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    • Shi no Gēmu
      The challenge of a twisted city
      Yakazuma. One of the most successful, large, and visually impressive cities within the huge, magic-infused lands. Streets paved by marble that are cleaned each day, and towers of white that hum blue energy from the wide windows. For a long time, it was a happy and bustling place. Until... well, over time, nobody knows what happened. The place gradually began to get dirtier and greyer. Crime rates increased. The city was becoming depressed, and bored.

      Desperate to keep their city thriving above all others, the government of Yakazuma desperately thought of ways to entertain their citizens. An idea that was first thought to be obscene was proposed by one of the most infamous governors: Roy Maou. But with little options left, the government of Yakazuma agreed to test this... 'game'.
      Shi no Gēmu. The event that started off as a mere experiment with only a few watching, and now it's the most popular and widely-enjoyed event in the whole city. People consider it a sport, almost, and other cities have even tried to recreate Shi no Gēmu. Starting as a punishment or trial for prisoners, it's adapted into something people willingly volunteer for - to honour their family, for the rewards, the fame... there are many reasons. But every 2 months, only the strongest of eleven are picked. Each with their own unique skills.

      Shi no Gēmu is a challenge where eleven contestants are sent to obtain eight artefacts hidden throughout the island, whilst citizens watch exactly what they do. But it isn't a feat that can be accomplished quickly. Each artefact is usually guarded by powerful traps or summoned monsters; the eleven are given little more than basic cloth clothing and one crude weapon of their choice at the start. They'll need to craft better gear, hone their skills, and survive during the trial. If the eight artefacts are collected, the remaining of the eleven are returned to the city, where fame and rewards await them. Alternatively, the group will lose if all eleven die.

      Seven groups have attemped Shi no Gēmu, all of which have failed. The closest a group has ever got has been to collect six artefacts. A new island is chosen each year, each wildly differing in its climate. New challenges, and monsters are set up for the eleven, and to entertain the citizens of Yakazuma.


      Whilst the idea was scowled on by the citizens before, nowadays, people love the action. When someone dies, it adds to the drama. When someone's hurt, it adds to the fun. For the people of Yakazuma, whether it's your suffering or your glee, they will take delight in watching it.

      The eighth group of eleven will shortly be sent to Shi no Gēmu. How will they do things? Will they work together to beat the trials? Split off as lonely indivduals to do things themselves? It's all up to them, and the audience is eagerly awaiting your every action in Shi no Gēmu.

      Tl;dr Plot
      For the Lazy
      There's going to be eleven of you, sent to an island to collect eight artefacts. A city called Yakazuma basically got really bored so they came up with a thing where eleven volunteers sign up to this thing called Shi no Gēmu. Everybody watches a group of eleven people die horribly on an island every 2 months because the world is great.

      You'll be part of the Eighth group to complete Shi no Gēmu, it'll be a GM'ed RP with combat/crafting mechanics. Survive and shit whilst collecting the eight artefacts. Wealth, honour, etc awaits you if you win.
      How Shi no Gēmu is Run
      'Mechanics' of the Twisted Game
      As it stands, Shi no Gēmu isn't broadcast to the citizens of Yakazuma using cameras or television; no such things exist within this world. It's a fantasy/medieval era. Instead, very powerful magi - each with different roles - are selected to keep the people entertained, and to keep the group of eleven under reasonable control, should they try to escape or find a way to break/twist the rules of the game.

      (You won't play as any of these roles, I'm just putting this here so you know how Shi no Gēmu is actually able to be watched, and why the people can't just leave the island if they've had enough. Think of it as looking into the coding of a cool game.)

      Shi no Gēmu Production Roles (open)

      The Entrance Mage: The most simple role of Shi no Gēmu - The Entrance Mage manages the eleven volunteers, and selects the candidates for Shi no Gēmu. Once selected, the group of eleven gather in a room, where they'll be teleported by The Entrance Mage to the island where Shi no Gēmu will be run.

      Setup Magi: Usually a large group consisting of skilled mechanics as well as magi, Setup Magi will select the island where Shi no Gēmu is run, ensuring that there's enough resources for the eleven to have a chance of surviving on. The island is carefully designed, tweaked with challenges, and sometimes even large, dungeon-like structures are built to house each of the eight artefacts. When you fall in a pit of spikes, the Setup Magi will usually be the ones to thank.

      Gemu Eyes: Usually consisting of ten people, you won't even notice Gemu Eyes when Shi no Gēmu begins. Completely invisible and ensured to be untargetable, Gemu Eyes possess special, magic-infused eyes that lets their vision be 'streamed' to other places, where it can be seen by many others. Their vision is usually broadcasted onto large walls around the city that many citizens gather around. They're extremely fast, able to shift form, and will watch your every move in general. It's unsure by the public if Gemu Eyes are even human.

      Delivery Magi: A simple role. When a contestant is donated a gift by the public, Delivery Magi will teleport said gift next to them. Sometimes the 'gift' can be replaced with a vicious monster however, if the public are willing to pay to see someone suffer.

      Overseers: Where the Overseers are located within the duration of Shi no Gēmu is unknown. But, essentially, Overseers are extremely powerful magi that could kill the entire group in the click of a finger if they wanted to. They create events when the public is getting bored, and the generally ensure nobody tries to break the rules of Shi no Gēmu or cleverly manipulate the game. Like Gemu Eyes, such powerful magi are thought to be inhuman. Why they signed up to monitor a simple sport-like 'game' like Shi no Gēmu is unknown.

      Previous Groups
      The fates before the eighth
      Seven groups have already participated in Shi no Gēmu. All of which have failed to complete it. Though there's been many times where the eleven have been very close.

      Here is a brief summary of what occurred with the previous seven groups:
      Groups 1-3 (open)

      Group 1

      The first display of Shi No Gemu was more experimental than for entertainment purposes. A small amount were selected to watch the first group, to see if it was an enjoyable show to watch. The first eleven volunteers were all talented prisoners, who'd been promised freedom if they successfully completed the show. The group mostly consisted of strong, able melee fighters, but a particularly interesting contestant was a female wind mage who'd been imprisoned for unknown reasons.

      The island the eleven were placed in was abundant in resources, mostly consisting of calm forests with warm and comfortable temperatures. The first show had only five artefacts to collect, and, driven by the possibility of freedom, the eleven worked together effectively, easily collecting the first three artefacts. Animals that attacked the group were simply torn apart by the wind mage. Those selected to watch were highly enjoying the show, getting so worked up watching it that they complained it was too easy.

      The eleven was extremely close to finishing, but three were killed by the female wind mage by accident. Whilst collecting the fourth artefact, a swarm of diseased bugs attacked the camp. Confused and disorientated, the wind mage sliced apart three others without even knowing it. From there, chaos broke out. The prisoners attacked each other, resulting in a bloody, brutal battle. The wind mage was the last to survive, but she died of bleeding whilst desperately crawling to recover the fifth artefact.

      If the group hadn't have fought each other, Shi No Gemu would've easily been completed for the first time. Aware of this, the producers decided to increase the difficulty, increasing the required artefacts from five to eight. Popularity of Shi No Gemu slowly began to spread, as it was enjoyable and exciting for the few who watched it.

      Group 2

      The second group, once again, consisted of eleven prisoners. Two of which were brothers; a pair of serial killers with an unmatched skill with knives. Determined not to turn against each other and reach their deserved freedom, the eleven got off to a good start, collecting 2 artefacts with relative ease.

      However, the island was somewhat barren and mountainous. There was a severe lack of food that caused a surge of weakness throughout the eleven. Arguments broke out, eventually resulting in everyone splitting off into their own directions and ways. The two brothers managed to collect three artefacts alone in the following weeks, becoming 'fan favourites.' Three had died from lack of food, or failing to craft warm enough clothes to survive the harsh nights.

      However, something relatively disturbing happened. Because so little food apart from mere plants were available, most of the remaining eight had plans for cannibalism. Barely any beasts attacked, but when they did, they were ravenously eaten. The two brothers picked off two other volunteers, consuming them, before moving on to collect another artefact. Victory was close for the remaining six.

      Because the group had split up, however, challenges holding the artefacts had proved too difficult to be done alone. Four learnt that the hard way one by one, dying in grotesque fashions. The two brothers stormed on, before one of the brothers died in his sleep by malnutrition. Overcome by grief, instead of turning to eat his dead brother, the last remaining man killed himself, surprising the audience.

      Group 3

      The third piloting of Shi No Gemu was easily the quickest, and most unfair, out of all the shows.

      Placed into what could only be described as a frozen tundra, none of the eleven prisoners had the neccessary skills or magic to keep warm. One by one they died of hypothermia, failing to collect a single artefact.

      Fans of the show were outraged at the obscene difficulty of the island, causing an uproar of complaints. People behind Shi No Gemu agreed to ensure islands were able to be reasonably survived on before choosing them. Popularity died down somewhat at this disappointing, depressing, and generally interesting month of Shi No Gemu.

      Groups 4-5 (open)

      Group 4

      Before the fourth show began, people behind Shi No Gemu suddenly announced that worthy volunteers could apply for the show, instead of eleven prisoners being selected. Volunteers were quickly found, mostly those looking to either test their skills, or bring honour to the family name.

      The show began on a thick, highly-elevated forest island. Filled with many interesting contestants, such as magi, archers, beast-tamers and swordsmen alike, people began to get excited by what this version of the show had to offer.

      A sheer blaze of excitement to watch, the eleven displayed impressive battles against the combat-based island. Scorching, slicing, and displaying excellent teamwork to slice through wolves and other horrors alike. Every character had their own chance to shine at their skills, collecting artefacts slowly but surely. But with each battle came a death most of the time. One by one, the group began to die in battle. The bond between Group 4 was strong, and the audience was often teary as the latest dead member was buried.

      Six artefacts were collected in total. The last remaining contestants were a couple - a male and female, both skilled and proud fighters - madly in love with each other since they entered the island. Knowing they had no chance, they agreed to die a good death. And so, strangely, they agreed to fight each other after engaging in unshown activities. The female won, and later committed suicide via plunging a sword into her own chest.

      It was an exciting Group, and the audience was hooked at the very start from the fourth show. After being such an improvement from Group 3, volunteering to enter Shi No Gemu became a common thing.

      Group 5

      Another exciting year, filled with interesting characters. The island was a bizarre, sludge-covered swamp, ridden with disease-carrying bugs and rabid creatures. All of the eleven would've undoubtedly fallen to illness if it weren't for a white-haired healer, able to cure the diseases and wounds of her comrades with ease. This lady was without a doubt the kindess contestant ever known to Shi No Gemu. She refused to kill, and only helped and comforted others. Even a hot-headed, irritable and unkind thief took a liking to her.

      The show was slow and hard for the contestants, as pushing through the sludge of the swamps was difficult and exhausting. Despite this, thanks to the healer's support and aid, they managed to push on and collect six artefacts.

      However, the seventh artefact was where everything went wrong. A giant, reptilian creature guarded the seventh artefact - so powerful that it literally scooped up handfuls of contestants and ate them. The healer was picked up and literally thrown across the island by the giant drake, suffering fatal injuries but still being kept alive nonetheless. Everyone was dead at this point, apart from the thief.

      The thief escaped, covered in the blood of his comrades. So emotionally truamatized and angry by it all, he found the healer's unconcious, broken, and bloody body. He screamed for it all to end, moving the audience so much that riots began to break out on the streets.

      To avoid conflict, the thief and the healer were pulled out and hospitalised instead of being left to die. They remain in hospital to this day.

      Groups 6-7 (open)

      Group 6

      The sixth show. The event that almost completely put a stop to Shi No Gemu forever, and shaken the city of Yakazuma.

      By this point, Shi No Gemu was extremely popular. Many, many watched as the next eleven were shipped onto an island, seemingly quite barren and in the open. One of the volunteers was a peculiar man dressed smartly in a reddish-pink suit and top hat. Despite this bizarre attire, the man was incredibly ominous and scary. He never seemed to talk, only give this sickeningly terrifying smile as the top hat covered his eyes.

      In the first few days of the show, one of the last things seen was the well-dressed man pulling something out of the suit pocket.

      Then all that could be seen was blank, and all that could be heard were screams and ripping of flesh. Even the Watchmakers (those who make the show visible by others) were thought to be reduced to bloody shreds.

      To this day, it's unknown what happened. The man in the top hat was thought to have been killed by overseers to prevent further murder. It was a gruesome and terrifying experience for those watching.

      There were only two survivors of the sudden mass-murder, both of which are still in mental asylums. The man in the suit is the very reason people are only allowed to bring in one crude weapon and wear simple clothes, as it's thought he managed to hide an extremely powerful weapon in his suit in order to cruelly murder many.

      Origins of the man in the suit is unknown. The reason for his attack is unknown. The thought of his menacing smile and the way the show suddenly went black is feared to this day.

      Group 7

      After a long delay following the Group 6 incident, Shi No Gemu opened once again.

      Not much to say about this one. A relatively simple plains-like island, eleven volunteers, who managed to collect five artefacts before dying in a variety of causes. Starvation, heatstroke, Though nobody murdered each other. It was enough to get people back into Shi No Gemu however, and the eighth group is eagerly anticipated as people of Yakazuma try to forget the horror of the Group 6 incident.

      You will be Group 8. I wonder how you'll go down in history?


      How Things are Actually Going to Work
      Shi no Gēmu isn't going to simply be characters mingling and describing the environment as they go along. It's going to be a GM'ed RP, with a combat system involving dice, skills created by the player, stat points that you allocate, etc. You can see a description for all the juicy stuff such as skills/stats on the character sheet in the rules section.

      Let's go through the basics. There's going to be eleven characters, and said characters will be thrown on my island of peril. Where you go is up to you, and I'll describe the areas of the island you explore. Night will fall and morning will rise as 'turns' throughout the RP progress. Whilst there's not going to be a strict system, your characters are going to need to Eat, Drink and Sleep like normal people. If I see your character hasn't drunk anything in days, they're going to suffer for it. So if I describe that there's a river, boil up some water and drink up.

      Character death is extremely possible. If you're unhappy with that fact, don't join. You're fighting for survival on this island. This isn't a tropical holiday.

      Oh, also, the public of Yakazuma and I are judging your character's actions through a Karma System. I won't even slightly reveal how it works or how it affects your character. But don't let this Karma System change how you want to play your character.

      The island is randomly generated by me before we begin the RP. I've created challenges that guard each artefact, and not all of them will be a simple miniboss. Your characters are going to go through a lot. They're going to be tested, trialed, and we're going to find out who they really are.

      Combat is turn based, and will usually be done via a Google doc/titanpad collab. A attacks, then B attacks, then A attacks, etc. I will probably make tweaks to the combat system as the RP progresses, but there will be more detail about it in the rules section.

      Crafting in this game will be mostly logical, but there's gameplay elements to it too. I'll simply quote how it works in a spoiler below, as I explained it in the Interest Check Thread:

      Crafting 101 (open)

      Basically, there will be two types of crafting if your character wants to make something. Quick Crafting, and Complex Crafting.

      Quick Crafting is simple and can be done within the length of an IC post. It's something simple like sharpening a stick, hardening a spear, or making a quick noose... fletching a few arrows, you get the idea.

      Complex Crafting is making something on a larger scale, such as a shelter or large firepit. Complex Crafting can take up to 3 IC posts to finish that action, but don't worry! If you all work together on the same Complex Crafting task, a shelter that would usually take 3 IC posts or something to make would be done in one swift turn. Isn't teamwork great?

      Now, onto how you actually craft things.

      When I make an IC post, I'll usually describe the area your characters are at. I'll describe available resources, such as trees, leafy plants, rock-littered floors, etc. Using those available resources, if you want to craft something, simply state what the item you want to craft is, what materials you're going to use, and how you're going to craft it. If it makes sense and you have enough materials, I'll let you have a shot at crafting it! There a roll will determine if you did it well or badly. But don't worry, simple things don't require a roll. You can sharpen a stick without breaking it, don't worry.

      Now, let's say my character Jim wanted to make a crude handaxe. Once I've seen the GM mention that there's rocks, sticks and twine available, I could say something like:

      "Jim tries to make himself a crude handaxe using the sharpest rock available from the floor, a sturdy stick, and some twine from the leafy plants. He splits the top of a stick, inserts the sharp stone, and ties the top of the split stick."

      You don't need to be perfect in how you explain it. It just needs to make sense. You can't craft a katana from sticks and stones. It's basically logic-based, though crafting more intricate and complex systems (such as a spikefall trap or four-pronged spear) might be harder to make. Which is why Knowledge can boost your chance to successfully craft something. You can also have a passive skill that makes you great at crafting if you want.

      Just put what you want to craft in the OOC, I'll tell if you do it or not, and then you continue with your IC post. Unless it's a Complex Craft, then you might want to try and get some people to help you.

      Crafting is pretty optional, too. That's not to say it's useless - it's very valuable in some situations, but you can still get decent loot around the island. People can send you stuff too.

      Finally, I beg of you not to compare this to The Hunger Games. It's completely different, as the goal isn't to kill each other. My inspiration for SnG was from a variety of different sources.

      Got all that? I don't mind if you didn't read every single bit of plot, so long as you know the basic concept. When you're ready, and if you're interested in joining, the Character Sheet awaits you on the Rules section.

    • Character Sheet
      Where it all begins!

      I'd prefer it if you don't reserve spots unless you really need to/know that you're going to join for sure, but you're still allowed to reserve spots. However, if other people make character sheets, the 'Reserved' won't act as a placeholder. To keep your place, make a CS.

      Copy and paste this CS skeleton, fill in the details for your character, and edit it over time if you need to. I want you to take pride in your CS, and put time and effort into it, because this will be your character until they die!

      Oh, and if you want to add any extra information such as Hobbies/Phobias/Etc, go ahead, but you have to fill in the stuff I've provided.

      Character Sheet (open)

      Age: (No children.)
      Contestant Number: (Pick a number from 1-11.)
      Appearance: (Description, anime picture, fantasy/realistic, or a combination but no real life pictures.)
      Backstory: (Why did they enter Shi no Gēmu? Are they from Yakazuma? You can create other areas of the world/make up villages they came from here. Be creative!)
      Stats: (You have 17 points to use in total. Having 0 in a stat means they're downright useless in that aspect. What each stat does is described below.)
      The Bear (Strength):
      The Mountain (Endurance):
      The Library (Knowledge):
      The Eagle (Accuracy):
      The Cheetah (Agility):
      Abilities: (How these work is described below. You have 1 passive ability (such as [X] is good at crafting), and 3 active abilities (such as a fireball/power slash for example). Replace stuff like 'Ability 1' with the name of your ability, please.)
      Passive Ability -
      Ability 1 -
      Ability 2 -
      Ability 3 -
      Starting Karma: Pick one of these that best describes your character: Good/Neutral/Evil.

      Starting Weapon: You're permitted to bring in one crude weapon of your choice to the island. CRUDE doesn't mean a flintlock, katana, or high-tech crossbow. It means something like a simple dagger, shortsword, or club. If it's a ranged weapon, you may bring a small amount of ammo.

      Preferred Flavour: Pick one of these flavours that your character would enjoy the most. Don't question it, JUST DO IT:
      Cherry/Lemon + Lime/Peppermint/Blood Orange/None of these


      General Rules
      The 11 Great No-No's.

      1 - Don't metagame. For example: If you want to kill A's character who is weak to water, and create a character that focuses on water attacks, I will pick up on it. If your character suddenly knows where something is when they actually shouldn't and it's the knowledge of another character, I won't allow it.

      2 - Don't create overpowered characters. This isn't that kind of RP - you're actually going to be fighting via combat mechanics/dice, etc. I have every right to nerf abilities that are clearly overpowered. If you create an underpowered character however, unless you actually want them to be very weak for whatever reason, I'll buff them.

      3 - Being hostile, snarky, rude, or just hurting other people's feelings in general IN THE OOC (feel free to make your character a massive dick in the IC) is not tolerated. I will kick you from the RP if you're clearly upsetting other people with your presence, and I'll report you too if I'm up for it. (Insert 'watch out we got a badass over here' meme here)

      4 - The ideal age for joining this RP is 15+. I can't stop you if you're younger. But this RP will contain serious topics, serious language, and very graphic killings and injuries. If you know you shouldn't be accessing content like this (or are very easy to offend/upset) then please don't join. If you have a parent/guardian that restricts you from doing stuff like this, then don't forbid their words and secretly join this RP, please. I know this won't apply to most people, I just want to make that bit clear.

      5 - This isn't an RP where you get to describe random things that you find. I've created the island, and you'll be exploring it. Feel free to interact with other characters and such, and feel free to do what you want with this island in general! But you can't just go 'Jim finds a katana embedded within a large rock! How handy!' That's Godmoding. Godmoding is a large no-no.

      6 - Whilst I don't expect you (or want you) to grovel at my feet, treat me with a little respect at the most. Don't make it your goal to outwit me, explain everything I did wrong, etc. I'm just trying to make something fun, where the players will get more enjoyment out of what happens in the IC rather than 'Rich Lore' or whatever.

      7 - No takebacks. If you dun fuck up, you dun fuck up. You can't just edit your IC post to something else after I say in the OOC 'haha well she's gonna suffer for that.' I mean, if you're making a small edit to correct grammar or whatever, that's absolutely fine. Just don't suddenly change the whole concept of your post within the next hour, because it's really confusing for me.

      8 - If your character, for example, takes a bath, I don't want a graphic description of the size of their dong/the size of their tiddies. Don't make super-horny fuckmonkeys either. This isn't libertine; I turned off the libertine section on my iwaku for a reason.

      9 - Don't join if you know you can't keep committed to the RP. Each of the 11 are crucial characters. Don't randomly drop out either. Players should be dedicated, though I don't want your entire life to focus around this RP. Just manage your time properly, and ensure you're actually going to be able to do this without getting stressed out. I don't want to fuck up any schedules you have or make life difficult for you.

      10 - Ask questions, bring up problems you might have. Don't suffer in silence. Ask me things in the OOC if you like, or if you have a problem with another player you wouldn't like to put out in the open, PM me. I'm here for you, and will do my best to address problems so that you enjoy yourself~.

      11 - Put time and care into your posts. I'm looking for Intermediate or higher quality level writing, so one-liners or a few sentences just won't do. Ability to spell and use grammar to a reasonable degree is a must. I want to interact and come to love/hate all of the eleven characters. Giving me a lazy post of 'Fred sits on a rock and sighs.' won't do.


      Stats 101
      What's a strength?
      The Bear - Strength
      "In muscle does the Bear prevail. Hulking, unstoppable, he carries his brethren to victory and throws those who may get in his way aside.
      Oh, mighty Bear! Lend us your strength. The power to succeed through brute force alone. For we are weak and cowardly."
      Gameplay effect: The higher the strength, the higher the damage output of melee attacks. It'll also come in handy for lifting heavy objects, wielding large weapons, and overpowering others when it comes to a battle of brute strength. It'll help you win arm wrestles, too.

      The Mountain - Endurance
      "Determined, unscalable, indestructible. Through the howling wind and storms of icy daggers, the mountain still stands taller than all.

      Oh, great Mountain! Lend us your endurance. The power to remain standing after the hardships life throw at us. For we easily accept defeat."
      Gameplay effects: The higher your endurance, the higher your base HP. With high endurance, you'll be harder to knock back, poison, and you'll pull through fatal injuries. Don't mistake Strength and Endurance for being similar. They're both drastically different. Mountains can't arm wrestle.

      The Library - Knowledge
      "Sheer power, hidden within your sacred pages. Records from the most intelligent within the based leather covers, the library contains the answers we desire.
      Oh, wonderful library! Lend us your knowledge. The power to know all, and use info to thrive above all. For we know little about our wide world."

      Gameplay effects: The higher your knowledge, the more successful magical spells will be. With low knowledge, a mage's spells will rarely succeed and not be very powerful. Knowledge also gives a small boost to crafting. A book may not be able to arm wrestle, but it can contain the words 'fuck you.'

      The Eagle - Accuracy
      "Eyes that see all. Calculating, the eagle swoops down, clutching its prey with one perfectly-placed hit - for all in the eagle's eyes is mere prey.
      Oh, majestic eagle! Lend us your accuracy. The power to be precise, calculating, for the perfect results. For our actions our rushed and inaccurate."

      Gameplay effects: The higher your accuracy, the larger the chance to land devastating critical hits. It's still possible to use melee weapons with low accuracy, ranged weapons require high accuracy to effectively used. It also gives a boost to noticing things others can't, be it sound or shiny loot. You know how to twist the arm in a certain way to make them scream in arm wrestles.

      The Cheetah - Agility
      "Inescapable, uncatchable. When the prey is hunted by the cheetah, they accept their end. For they cannot outmanoeuvre or outrun such a force.
      Oh, graceful cheetah! Lend us your agility. The power to scale nature's challenges, and rise above others through speed. For we are slow and lumbering."
      Gameplay effects: The higher your agility, the faster your character can move and attack. They can perform complex physical feats such as climbing, jumping high, or wonderfully dodging an opponent's attack. You can punch your opponent in the face and run away if you lose the arm wrestle.

      Tl;dr Recap (open)

      Strength: Melee damage, melee force, carry weight.
      Endurance: Base HP, knockback resistance, poison resistance.
      Knowledge: Spell success chance, spell damage, crafting success chance.
      Accuracy: Crit. chance, ranged hit chance/damage, noticing stuff.
      Agility: Dodge chance, movement speed, attack speed.


      Abilities 101
      What's balanced, what isn't?
      This is probably the most confusing part for all of you. You might've seen some mechanic like this in an RP before - in that case you'll be fine with this - but for those new to it, I'll explain.

      Your passive ability will be something that is always affecting your character. For example, they could be a skilled swimmer, giving them a bonus to rolls when submerged in water. They could be a great climber, increasing climbing chance. If you want to give a passive bonus to a stat like an asshat, then you can give a maximum of 2 points. So, for example, [x] is naturally very muscular, giving them a passive +2 strength bonus.

      Ability 1, 2, and 3 are activated abilities used usually in a combat situation. Each ability has to be balanced, and if it's a particularly powerful ability, then it should have drawbacks. The rolls for the damage/debuffs it gives will be determined by me, don't worry. Just give the name of an ability and a general idea of what you want it to do, and I'll do the rest.

      Remember, not everyone has to have magic abilities! You can have physcial abilities such as for example SPINNING SLASH or POWER SLAM too. Screw those nerdy mages amirite.

      If you want a general idea of what's balanced and what isn't, here are two examples. One imbalanced set of abilities, and one balanced set of abilities for a mage character. There's also CS No-No's below that'll help you know what you can't have.

      Imbalanced (Rejected) Abilities (open)

      Natural Intelligence: Sarah is really clever, giving her a +4 passive bonus to her Knowledge and a +2 passive bonus to her accuracy. She's also really good at reading books and crafting too.
      Fire Blast: Sarah shoots a massive wave of fire dealing huge damage to all enemies that are hit in a large area in front of her. Allies don't get hurt by this.
      Arcane Shield: Sarah becomes immune to all damage for 2 turns.
      Holy Heal: Sarah fully restores the HP of herself or a friendly ally and gives them a +5 strength buff for 3 turns.
      (It should speak for itself that all of these abilities are really OP.)

      Balanced (Approved) Abilities (open)

      Natural Intelligence: Sarah's mind is more able than others, giving her a +1 passive bonus to her Knowledge. She also gets a small increased chance when attempting to craft.
      Fire Blast: Sarah shoots a small wave of fire, dealing moderate damage to all those in front of her if it penetrates their defences.
      Arcane: Sarah temporarily takes reduced damage for 2 turns. She can't repeatedly use this ability or she'll get exhausted.
      Holy Heal: Sarah restores a part of an ally's missing HP. Casting this ability twice in a row will cause Sarah to take damage herself.

      Obviously I want your abilities to be more imaginative than Sarah's, I'm just giving a basic example. Ask me questions in the OOC if you're still confused!

      CS No-No's
      Small list of things/abilities your CS can NOT have.
      >Mind control. You can use mindfuck attacks such as hallucinations, but you can't completely control another character.
      >Unlimited flying. This should be pretty obvious. Nobody is superman.
      >Stacking buffs for killing other characters.
      >A real life picture. Use a description, an anime picture, or a fantasy/realistic picture for the appearance of your character.
      >Ability to summon a large quantity of food at free will. It sounds dumb I know, but gathering food is meant to be somewhat of a challenge for the group.
      >Characters that aren't your own.
      >Recycled characters.
      >Characters that strictly don't wear any clothes, whether there's a valid reason for it or not. Ever since I've seen Quiet from MGSV, I'm hoping I'll never need to meet such a character ever again. Fucking Hideo Kojima and his pathetic excuses for being a perv...
      >Mary Sues.
      >Really cheesy and overused character personalities.
      >Completely insane characters. (Though a little insanity is okay.)
      >Anthros. I have nothing against furries, Shi No Gemu is just designed for humans. Races like elves, or other things that are mostly human but with the slightest of alterations are allowed.
      >Severely handicapped characters (mentally retarded, blind, limbless, etc.)
      >Large-scale teleportation. Small flashes or medium-distance teleports are allowed.
      >Unresistable attacks.
      >Very large AoE (Area of Effect) attacks.
      >Pets. You can be conjurer and summon a spooky skeleton, but you can't bring your pet dog Floofy into the island.
      >Super-horny characters. Fuck that shit. They can be flirtatious, dirty-minded, a hopeless romantic, sure. But not a slutty sexpot who takes off their clothes within the first minute to make Yakazuma citizens drool. Rule 8 is a thing.

    • Group 8
      [​IMG] #1 | Delvenia Esme | Neutral | ALIVE
      [​IMG] #2 | Arn Woodson | Neutral | ALIVE
      [​IMG] #3 | Gideon LaVail | Neutral | ALIVE

      [​IMG] #4 | Katsuko Akiyama | Good | ALIVE
      [​IMG] #5 | Stelva Mattaro | Good | ALIVE
      [​IMG] #6 | 'Tigress' | Evil | ALIVE
      [​IMG]#7 | Jay Spade | Evil | ALIVE
      [​IMG] #8 | Ziu Hei-ji | Neutral | ALIVE

      [​IMG] #9 | Luther Engrem | Neutral | ALIVE
      [​IMG] #10 | Falkare Burnhild | Neutral | ALIVE
      [​IMG] #11 | Lilith Hawthorne | Neutral | ALIVE


    Various Achievements of Our Brave Contestants.
    For the brave, heroic, and impressive feats our contestants have achieved, I will store them here for everybody to see, and for everybody to remember. Accolades DO NOT have any affect on the RP whatsoever, and no bonuses/penalties are given for acquiring an accolade.

    First Blood
    Acquired by #10 - Falkare - on Day 1, Post 3
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  1. Reserved this spot for reasons. In case I need it or something... IDK, all the cool kids are doing it.

    If any of you are struggling to find the CS, it's in the 'Rules' tab. And it should be fairly obvious, but don't make more than one character. Other people might want those spots, mmkay?

    If we're lacking in players, fear not! I won't just wait forever until we have eleven people. I'll either make my own NPC-like character to help you guys, or I'll let whoever wants to make more than one character. But I'm kinda strict on the one-character thing, multiple characters are only there as a last resort!

    Any questions? Ask em'. Hopefully you'll enjoy this experience of DEATH AND SUFFERING ...survival-adventure fun!
  2. Heyho heyho! Can I reserve a spot? Since it's limited and I positively think that people will come to this RP, I'm afraid that I will lose the chance to join this RP :'D Haven't read the whole words you wrote here (I read those on interest check though don't worry~) since I'm checking this out on my phone under the blanket and I will burn my eyes reading it now, so I might have questions later after I read the whole thing~ ^^
  3. Hohey hohey! Yep - it's absolutely fine to reserve spots so long as you actually edit your character sheet in there eventually. As the RP just started the OOC phase, you've got plenty of time.

    Give your poor eyes a rest in the meantime!
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  4. Aye, got it, though I think I will take back what I said before, just read the rules briefly and you said no reservation D: But that's okay~ I will throw my character tomorrow :3 and one thing about the CS, can I make it with my own way? I will fill every single information and the order won't be changed a lot, just the image and name, I usually put them first, followed by other information.
  5. Of course! I encourage changing up the CS to how you want it, format everything how you like~. I'm a sucker for pretty character sheets.

    Looking forward to your CS!
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  6. Firstly love the idea and secondly the rules were the best thing I've read all day, with my top two quotes being, "What's a strength," and "Screw those Nerdy mages," now excuse me while I make a parkour character.
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  7. (Pretty much done may add more basic stuff later. Also warning you might hate this character once it gets to the IC.)
    Name: Jay Spade
    Age: 20
    Contestant Number: 7 (lucky number 7)
    Personality: Jay is a cocky and sly individual, he is normally looking for easy ways out of situations including tricking others or running away plain and simple.
    Backstory: Jay was known for his money grabbing attitude, he at first barely got by and was able to slowly learn clever ways to talk his way out of problems.. Then use it to get free food or just out right steal it. It was almost certain he was going to volunteer for Shi-no-Gemu when he had heightened his skills and was ready.
    The Bear (Strength):3
    The Mountain (Endurance):2
    The Library (Knowledge):2
    The Eagle (Accuracy):4
    The Cheetah (Agility):6
    Abilities: (How these work is described below. You have 1 passive ability (such as [X] is good at crafting), and 3 active abilities (such as a fireball/power slash for example). Replace stuff like 'Ability 1' with the name of your ability, please.)
    Passive Ability - Jay was known for being quite the agile person as he was used to running along roof tops or around general uneven ground, +1 to Agility and he gains a slight bonus to dodging on uneven ground.
    Ability 1 - Power Jab: Jay leaps into the air at an foe using his weapon to jab forward to get a good hit on it.
    Ability 2 - Quick roll: Jay is able to do a quick roll to get away from an enemy instead of attacking.
    Ability 3 - Knock over: Jay can be quite sneaky and when he gets the drop on a foe he is able to knock it off its feet with a bonus chance (strength roll)
    Starting Karma: Evil, just look at him can't you just see it... <-< watch him closely.

    Starting Weapon: Shortsword

    Preferred Flavour: Lemon + Lime
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  8. Looks good so far! Because you've said you'll probably edit some more basic stuff later, I'll put him on the list. But I have a few questions/requests.

    Does he have a last name? If not, why not - does he prefer not to share it? And it'd be nice to know a bit about his background. How did he get by? By stealing and running? Try and include what makes Jay here 'evil', apart from that devilish grin, in his backstory too if you can. Maybe a little more on the personality would be nice, too.

    But since you're probably going to edit most of that in anyways, accepted.

    You are now Jay *Spade, 7th member of Group 8.

    w e l c o m e
    t o
    h e l l
    ' l u c k y 7 '

    Here's how your abilities will work mechanically. If you don't envision them to work in the way I've listed, please say so.

    Passive Ability: +1 Passive Agility, increased dodge chance on rough terrain, increased climbing skill.
    Power Jab: Jay's next attack has an increased hit chance and deals bonus damage.
    Quick Roll: Jay's chance to dodge the next oncoming attack is largely increased.
    Knock Over: Sneak/surprise attacks have a large chance to knock over an enemy, leaving them vulnerable to the next attack/until they get up again.

    A pretty standard dodge-y kind of skill set. It's certainly balanced; didn't have to nerf anything. I buffed his passive a little to give him increased climbing skill, as he seems like the agile type. Climbing covers things like parkour too somehow, don't ask why.

    But yeah, welcome! I know we've got another CS incoming soon, so now we have to wait for our other wonderful FOOLS contestants.
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  9. Oh wow I love the plot of this!!

    Name: Katsuko Akiyama

    Age: 23

    Contestant Number: 4

    Standing at 6'1", Katsuko is an absolute tree of a human being, and her gangling stature doesn't make it any better. Her hair is a messy light brown bob, and her eyes are a darker brown. She has a thin, narrow face, which betrays her round eyes and goofy, lopsided smile. Her skin is lightly tan, and she has two piercings in her right ear. She wears an oversized black hoodie over a grey and red striped shirt, with black jeans and scuffed up red sneakers. Her red-rimmed glasses have a slight crack in the left lens, but she claims that it doesn't impair her vision.

    Personality: A friendly, confident, absolute goof of a human being. With several younger siblings of her own, she acts like a cool big sis to everyone she knows, even if they're the same age as or even older than her. Despite this amiable exterior, family is incredibly important to her, and when her family is threatened or put into a situation of danger, a stubbornly loyal side comes out of her. She's generally a very laid back person, always keeping her cool around others and highly tolerant. She's not a very serious person, and usually cracks a joke out of nerves when she's in a stressful situation. This jokester type of personality comes from insecurities, where she believes more serious and educated people can handle problems better than her, so she just cracks a smile and tries to comfort everyone while the "serious" people fix the problem.

    Backstory: Being the oldest of eight siblings born to neglectful, dirt-poor parents, Katsuko fell into a parental role at a very young age. She was a very protective older sister, and picked up many odd jobs to support her family. Filling the role of both the caretaker and breadwinner in her household, she never want to school and received a proper education, but that didn't really bother her. She was content taking care of her siblings, and she didn't really feel she needed more than that.

    However, when Katsuko was 22, her parents, who had been absent for most of her life, became the heads of the household again and began harshly criticizing their oldest child. She was an adult, why didn't she have a steady job? Why did she never go to school? Even though the reasons they listed where mostly their own fault, Katsuko still took their harsh words to heart. As she was not head of the household now and had more time on her hands, she began to look for a more steady income, but could find nothing. Her search went on for a while until out of pure desparation, she volunteered herself for Shi no Gemu. The fame from it would likely get her family at least some amount of money. No matter how small the wealth, Katsuko was ready to die for the safety and well-being of her younger siblings.

    Stats: (You have 17 points to use in total. Having 0 in a stat means they're downright useless in that aspect. What each stat does is described below.)
    The Bear (Strength): 4
    The Mountain (Endurance): 5
    The Library (Knowledge): 1
    The Eagle (Accuracy): 4
    The Cheetah (Agility): 3

    Passive Ability - Jack of All Trades: Working a variety of odd jobs and basically raising 7 kids has given her a variety of skills, such as cooking, basic crafting, etc.
    Sucker Punch - Can land a strong enough hit to knock an opponent over.
    Protector- Can generate a strong protective shield around someone, as long as she is making physical contact with them.
    Echolocation- Has a heightened sense of hearing that allows her to pick up normally undetected noises.

    Starting Karma: Good

    Starting Weapon: Club

    Preferred Flavour: Cherry + Peppermint
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  10. [​IMG]

    "Do you really think I love being here? Do I look like a lady who will willingly join this brute game? Don't you see these laces on my clothes? I don't belong here, honey."

    "I see myself as young bud, ready to blossom into a dazzling flower. In short, I'm not that old."


    "Oh, am I the first? What a delightful surprise."

    Delvenia never underestimates herself and she believes that she can handle any kind of situations. You will never see her doubting herself or showing her weakness. No matter happen, Delvenia tries her best to look good and flawless, even covering her faults with illogical reason. She just knows how to keep herself standing at the right side. It's not easy to bring down this chick.
    "Leave it to me, I know how to gracefully send this shameless thief to his jail... Ah! Oh no, how could he escape my grip... No, darling, it's not my fault, my skin is just too smooth for him to keep on holding. So, he slipped his hand and ran away. Is having a smooth and silky skin a crime?"

    Her confidence actually surpasses the limit which makes Delvenia becomes narcissistic. It is always about her, her, and her. She pays tiny attention to other and tends to talk about herself. She can be annoying a lot with this trait, but she manages to keep people on her side with her words. Delvenia is a sweet talker.
    "I hope my beauty doesn't outshine your indifferent appearance, darling."

    Who hates losing? No one, including Delvenia. Delvenia takes every challenge seriously and will do anything to reach victory. If she needs to swim across the sea to win, she will do it. If she needs to run across the dessert, she will do it. Delvenia might seem like a weak helpless lady, but never belittle her will.
    "Come to me, sweetpie, I will show you how a lady should fight. Oh~ You will regret your act pissing me off darl <3"

    Delvenia responds to her life events abnormally, exaggeratedly. Delvenia is your lovely drama queen. Nothing can be explained more about this one. Just face her yourself and you will understand.
    "How... could... you? How could you stain my face with your distasteful stare? Oh God~ Now I will never look the same again."

    Delvenia is good with her tongue. She knows how to deliver her intention into beautiful and powerful words. Sweet yet heart breaking words often escape her tiny mouth. However, there are several times where Delvenia will accidentally talks in unmannerly words. Well, she can't always hold herself when someone pisses her off.
    "Oh you... majestic son of a bitch... Oh... I did say bitch, didn't I? Let's replace it with witch, you majestic son of a witch."
    Delvenia was the only daughter of one of the richest men in Yakazuma. Her father was...

    "Hey! How could you tell princess' life story without her approval? I thought the GM only needs my reason joining this game. No need to narrating my whole private life. I'll take the lead here now~ The only reason I want to let my precious soul joins this show is because I need to pay my father's debt! That wrinkled old man lost his money to worthless gambling, so he sent his only and delicate daughter to this game...

    How could he do something horrendous to this gentlewoman? Oh, God~ I know I can find those meaningless artifacts in no time with my abilities, but how could I survive the days wearing those dirty clothes? I can't even take shower, thankfully I have such an enchanting fragrant. Still... Ah my beloved glamour life... Where will you go~"

    "Yeah, honey, I'm your mothafucka nerdy mage. Oh my~ My apologize for saying such words."

    The Bear (Strength)
    The Mountain (Endurance)

    The Library (Knowledge)
    The Eagle (Accuracy)
    The Cheetah (Agility)

    Passive Ability - The Elegant Lady of Esme
    Increased chance to persuade NPC's/humanoid creatures.

    Needles Rain
    Delvenia showers one enemy with needles. It deals light damage to one enemy or half damage in a small area of effect. Quiet harmless, especially when the enemy has hard skin. If the needles penetrates the skin, the target's agility will be reduced for 1-2 turns.

    The Fallen Sky
    Delvenia casts non-elemental magic by striking the enemies in front of her with gigantic boulders from above. This ability is much stronger than before because it serves as offensive magic. It deals medium-heavy damage to enemies in a small area in front of Delvina. Those with high perceptive abilities have an increased chance to dodge the attack. Repeated usage of Fallen Sky in one battle causes a defense debuff.

    Lullaby of Nightmare
    This ability can be categorized as her secret weapon. Delvenia rarely uses this for it will damage her own body and even her allies, maybe she has only used it once or twice until now. Delvenia borrows the power of darkness, turning the whole battlefield into a massive dark phantom. While in this state, Delvenia's health will be decreased 20% every turn, while her allies will take light damage each turn. Then what is the advantage by fighting in this state? Everyone, except enemies, damage output is largely increased for the duration. Nothing can be done to revert this state, either Delvenia dies or at least one enemy killed. Roughly, the party only have 5 turns to kill the enemies or Delvenia dies, the time can be extended by healing Delvenia. But, there are several people beside her that needs to be healed as well. So, strategy plays a crucial role here.

    "I don't pick side, darling. I am you, what you do to me will reflect what will I do to you."

    Not So Fancy Umbrella

    "I need to stay classy wherever I go, is that a problem? Hmm?"

    Cherry + Peppermint
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  11. Nice work! The CS is looking good, but there's a few things I might need you to change.

    Your Passive Ability is fine, but the other three abilities are all also passive kind of things. 'Pat on the Back' wouldn't even have a gameplay effect, it's just a personality trait. Ability 1, 2 and 3 are the 'special moves' for your character, if you like. So 'Sucker Punch', for example, could be something along the lines of her delivering a powerful blow that knocks her opponent over. If you're struggling to understand or come up with abilities, don't be afraid to shoot me a PM~.

    Also, you're very welcome to have something like a club, but I'm not sure about a baseball bat. Baseball was invented in 1839; this RP is mostly in the medieval/fantasy setting. I know that sounds like a really dumb gripe, but I do have reason for it.

    Just edit that stuff in. In the meantime though, accepted!

    You are now Katsuko Akiyama, 4th member of Group 8.

    d o
    i t
    f o r
    t h e m !

    I'll wait for you to change up your abilities before I state how they'll work mechanically.

    Wonderful. I'll probably change up how the abilities work mechanically a little, but I'll get onto that later.

    I was tempted to say no to a fancy umbrella as a crude weapon, but honestly, if that's what she asked for, I doubt whoever supplies the weapons would say 'no'. The umbrella won't be super fancy, but it'll still protect her from nasty rain. And it twirls nicely.


    You are now Delvenia Esme, 1st member of Group 8.

    . . . lady you will find this place hell

    The Elegant Lady of Esme: Increased chance to persuade NPC's/humanoid creatures.
    Needles Rain: Deals light damage to one enemy, or half damage in a small area of effect. If the needles penetrates the skin, the target's agility will be reduced for 1-2 turns.
    The Fallen Sky: Deals medium-heavy damage to enemies in a small area in front of Delvina. Those with high perceptive abilities have an increased chance to dodge the attack. Repeated usage of Fallen Sky in one battle causes a defence debuff.
    Lullaby of Nightmare: Creates a large aura around Delvina that causes her to take 20% max health damage each turn; allies will take light damage each turn. However, she and her allies damage output is largely increased for the duration. The aura can only be ended when at least one enemy has been killed within Lullaby of Nightmare, otherwise Delvina will die.

    Charisma isn't a thing, and being paralyzed for even 1 turn is extremely powerful, so I had to limit the 'Needles Rain' to a large debuff instead of a full-on paralysis. The Fallen Sky will deal a good chunk of damage - Delvina will only be debuffed from using it if she spams it in a battle.

    As for lullaby of nightmare, I'm fine with it - but she'll need to wait quite a while before using it again. If someone takes an Area of Effect healing ability, I might need to nerf this, because that wombo combo will be crazily powerful.

    But yeah, you're accepted! Something tells me this nerd elegant lady won't like the island I've prepared.

    Oh, and I should mention, if you want me to change your character's 'color' in the cast list, let me know what you'd prefer.
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  12. Oh, I wonder what '...' stands for XD
    Anyway, should I edit the abilities with yours? Those are the acceptable ones right? And do I need to copy paste it or I can use my own words? Though I won't make lot of changes for the words~
  13. AH ALSO! Her name is Delvenia not Delvina XD
  14. Whichever method you'd prefer to do; both are perfectly fine.

    Also... uh... t-totally knew about the Delvenia thing. Just testing how sharp you are...!
  15. I'm glad that I'm that sharp *falls for the trick shamelessly* XD Oh and I will edit her abilities later ^^
  16. @Trionfi

    Here's how your abilities will work mechanically now!

    Jack of All Trades: Small bonus chance to all basic tasks.
    Sucker Punch: Katsuko's next blunt attack has a high chance to knock over an opponent, leaving them vulnerable to further attacks until they get up again.
    Protector: If Katsuko maintains contact with an ally, then they're shielded, highly increasing their defence for the duration. Katsuko will usually only have one hand free whilst doing this, however.
    Echolocation: Katsuko pauses, giving her an increased chance to hear obscure noises and detect enemies around her.

    I should mention that abilities can be upgraded as we progress, or you can learn new abilities altogether. There's sort of an XP system - kill a tough monster, and your skills will improve/you might get a stat point to spend.

    The island has been generated by my genius Jakers Island Generation SystemTM, I'll reveal it when the IC begins. Now all we need is more players. PLAYERS FOR THE PLAYER GOD
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  17. I think more will come tomorrow seeing how many people throws some interests in interest check.
  18. Oh, an OOC- how exciting! I am working up my character now, though I am not quite sure how to go about it, as it seems Silverdawn had a similar character type in mind (as far as stats and abilities, anyway). Is it alright to have a similarly skilled contestant, or should I attempt to come up with something else?
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  19. I'd recommend trying to come up with something else, having characters with unique traits and abilities makes for a more interesting group.

    Though I won't stop you from making a similarly skilled character if that's what you'd really like to play.
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