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  2. Name: Kirah
    Species: Dragon
    Age: 18
    Magic Type: energy and Telechinetic

    Bio/Persona: She and ehr brother seem to only be around eachother, but at the sam time she likes making friends, unless that person hurts her bother then she will go batshit crazy and try her hardest trop their guts out through their mouth.

    Name: Samael
    Species: Dragon
    Magic Type: healing and storm

    Bio/Persona: Not exactly dominant but wont let himself be pushed around, he lets his sister take charge when needed but cna throw his weight around if need be.

  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Cord
    Species: Unknown. Supposedly, he can shift into a sort of giant, demonic, horned Creature.
    Age: Unknown. His voice, albeit calm and cold, is still young. Early 20s.
    Magic Type: Physical, as he is far faster and stronger than other species. His other magic type is unknown, as he uses his overwhelming agility and strength in conjunction with his dual .45 caliber pistols.

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  4. Joshua Graham, we meet again....
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  6. Sure, why not. I'll post my cs in the morn'.
  7. [​IMG]

    Name: Rosette
    Species: Chimera
    Age: Somewhere in her early 20s
    Magic Type: Fire regurgitation and Poison inducement. Rosette is an incredibly strong girl, not to mention dexterous and steadfast on her toes.

    Bio/Persona: Legends have foretold a beast whom according to Greek mythology is monstrous fire-breathing hybrid creature which is usually depicted as a gigantic lion, with the head of a goat arising from his back, and a tail that ends with a snake's head. This easily angered beast does in fact exist, yet however rarely seen due to the bad fortune it gives to those who lay their eyes upon it. Rosette prides herself on being quite independent and reliably looks out for her own interests when faced with various situations. Easily annoyed, Rosette voices her opinions quite openly; much to her own dismay, as this has caused her to become somewhat of a social pariah in the past --- to this end she has been showing some more restraint with her words. While it may not always be easy to earn her trust, those that do will find a friend that is loyal.​
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  15. Ha ha, it's cool man. Anyweggs, just kidding. Here's my CS:

    Name: Noah (good lord that pic was big)

    Species: Storm Hellhound

    Magic Type: Control over the element of electricity. As a Hellhound, Noah has lightning constantly coursing through him, causing him great pain at the cost of the power to manipulate the electricity as a weapon.


    The Hellhound is a supernatural canine in multiple sources of folklore. Stories suggest that the Hellhound is a larger-than-normal wolf-like creature with great strength and ferocity. Combined with his control over electricity, Noah's Hellhound abilities are amplified.

    Noah is a bit of an anomaly. Calculative and calm, he is snide and sarcastic in casual encounters, however he sobers up quickly when the situation demands it. While he may not like to admit it, Noah is incredibly stubborn and his fuse is easily lit. A careful person, Noah disagrees with any brash notions and favors a more thoughtful approach to handling a situation. Noah has issues trusting those he first meets, but his devotion and attachment to those he conceives as important to him is almost fanatic, and his loyalty is undying...sort of like a dog or some shi*.
    Age: 23

    History tbd​
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