demon that she has come across, perhaps even stronger than her master. If she said the wrong thing to him, she could lose a powerful partner. "I was sent to look for you," she started, giving him her full undivided attention. "In agreement to get you out of this prison, you will aid me in finding missing pieces of the jewel shard."

    She was always so blunt with explanations, always getting straight to the point. There was no reason to hide behind the truth, that was a coward move.

    "So, you are the demon that everyone fears?" Kagura questioned, looking at the man that was imprisoned. She sensed the power that was hidden, but she didn't want to believe this was him. His form now was nothing that could induce fear in any being. There had to be a mistake, but she shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.

    The other demoness ignored her comment, thinking that she well spoke out of turn. That was why they didn't get along with one another. Kagura was the one to question things while Suzumu was to just follow orders for the sake of keeping her own life. As to Kohaku, he stayed quiet until he needed to speak up, which also made him a follower.

    "Also, to answer your question further, I wish to gain my own freedom when I finish this task at hand," Suzumu added on, "You get yours, while I get mine. Simple as that."
  8. Though he gave no indication of it, the demon was keenly examining his three would be 'liberators'. An odd bunch but hey, if it worked for them then he had to right to comment about their little party. If they could free him then he would listen to what they had to say before he decided whether or not to either kill them or make them prisoners; oh that would be rich. Though his nostrils flared unconsciously upon the foul scent of the Shikon jewel hitting him, but it seemed to be working for their leader.

    The demoness in front of him, after examining her he was surprised about the power she had before the jewel. It was quite rare to feel that much and it also seemed she had some powers of a priestess; very odd. But that along with the jewel could be his ticket out of his infernal confinement. "You were?" He cocked his head slightly before he became silent and listened to her. "That is a tempting offer..but...I am but sure if I want to jewel shard to become whole again. Fifty years ago I heard it caused some problems, though it was amusing to hear about."

    It resulted in the death of a priestess which he did enjoy but he did feel a bit said for the young half demon. He was fond of half demons and often used to help them because they were outcasts much like himself.

    Then his eyes turned to the wind demoness and a hint of amusement could easily be seen upon hearing her question. "It seems that would be me, I don't look like a Dai-Yokai that's crossed claw and fang with Inu no Taishō do I? Well I've also fought along side that old dog a few times so I wouldn't call myself his enemy, more like a friendly rival." The demon chuckled then took a step away from the wall. Instantly, the whole wall became transparent and an after image appeared beside him. "The form you see now is what the priests bound me to, I used to look a lot more fearsome than I do now. And this," He motions to the image beside him, "is what my true form looks like. About fifteen feet shorter in height and length than the great dog demon." The Daiyokai stated then dismissed the image.

    Then he turned his attention back to Suzumu and a small smile could be seen on his lips. "It seems we have a deal then, you need me for protection and freedom while I need you for my freedom. It looks we'll be working together than young demoness."
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  9. Suzumu watched his movements, watching as he showed his true form through an image. Ah, so the stories were true. He was the demon that people did fear, which is why he was locked away in imprisonment. They were smart to do that, but it made her wonder how long he was actually trapped here. If she had known of his whereabouts before, she could have freed him a long time ago and become allies with him. At least it was now than never. Now no one would dare to try to come near her with him by her side, unless they were naive.

    Then he agreed to become her companion. In truth, he would probably be better than being stuck with Kagura most of the time. Kohaku was fine to be around since he didn't speak much, and he took direction quite well. There was a reason for that though, but that's something that Suzumu didn't really care for fixing.

    The demoness kept her hand on the wall, focusing her energy on it and the seals started to slowly disappear. The jewel shard made it easier for her to do so. Sure she was not the strongest priestess, but she was close to one. Her powers were limited, but they were strong. Her plan was to only use it to free this demon from his cell until she realized how much power the shard actually had. It enhanced her skills, making it easier for her to do what she needed to do. Of course she didn't need it.

    "Naraku has told me specifically that you would be working alongside of me," Suzumu mentioned as the seals disappeared, and now the walls started to deteriorate. That didn't seem too hard, but it would have probably been more complex without the jewel in her hand. At least she had it with her. "These two with me were just here to accompany me, even if I didn't need them."

    Kagura rolled her eyes, folding her arms over her chest. "You sure do have a cute ego, Suzumu," she said sarcastically. "Anyway, if you don't need us here anymore, we can just leave you alone. Oh, by the way, I advise you to take that jewel out of your hand. Naraku would not be pleased, especially if he finds out that you have had a jewel shard hidden from him."

    "And I will know who told him," Suzumu spoke, a small chuckle left her lips and soon looked at the demon once more. "I apologize on her behalf, she is a rough character to be around."
  10. The Dai-Yokai turned his back to three as several more images appeared and replayed different events that happened throughout history while he was sealed. Though he couldn't have openly witnesses them there were times where the seal would weaken for a brief moment and he'd take that chance to learn all he could. Then the incident fifty years ago with the Shikon jewel happened and when that priestess died his seal had been strengthened and he could no longer probe the outside world. "It is true that I am a very powerful demon that rivals such as the great dog demon though I'm afraid that I am not at full strength." The demon faced towards them again with a shrug.

    "Along with breaking my weapons and armor, these seals the priests created were meant to continually suck out my demonic power. Which I'm sad to say they somewhat succeeded, they absorbed a good amount but sadly for them once I'm free my power will start to build and restore itself; good news for you and bad for yo-our foes." He continued on as he looked over the three again. He wasn't too fond of the wind demoness' attitude while the boy ,Kohaku, he could easily deal with. It seemed to the demon the young man stayed quiet unless spoken to or given a direction which he could appreciate. The demoness he made the deal with he already sensed her power and even though she didn't contain enormous amounts of power it was more than usual. Then there were the Shikon jewel shards they possessed, those two were lucky they hadn't been consumed.

    He walked back over to the wall while dismissing the images before he once again placed a hand where hers was. Even if he hated those shards it seemed they were helping dissolve what held him prison so sometimes necessary evil had to be used. If she continued to enchance her powers without the Shikon jewel then he was certain she would become even stronger than she had thought. Raising his free hand, he flicked a seal with his nail and watched as it suddenly erupted in fire and became ash. Once enough were gone he could once again feel his power along with it slowly rebuilding his reserves caused the big cat demon to grin.

    "Is that so? Maybe I should have a word with this Naraku, I am not fond of others who wish to command me like I am some lesser demon." He replied in a calm yet dangerous tone, his red eye flickering like a wildfire. Just as his eye settled down he once again used both hands to test the wall before giving a slight nod. "That should do." The demon mumbled as his whole prison, except for where Suzumu was standing, became engulfed in an inferno of blue flames. A mere few moments later the flames quickly disappeared and the wall were no long there and the demon stood there with a satisfied smirk. "You don't know how long I have wished to do that."

    Stretching, his power leaked out into the world but he reeled it back in; he didn't wish for his new ally and the other two to die on accident. That wouldn't have been a good way to start his new freedom even if no one would have cared. "No need, I have learned to ignore the remarks of lesser demons especially wind demons; very mouthy." The demon replied then took a few steps until he stood beside Suzumu. "Though it looks as if not much has changed the world feels completely different. Well," He turned his head to look at his new demoness ally, "before we begin I will need to acquire a new blade."
  11. When the imprisonment burned to the ground, Suzumu stood where she was. She crossed her arms over her chest, her expression had been flat. It didn't bother her when he placed the prison to the ground because that is exactly what she wanted to do when she left Naraku's castle at last. "You will meet Naraku once you help me retrieve our first jewel shard together, and I know he will be around," she told him, "He chooses to trust me when I am on my little missions."

    Kagura huffed at the demon's words, crossing her arms. "Fine, I will leave," she told the two, "You two need to be acquainted anyway. Come along, Kohaku."

    The boy looked over at Suzumu, seeing if he did have the permission to follow the wind demon. The demoness gave him a nod, and he then followed Kagura as she started to walk away. They would have to go back to Naraku and talk to him about their next task. That was on them, they had their own things to do while Suzumu had her own task. They were all in separate levels, and that was clear to all of them. It was hard for Naraku to just trust anybody. He was too smart to that.

    "Well, if you need a sword, let's go obtain one," Suzumu told the demon, looking over at him. She wasn't going to trust him, so she kept her guard up around him. It would have been a foolish mistake if she were to just trust him, but she didn't trust anyone, only herself. "Lead the way, I am sure you are capable of searching for a new weapon on your own." It may have been a fine line for her to be ordering him around, but she was always so blunt with everyone she came across. Though she hasn't always been like that, and her personality changed when she joined Naraku's forces.
  12. The demon turned around to examine his handiwork and chuckled a bit, there was still a bit of ash but the ground had been imbued with holy power so he hadn't felt like using more power to fully disperse it. If his enemies so happened to come by this place and saw that he was gone why not give them false hope of reconstructing his prison? Would be an interesting game, that he was definitely sure of. "I have no doubt about what you have said, snakes tend to hide until the hard work has been done for them," He turned to face the other two while glancing at Suzumu. "Trust you say? I would not be so sure but it is not my place to assume an opinion just yet."

    Hearing the wind demon again he glanced over at her with a curious expression, maybe he should end her life? No, maybe she would be some use to him in the future. "Very well, Wind Demoness Kagura. Let us hope for your health you are better mannered next time we meet." It was not a suggestion, more like an order if she valued her existence.

    It would have been nice if the boy ,Kohaku, would have been allowed to stay; it had been such a long time since he'd been around a human. He wished to know what had changed and how far his species had advanced since his imprisonment, it seemed pretty far from seeing the weapons and how the child held himself around demons. Once he met this Naraku maybe he or she could possibly fill him in on the details and maybe..just maybe he would become this half demon's ally for good. That was until his partner wished to claim her freedom from this would be master.

    "Yes..." The demon mused while rubbing his chin. It seemed she wasn't going to trust him just yet but he wasn't offended, he was the same way and though he showed no sign of it but if she made one wrong move he was ready to kill her in an instant. He hadn't survived this long by playing the fool and trusting everyone he met; expect for the Great Dog Demon, that was someone who was easily trustworthy. "As you wish, I can feel many demon blades that are nearby but they're all weak and pathetic imitations that couldn't handle being around me. So we're going to visit an old friend of mine...Tōtōsai." He stated then without another word began to walk.
  13. The wind sorceress left with a huff, not saying anything else to the two while Kohaku trailed behind her. They were going to cross paths again sooner or later, but perhaps more of the later. Naraku normally did not send Kagura out to find Suzumu, there was no reason to. As long things were going to plan, he did not care what the demon did with her time, as long as brought the jewel shards to him. Now he had less worries of her because she had the demon companion with her now. That was all that she needed.

    At the mention of Totosai, she just nodded her head and followed him without a word. Totosai was the one who forged the Tenseiga and the Tessaiga. Two different swords that she has seen in action at least once. Sesshomaru was the one who wielded the blade that resurrected, and his half brother wielded the sword that cause destruction. It was interesting to her how the two brothers were rivals, but she did understand why they were.

    This demon she walked behind will learn quick that she was quiet most of the time, especially traveling with a stranger that could easily kill her without a second thought. That even sent chills up her spine, which is why she will keep her mouth shut for now unless she truly protested something. The feeling of the jewel shard's power surged through her, and she looked down at her hand. It almost felt like it was burning. She couldn't remember if this shard was tainted or not, but she knew she had to remove it at some point.

    For now she just kept it there, even if it was distracting. It was a bearable pain, so she wasn't going to just rip it out from her hand. When it came to that point, however, she would have to. Perhaps she would get used to it, she really hoped that she would or it would hinder her performance to get the rest of these shards.
  14. If he never saw the wind demoness again then he would be fine with that but he knew it was not the case. They'd probably cross paths again and hopefully the next time she would hold her tongue unless she had something productive to add, or else this Naraku would have one less follower. Surely it wouldn't be too hard to get another with how abundant lesser demons were in the world, Dai-Yokai like himself were becoming rarer and rarer. He could already tell he was the last of his kind but how long until other lines of great demons died out too? Oh well, he wasn't planning on dying any time soon.

    Totosai; an expert demon craftsman and a master sword smith. He had forged Inu no Taishō's swords along with his own, Onikimaru, which had been shattered during his imprisonment. It would be a long shot but hopefully for old times sake he could convince the old hermit to forge him another blade, armor wouldn't be needed. Though he was powerful, he saw still not quite old nor powerful enough to yet make his own blade just from his own demonic power; that would come later. Even then he would still also use the hermit's blade in battle, out of friendship and to use a powerful weapon.

    At least Suzumu was quiet, that was a bonus for now until he'd probably grow bored and would have the wish to chat, he would have to learn what he had missed throughout the years. He would kill her without batting an eye, that much was certain, but that depended on whether or not she tried to betray him; he'd show no mercy then. His nostrils flared at the scent of the Shikon Jewel and he sighed, what was it with humans and demons using that blasted thing? Sooner or later it would turn better whether she believed it or not.

    "If I was you, I'd remove that accursed thing from your hand before something happens." The demon states without even glancing at her. "I don't know whether it was originally tainted but if you continuously keep it in you it will taint and destroy you. Plus other demons regardless of whether I'm here or not will come after you, the power and miasma will over power my own and that would be what the demons will focus on." The man then added with a sigh. Though he didn't mind, he'd kill them and that would give him something to do and also something to eat. "Anyway, I'm transporting us there." Reaching out, he swept the female off her feet and launched himself into the air. "Unless you wish to be dropped don't squirm."
  15. When he started to talk about demons coming after the power of the shard, she knew that he was right. Demons would have an attraction to it, which would provide things difficult when she wanted to find the other shards at a timely pace. They would get in the way, and they would certainly slow them down. Perhaps getting rid of the shard was the best idea, so she would have to at some point. Though she wanted to test out the power of the jewel shard. If she could get rid of seals from his imprisonment, what else could she do with the power granted to her?

    Suzumu didn't speak about, knowing well that she had her own selfish intentions with the jewel shard. If Naraku were ever to figure it out that she had the shard, he would kill her for disobedience. That was something that she wished to avoid at all costs. Death wasn't an option for her, it never has been.

    She was caught by surprise when he lifted her up in his arms, though she didn't squirm because of the warning he gave her. It was not normal for her to be carried, so this was strange on its own. She was used to walking to get to all of her destinations, which never bothered her. When they were in the air, all she did was look around at the higher elevation. Of course she wasn't scared, there was no reason to be, unless he decided that he wanted to drop her. Though she had a feeling that he wouldn't do that.

    For a moment she gazed up at him, then looked away. "Since we are traveling together, I would like to know your name," she told him, finally speaking to him. It was nice to know names of her companions so they weren't complete strangers to her.
  16. After they were in the air, he was silent as he leisurely either passed by or through the low hovering clouds. It probably would have been even faster to take on his true form but he rather liked being in his human form when he was just traveling, plus he wished to keep the news about his freedom a secret for as long as possible. He didn't have many foes that were still alive but who knew when some pompous new blood would show up and wish to challenge him or if his old friend's son, Sesshomaru, would show up. They didn't have one of the greatest relationships but he respected the young dog demon and also fought along side him.

    He could sense the emotions going through his new companion's head, it was an odd assortment but he wasn't one to judge too harshly. No doubt it was something about her master and the jewel shard. From what he could tell this Naraku was very interested in them so he probably didn't take kindly about her using one.

    Like he suspected, Suzumu was incredibly light and easily for him to hold as they continued through the sky; him pushing off now and again in mid air to increase their speed or maintain it. The demon was a bit curious to what else he was expected to do with him accepting her deal. Was he supposed to do anything else besides watching and protecting her as they searched for the shards, that would have to be something he'd have to ask once they landed. For now he just wanted to get to where Totosai lived, get a new blade, then get on with this quest of theirs.

    Hearing her question caused him to look down at her with an amused yet also sad looking expression. "Don't have one." He replied, it was easy to tell her was neither being sarcastic nor rude. "Ever wonder why in the legends and stories written about me why a name was never written? My family never gave me one, I was their first born; their strongest and heir. Yet I had one flaw; I was already stronger than most of my kind after just being born and they were fearful of me. So they never gave me a name, considered me an outcast, and disowned me once I could fend for myself. I took on a name later in life but after being imprisoned for all those centuries I never again had to use it so it was lost from my memory." He then added before returning his gaze back to the horizon.

    "Give me sometime and I shall think of one...unless you wish to name me."
  17. That made a lot of sense as to why he did not have a name. It didn't bother her that he didn't have one, it would have just been nice to know if he did have one. Even if names were identities, they were not of importance. Suzumu knew that her name was given to her at birth, but she never really knew the origin of her name. Her parents passed when she was young, and she grew up not knowing a lot about her past. All she knew that she was raised in a shrine because she was left with a priest, that was how she had powers of one. Even if she was a demon, she was raised pure.

    Then she came across Naraku, he was the one who told her that she could have a better life. Naraku was the one who actually influenced her, getting her in tune with her demon side. That was when she decided to leave the shrine, and from then, she was shunned as a priestess. Then she learned about the jewel shards, and she could sense where they were located. That was when Naraku fully made her his servant, even if she was willing to be a follower. He tricked her into being his slave, and here she was now.

    "I won't name you," she told him, knowing that wasn't for her to place. They have only met, and it wouldn't seem right if she named him. "Decide on your name, and you can tell me whenever you figure it out."

    For now, she just wanted them to get to Totosai and finish with their business there. The last time she saw him was when Inuyasha was there, as well as his little gang. She didn't start anything with them, but Inuyasha bad mouthed her for being Naraku's minion. Kagome, luckily, stopped him from doing anything drastic. That was when Suzumu left, not really having the chance to speak to the old man. Even Myoga, that old flea was there as well. That was an interesting day.

    "How much further?"
  18. He really didn't care that he no longer possessed a name, it would make him easier to find; something he really didn't wants as of yet. His parents never gave him one and for the longest time he was referred to as 'outcast' so that's what he went with for a longtime until he fled and met Sesshomaru's father and started to fight along side the dog demon. Back then he was still referred to as Outcast until one day his old friend asked him to join his son Sesshomaru and act as his right hand man for a time. Outcast had reluctantly agreed and for a time followed beside the young dog demon as his companion and helped him in all his endeavors until one day when they stopped by a stream after a bloody fight.

    Sesshomaru had grown tired of calling the big cat demon 'Outcast' seeing how it was unfitting from someone from a noble line like himself to be referred to as that.
    That was when the demon took on the name 'Akiramaru', the name he would use until his imprisonment. Akiramaru accepted the name though he wasn't sure if he should change what he had been called for so long. But he did anyway and from then on Akiramaru, Sesshomaru's strongest warrior and right hand man had been born, a force to be reckoned with in battle.

    "As you wish..." He replied then was whisked back into his thoughts where eh had remebered some of his past along with the two names he had taken on. "Call me....Akiramaru or 'Akira' for short, it's a name my old friend's son gave me and it will do until I can think of one for myself." Akiramaru stated while he pushed off the air again.

    Just then they descended by a volcano and right in front of a giant skeleton of what seemed to be a worm and Akira shoot his head as he let Suzumu to her feet. "After all these years and he's still living in a skeleton? With him being a crafts master he could build himself a proper dwelling."
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