Shifting the Shapes, of Those Demons who are Wolves.

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    Species: Demonic Werewolf

    Personality: Razgul is a very strong leader, but he's new at it. He recently took over his pack from his father and a new learner to all the ways of leadership.
    He's been learning fast over the past month he's bee in control, and like his father before him he was a human killer. His father had been hunted throughout his life...but never caught...until a month ago. The male had mysteriously come back to his pack, a poison arrow stuck between his wings where the main bloodline of his body traveled.
    The blood by the top of his and his son's back's are extremely narrow because they go to the wings and cannot carry a heavy amount of fluid.
    The poison had spread through the pinioned appendages, destroying the tissues and infecting the one thing he can't manage himself.
    If the wings of the demon wolves ever got injured, they couldn't shift back. That was their one weakness. Yes, flying was an advantage, but it was also the greatest disadvantage.

    The pack was extremely well known around the area, even though most members had no wings and stayed far away from town.
    Razgul and his father were gifted with the appendages, but they couldn't use them to fly. It was to obvious, to well known to look above as you walked the streets at night. Surprise was something the wolves no longer had while flying.
    Now all Raz could use his wings for was to bound swiftly through the forest and leap extremely high.
    Flying was suicide since guards were stationed everywhere to watch for him.

    Tonight was a very calm one, only crickets were heard along the edge of the forest as the giant wolf stalked out in to the night air.
    His pitch black wings reflected off moon's rays, shining with a warm gray, almost like a flashed-signal.
    He kept them tightly folded against his back so they didn't signal any of the guards in the watch towers around town.

    Tonight Razgul needed to bring back at least one human for his hungry pack.
    He was new, not but a month old in his position of leader. The second Raztul had died everyone turned their eyes to the last winged wolf, waiting for him to take over and not screw up...right off the bat.

    Raz felt the pressure, badly, but he kept it inside and remained quiet and calm. Stressing out wouldn't help the male catch anything...he needed to focus.
    The past month he'd caught about five humans and two deer. It wasn't a bad kill record for a new leader but he needed to make a kill tonight. During all those kills the boy had gotten lucky though...he hadn't found a single hunter during any of the chases. Lucky.
    He just hoped his luck was just as good tonight.

    With a quiet grunt Razgul ducked down in to the tall wheat field that connected the giant Baziell Forest to the great town of Sherwell. He ducked and dodged swiftly through the cornstalks, dodging around foot traps that he'd memorized and jumping over small pitfalls. He kept his wings against him and moved quickly, hoping to get to town without being spotted. If he was seen the alarm would be raised and all his work for a sneak attack would be ruined for the day.
  2. [​IMG](Has silver hair, not white)

    Name: Sayomi

    Age: 19ish

    Bio: Sayomi looks more normal then the average werewolf. Though when she is in her humanish form she still got stares. With having two different colored eyes, and Black and silver hair. Her skin was paler then it should be, and she looked weak, but in reality, she was not. Sayomi had always really been a wanderer. Never finding a place to fit in. She knew that there was other were wolves out there with certain powers. Some flew, and some could even could control powers. Sayomi only had a slight ability of darker magic. She could control certain shadows, and could suck life out of plants, and the happiness of others.

    Since she looked more human, Sayomi was able to stay in pubs, and inns. Which did make hunting easier. Except right now, there were people talking about her recently, so she had to be careful. Sayomi didn't mind being alone for most of the time. But she still had her wolf instincts of wanting to be in a group.

    Peaking through the tall grass, Sayomi watched all the humans do their thing. It was harder for her to hide in the green because she was black and silver. But if she just laid on her stomach, then the bright color was hidden, and she was easier to hide. She eyes everything, checking everything is. She needed to make sure that she had an escape route for once she was in the village if she actually decided to go.

    While watching the humans, a small pup came over to her, yelping. She looked about slowly before she growled, the dog dimming and the grass darkening as she began to use her small amount of powers. Being a demon had it's perks. And she knew that once she had time and a master to train her, she could learn more. Once the dog felt the oddness of the much bigger dog in the grass, it ran off. Sayomi continued to watch as she tried to pick out a human to catch. She was weak from travel, and wanted to hunt.

    It was not long before she noticed a middle aged man start to go off alone into the woods. She figured that it was because it lived there. Slowly she watched as the man walked with pride, and dignity. Something must have happened for him to feel the way he did, but look so poor. Staying crouched close to the ground until she reached the woods, she followed the man. Carefully, and quietly. Not stepping on a leaf. She stalked her prey. Excited for the meal.
  3. Razgul had been so intent on sneaking through the grass that he hadn't noticed someone coming towards him.
    A human was just going to waltz right into his territory?
    Well, that was definitely nice of them but he had seen these traps before.
    If the man was armed with even a tiny bit of poison and expecting an ambush Raz might perish.
    It was unlikely that someone would sacrifice themselves for such an attack but he figured they probably used human prisoners as the bait.
    If you offed one of the wolves and managed to survive you get your freedom...or something like that.

    Either way, he wasn't too sure of the person and quickly ducked closer to the ground and moved in a wide birth around the figure.
    His paws were extremely quiet on the dirt and his dark blue-black pelt hid him rather well at night in the tall grass.
    Was he going to let this person go with the thoughts of a possible poisoning?
    It wasn't something he wanted to face because that was how his father died...but he needed the human meat so yes, he was.

    Razgul started to circle back around, hoping to come up from behind and catch the human off-guard.
    His wings were tucked but slowly arching inch by inch off his back, preparing for an abrupt lunge.
  4. Sayomi stalked after the human. He smelt different then most human's that she had met, but she was also in a whole new place. Slowly as she crawled nearer, she began to suck the happiness from the man. She knew that if he was up to something, he would start to freak. He would get ready, thinking that he was going to be attacked. Which he would, but it would be in a way that he no longer had control of once he shower his intent.

    After she got a little closer to the human, she smelt something else, a soft growl escaping her. She hated being in such a new place, not knowing what all the different smells were. As she continued to watch the human, her ears poked up. She was trying to find where the creature was. It smelt sort of like the other werewolves she had incountered, but they all seemed to smell different.

    She couldn't hear much, just the slight rustle that the wind made. She forgot about it for a moment, watching the human pale finally. He sure was a happy fellow, she had to admit. No matter how happy a person was, if they were in reach of her long enough, they would all sub come to the depressed feeling.

    Her different colored eyes watched him closely. He reached into his bag, pulling something out. She couldn't tell exactly what it was, but she knew it was not good. They never pulled out anything good. She began to quietly and quickly get closer to the human. Now was the time to make her move. She needed to eat now. She poked her hear out, as she got ready to pounce. She figured it would only take a moment to bring the man down.
  5. Wings suddenly covered everything as the large alpha sprung from the tall grass.
    He hadn't noticed the other wolf close by as all of his attention had been focused on the human as he reached towards his pack.
    There would be no blades today though...

    Razgul landed on the human's back, his wings flaring to either side for balance as his weight forced the man to the ground.
    Almost instantly arrows started to whiz by them.
    Screw that.
    Raz had his kill with a quick snap of his jaws over the human's throat and was quickly bounding towards the forest, dragging the body behind him.
    His wings helped greatly in moving faster as they made small hoops in the air to add more force to his kicks, essentially speeding up the wolf until he vanished into the brush.
  6. The minute the other wolf popped up. She knew exactly what she had smelled. It was another wolf, and he just stole her kill. She Fully jumped up. As exciting as it was to see another wolf hunt, it was her kill. She jumped over to where he was, growling. Her eyes darkening as she looked at him. She was too cranky, and too hungry to attempt to deal with someone.
    She didn't say anything. Silver, and the light blue clearly visible even in the darkness. She wanted her kill, wanted to eat, and wanted to just go to sleep.
    Sayomi didn't say anything, she just looked at him, growling, the grass around her slowly withering. Sometimes she would forgot that she had her her powers. She would sometimes forgot that they came out with emotions.
    For a brief minute, she couldn't help but look at his wings. She had never seen any wolf with them before. She wondered why he was the first that she had seen with them.
  7. Razgul was just as surprised to see another canine right in front of him, especially one that had no relation to his pack.
    Wolves usually steered clear of this area if not for the winged wolves then for the archers in town.
    There wasn't a lot of food and humans were the best but most dangerous source.

    He bared his own fangs around the grip he had on the dead person.
    This was his kill.
    She'd been too slow and she was also hunting in his territory...

    Just to make himself more threatening he unfurled his giant black wings and snarled out a warning.
    The pack needed this food, some lone mutt wasn't going to be stealing it anytime soon!
  8. As Sayomi got madder, she could see shadows begin to flicker. She was not going to loose to some powerless wolf who thought he was the best.

    She decided to just transform. As she turned to her more human form, more beauty was notiable. Her hair matched her fur. Black and silver. Her eyes remained the same. Blue and green. She looked down at the dog and scoffed.
    "You think you are special?? You don't have any useful powers. You just have wings. And since humans now have arrows to shoot in the sky, they are not too helpful." She turned on her heel, and began to walk away.

    She looked over her shoulder at him. "I'm going to go hunt in town. If you decide to eat the body, then I would suggest watching out. Something seems off." She shruged.
  9. Razgul's ears pinned back and he bristled.
    Of course he thought he was special, he was the alpha.
    Well, the male didn't smell anything poison on the body and he'd already dodged the knives so there was no risk in his opinion.
    He quickly started to drag the body into the woods and to his pack, letting them eat as he stood guard.
    If the other wolf showed up he'd deal with it as if it were a human encroaching on his territory.
  10. Within the hour, Sayomi was carrying a body bag to the woods. She thought that looking prettier then the average human had its benifits. Though, she really didn't think that she was pretty. To a human yes, but to the average demon, she felt belittled. She did not have anything special about her to look at. There was no horns, wings, claws. Nothing. She was plain, and boring. She had two different colored eyes. Sayomi turned back into her more natural form, and begane to eat the body. She only ate about an arms worth of meat from the human. She was sick, which was why she was traveling. There was rumors that there an alpha male that was stronger then any alpha male. He was wiser then any being, and knew how to heal almost anything.

    The dainty wolf walked a few yards away from the body, and laid in a clearing, Shadows dancing around her. For now, she would sleep, then try and find the wolf from earlier just to see if she was even going the right way. She didn't that she was much off if she really was going.
  11. The winged male was back within the next few hours.
    He'd smelled the other dead human and if she wasn't going to eat it he was taking it back to his pack.
    Without bothering to ask he got a strong grip on the man and started to drag him away.
    He did notice the female nearby but she didn't seem to notice him coming up.
    Hopefully she wouldn't put up a fight about him stealing her food.
  12. As Sayomi laid there, her eyes closed, she could smell the other wolf come back. He was not as sneaky as he thought she was. Though she was not going to eat much more for now, it was still her kill. Once she was sure that he had it, she jumped and landed next to him.

    She bit down on on of his wings. He thought he was so special because of them, she figured she would see how high and mighty he felt with only one.
  13. As the other wolf jumped next to Razgul he bristled up his hackles and snarled.
    The human slipped from his jaws as he moved to defend himself but the female was quicker.
    Her fangs snapped down on his right wing and a loud snarling yelp escaped his jaws.
    The young wolf yanked back, tearing a small gash in his wing.
    Said appendage drooped to the ground as it slid free of the other canine's teeth.

    Well, that definitely wasn't a very healthy introduction.
    Razgul had his other wing tucked against his back, the injured one useless as he growled at the female.
    He really didn't want a fight but this was his pack's land and he had to defend it.
  14. Sayomi bared her teeth, no noise coming from her. She was already running on nothing, so she figured a fight would just echaust her more. She was not going to put up with someone stealing her meal again. She actually risked more going into the town then the wolf had probably ever risked. As she used more and more of her energy, her ability went crazy. It was trying to protect her. The rate at which is sucked the life and happiness from things were three fold the normal amount, and shadows danced at her feet. She was not going to let some wolf who thought so high and mighty of himself leave with her steal, or more then a warning bite to his wing.
    She stood, waiting, and holding her ground. She never backed down. Never. The only time she would, is when she was dead.