Shian Does Art! [$5 Full Color]


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Hello! I'm Shian, and recently I'm in need of a little extra cash. So! I thought I'd post what I have and see if anyone likes it enough to spend money on it haha--
Kaito.jpg Shian.jpg Screenshot_20190912-211606.png Screenshot_20190912-210717.png Screenshot_20190912-210657.png IMG_20190415_094313.jpg IMG_20180204_012344.jpg

If ya want to see more, check out my deviantart page @TheAceManic! ;3

As you can see I dealt in traditional for a long time, but I deal exclusively in digital now as it is less frustrating and time consuming. >>

Okay okay, so price. I just wanna draw so $5 for full color character art, human or creature. Price may change depending on complexity of the request.

Payable through PayPal.

Don't want to/can't afford to buy? Please consider sharing my page with those who would be interested if you like my art at all. It's just as important and I'll appreciate it just as much ;3;

Thanks for giving this ole dragon a moment of your time. Hope to hear from you!
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