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Scifi, Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Horror, Noir, apocalyptic, Grimdark, yaoi, yuri, anything really.
I honestly can't put a good prefix because this is gonna be so widely ranged. It's got the following themes if you care:

Modern (If you so wish)
PERHAPS Mature, if that is requested
Apocalyptic (Some of the worlds this will be centered in WILL BE CONSIDERED THIS)
Horror (One of the NPCs is a sadistic bastard if he doesn't get his way.)
Otherworldly (You wanna come from Earth? Great! You wanna come from Mars, or some other planet in our solar system? Fun! Wanna come from another galaxy? GO FOR IT! Wanna come from another dimension? Time? Go straight ahead!)
Romance (Wanna be cute? I wanna see it!)


This is because I'm starting to miss that RP that LQ used to do. So I'm doing a similar thing, though it's an RP GROUP. This is open to ANYONE. Newbies, oldies, people who wear their underwear on their head, ANYONE.

Go straight ahead. I need captives and slaves, security, audience, workers, even people to steal away new captives.
already got my profile up for you daughter <3 its not great but i wanted to try a mischief maker ^^
I love you mommy
YAY. Now I need more people! I MUST HAVE MORE OM NOM NOM This is gonna be newb friendly and what not ^.^
Ok, we still need people, and people can join at any time.

^.^ But you can be anything you want to an extent. I want to make something fun that everyone can get into.