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Scarny jumped out and quickly changed into her wolf form. She started running through out the forest weaving and dodging trees. She looked and acted just like a wolf. She just went running the wind pushing her fur back the only thing that was different was the design in her fur it was just like and in the same spot of the tattoo she had in her human form. She had it in everyone of her forms. She wanted to lose it.

Liam was sitting in his house waiting for the others. He was eating and falling asleep every few bites. He would quickly wake up. He was waiting for his mum to finish making to finish baking cookies. He hadn't had them for a while since he had been gone so he was excited to eat them.

Nick was sitting with Seria in the mall they where trying to earn some money he was drawing people and she was playing eh music. She had gotten what looked at about 10 dollars in change so far. He had gotten about 5 per drawing because it was so easy to draw. He quickly got them done. Together they had gotten about 50 dollars.
Rax was just lazing in the sun, chewing on a piece of grass near a small lake. He was shirtless and trying to catch some sun, though it was actually quite cloudy. He didn't care though. It was a chance to be away from the pack for a little while and maybe even catch a nap if he was lucky. He didn't particularly care if someone saw him, he wasn't in wolf form after all. Not right now. He would change when he headed back to the pack so he could run faster. But that was a little ways from now.
Scarny Jumped into the water and changed into her human form and swam around for a little while before she came up and just let herself float she really didn't want to think right now her head hurt. She jsut wanted to float around for a little while withought a care in the world.

Liam was trying to figure out where everyone was.

Nick stood up and let with his money and stood outside at the corner all the way down. Seria quickly followed after finishing her song and she stood next to him."How much did you get?" She asked him and replied by showing her all the money and she replied by showing him her money.
I was walking through the woods near a lake hearing a splash in the water. I turned and began walking over in human form.
Scarny didn't hear the person coming towards her so she just stayed there floating
He began to walk forward seeing a person just floating there. I sniffed the air to see if i could smell the being. I did a slight growl top get their attention.
Scarny- heard a growl and thought it was one of the pack so she sighed and got out and looked at them. She didnt reconize them so she backed up a step or two. "May i help you?"
"Yes you can tell me where the leader of your pack is i have an assignment."
Rax heard the water, and bolted into a sitting position, looking out at the water. Seeing a shape in the distance and thinking it was probably a packmate, he pulled off his pants and rushed into the water to start swimming out to the figure. As he closed in, he realized it was not one of his packmates, and that she was actually quite beautiful. And then he saw the man just past her. He slowly ducked most of his face under water and began to back kick away from the woman. Perhaps they were together?

Then they began to speak, and Rax realized they were not together. He stopped moving and waited to see what would happen.
She looked at him and got into a stance ready to fight. "I am the pack leader. Scarny Lynn Ferdia. What is your assiment." She thought she heard something behind her but figured it was nothing. She just got ready to change forms and fight the man that was standing in front of her.
He heard some more splashing slight but it was still movement. He looked around still waiting for a response but trying to find the source.
She looked at him and got into a stance ready to fight. "I am the pack leader. Scarny Lynn Ferdia. What is your assiment." She thought she heard something behind her but figured it was nothing. She just got ready to change forms and fight the man that was standing in front of her.
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Avia padded through the woods in her wolf form. She found that this one was her most comfortable. She liked being human but her wolf was much more free and powerful. She liked it. She put her nose up into the air, smelling the smells of the forest. But then, there was another smell. It was a shapeshifter. She gave a low growl and followed the scent.

As she walked, she started to smell another person. It was Nograd. She paused. What was he doing near a shapeshifter this early? She started to trot faster towards the lake. As she got closer, another wolf's smell hit her. It was Rax. They were all together. What do they think they're doing? She thought angrily.

She walked through the trees to find Nograd standing in front of the shapeshifter leader, Scarny, and Rax in the lake swimming away from the two of them. She shifted into her human form and sauntered over to them.

"Rax." She glared at him. "Get out of the water. Stop fooling around." She turned to Nograd and Scarny. She nodded at the girl. "Scarny. Always a pleasure. I trust you're doing well?" She didn't wait for an answer but instead turned to Nograd. "Did you give her the message?

"Not yet because you showed up before i could," He said with slight sarcasm. "Now pack leader I have come before you to give my service for protection, fighting, and anything else you need. That is all you need to know for now ill tell you the details of more why im here at a later time," he said.
Scarny twirrled around and the saw the boy. He is a very handsome boy and for a second she thought that there eyes had locked but she was not sure she didn't want to look away but had to pry herself away and look at Avia. "Why do i need protection from him?" She demanded but she was still thinking about the boy in the lake she couldn't get her mind off him.
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I sighed looking at my new servicewomen as she looked out into the waters for what seemed to be a love interest.
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She looked at him and crossed her arms. I have no need for protection i am an alpha
"Yes but it is my job to do so," He said while crossing his own arms.

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