Shifting Suddenly

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  1. OK so basically this is about shape shifters and werewolves. Well they don't get along but they are not enmies. When they cross paths it can go either way depends what your point of view is. They the leader of the shape shifters little pack or group whatever you call it falls in love with one of the werewolves the war begins. They have to hide and its even harder that most of the members of each pack disagree. When the leader of the shape shifters best friend finds out he is very disappointed because he has been in love with her. The only way to become one of the creatures a shape shifter or werewolf you have to have a and contact. So if you kiss someone they turn into a werewolf/shape shifter.

    Shape shifters mark:
    Werewolf mark:

    Shape Shifter:

    We are going to need Scarnys best friend, a set of twins, and a werewolf that wants to kill all shape shifters.
    We also do need humans

    Other Look(Shape shifters and Werewolves Do your best form):

    Species:Shape Shifter
    Role: Alpha
    Talents: Persasiun
    Other Look:

    Role: Alphas best friend
    Talents: Widdling
    Other Look:

    Species: Human
    Role: Not sure
    Talents: Drawing

    Species: Human
    Role: Scarnys sister
    Talents: Playing guitar adn singing

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  2. Name: Rax
    Age: 20
    Species: Werewolf
    Role: Scarny's love
    Talents: Juggling, darts, street fighting
    Other Look:
  3. Name: Avia Volos
    Age: 19
    Species: Werewolf
    Role: Alpha (if you don't mind or else I can be the Alpha's sister or something)
    Talents: She's an amazing fighter and can use any weapon like an expert. It's why she's Alpha.
    Avia-Front: (open)
    Avia-In Gear (minus wings) (open)

    Other Look:
    Avia-Wolf Form (open)
  4. Both are great and you can be his lover and you can be alpha
  5. Yay! This looks like it's gonna be fun!
  6. ya i thinks so too it looks like were only going to need a few more people unless you want to start without them
  7. I'm cool with just jumping in but if you want to wait then that's fine too.
  8. I say give another day at least. It hasn't been out long. Give some others a chance to post characters that they are thinking about if they've looked, or to find it if they haven't. Maybe tomorrow get a thread up and let it get started.
  9. That's true. It's been up for a day. We can start around this time tomorrow if you want.
  10. Ya I have somthing going on so ill have to comeo n later than this like a few hours but ya ill get it set up then
  11. OK sounds like a plan!
  12. Name: Nograd
    Species: werewolf
    Appearance in wolf form: (wears armor) armored_kantus (1).jpg
    Human form: Black hair covers left eye
    Age: 17
    Role: Assassin in wolf pack.
    Specalties: Good with melee weapons and fights savagely in wolf form.
  13. Thanks you can go ahead and start role playing
  14. Okay so i cant find a forum for this name so where is it and can i have a link to it?