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  1. (Sorta medieval times)You are an immigrant from another country, coming to live in akkraan. Everybody can shapeshift into only one animal. What's the animal deep inside you? Start by arriving on a boat and talking to the customs officer. The bear is the national animal in Aakraan, aswell as the hawk. The Aakraan military mainly consists of armoured war bears and subterfuge Hawks. The king of Aakraan is just, but a bit of a control freak and lives is Dro. Aakraan is based off of Britain and Dro is roughly where London is, while the starting port is around Glasgow. Around half of the population are native, while the rest are immigrants. The native families mainly consist of bear or hawk shifters, but immigrant families are probably different, however long ago they came to Aakraan. The king is decided by a part democracy method. The five royal families of Aakraan elect an internal king or queen, and the public vote for which family will take over for the next five years. The royal families are; Arsenalis the ruling family, who are basically your typical government. Freki, the greedy, power hungry and cunning. The Graw, who are honour-bound and are men and women of their word, and of their country, but don't always act in the best needs of the people. The Comunnes, who act for equality and nothing else with ruthlessness. The Harn, who are a very reserved, quiet and wise family. Currency: half copper x2 equals full copper x5 equals quarter silver x2 equals half silver x2 equals full silver x2 equals gold coin.

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  2. A narrow boat eased into the dock, and the bearded sailor tossed a rope over a piece of wood jutting out. "Here's yer stop, miss," the man said in a rough but gentle voice.

    A young woman stepped off the vessel, carrying a single satchel. Her dark eyes scanned the area, then she waved to the sailor and walked toward the nearest building. It was not so chilly now that the river air was not blowing on her face, so she removed the hood of her cloak, revealing a plait of light brown hair underneath.
  3. The creaky, ancient boat cut through the water like a knife through butter, speeding towards the dock. It was a peculiar design, at first looking like a normal sail boat, but seven stoked water wheels were visible on the side. It was small and agile, the sails taking seconds to put up and down, as the decorated pieces of cloth dropped down. The boat continued in, the water wheels rising out of the water, and smaller ones appearing further at the back. These ones spun separately, moving the foreign ship into dock.
    On the rim of the ship, Kasparöv jumped off onto the deck landing barefooted. Turning back he saw a few waves from the continuously moving ship as it made its way towards the horizon. Everybody was gone. He was in Akkran now... Dusting down his patched shirt and patting down his ginger hair and started to follow a woman who had just got off a ship. Maybe she would know.
  4. Another boat slowly came into view of a small dock. As the boat came closer the dock seemed to grow. A girl wearing a dark blue cloak looked out as they came and finally stopped. She had black hair which was hidden by the hood of her cloak and blue eyes. As the boat finally stopped she went to where others were getting off. She then slowly got off with her one bag of some items not many just money she need some food she had left from the trip and a change of clothes. She then headed to what appeared to be the costumer officer and waited for her turn wondering about where might be a good place to stay and where the market was located.
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  6. A squad of lightly armed guards approached the trio. "Excuse me, you need to go and see the customs officer in the hut on the side of the port" the lead man said, with a friendly but commanding voice.
  7. Kasparöv's slim hand reached into his pockets and pulled out a book.
    "Sorry... I do... Not.... Understand," he said looking up from the book, speaking in a strange, foreign accent.
    "Do you... Speak Oka?" he added, keeping his book ready
  8. One of the other guards and stuttered in th mans language, "you need go there," he gestured to the customs hut
  9. The young woman heard something and twisted her head to look over her shoulder. As the boat she arrived on pulled away, more came. A man with orange hair came after her, and behind him was a hooded person. Then the guards approached, and she took two steps back, eying them carefully.

    "Excuse me, you need to go and see the customs officer in the hut on the side of the port," one of the men said. She gave him a slow, crooked nod and walked around them, keeping one eye on them as she did so, and made her way to the hut the man had mentioned.

    While the man with the orange hair questioned the men with weapons, the first woman knocked firmly on the door of the hut. Assuming she was meant to introduce herself to the new country here, she sad in a low, clear voice, "I am Nyla Stambecchi, from Wustental." Wustental wasn't far from Akkraan, and most people there knew the language spoken in Akkraan in addition to their own, which was a language that was dying as their land was dying.
  10. Kasparöv nodded and slipped the heavy book back into his pocket and turned back to the other two. He continued towards the customs hut taking out his wallet. He had paid an awful lot for that boat trip, after all it had taken seven months to travel in a speedy ship from Oka go here. Searching around in his piece of leather, he took out two gold coins as he approached the customs hut
  11. The customs officer looked up as the door swung open. He straightened, "hello, I need your full name, shift-animal and 1 gold coin as tax for entering the country"when the man looked at him blankly, he gestured to a board on the wall, where the same sentence was written in many different languages.
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  13. The rest of the guards gesture to the hut. " are you going?"
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    Scanning the board he didn't manage to find Oka, since it was generally unrelated to these parts of the world, but Kasparöv found Lahka, a island the small country traded with. They had learnt the language in school but he struggled translating it.
    "Kasparöv Astotzka..." Looking back to the book he opened it then put his finger on the word. "E... Ea.... Eagle," Kasparöv said handing over one of the coins. A quarter of his money gone
  15. The customs officer scribbled it all down and shooed the man out. A guard came in and said "two more immigrants, boss". The official nodded and waited for the rest
  16. Nyla stood in the customs office as the orange-haired man left, waiting for the flustered customs official to tell her to leave as well.
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    The customs officer asked her for her shift animal and a gold coin.
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  18. Kasparöv waited for the other woman, deciding she would probably lead him to the closest time. Quickly scanning through his translation book he found the right words to say to make sure he didn't look like a stalker.
  19. Her animal. A trait that made her peculiar among her own people, and one of the reasons she had chosen to come here instead of weathering the hardships with her village. But what was the closest Akkraan word for it? "Goat," Nyla offered, and reached into her satchel for some coin. He wanted gold? It would have been better for her to sneak in. Nyla counted out four silver coins and eighteen copper coins. She didn't know what the exchange rate was here, but the silver coins of Wustental were large, so hopefully it would be enough.